how to win a man a girl Each of us aspires to meet a reliable anda worthy companion of life, with which you can create a long-lasting and lasting family alliance. But how can one not make a mistake in choosing a partner and be able to interest him for a long time? Astrology will tell you the answer. After all, each sign of the zodiac has its own set of personal qualities and characteristics, knowing which, you can avoid many mistakes and from the outset choose the right strategy of behavior. Today we will talk about how to win a man-Virgo, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and the Lion.

How to provoke interest in a Virgo man

How to provoke the interest of a Virgo man? The feelings experienced by the male Virgo are expressed in constant ridicule and irony. This is his defensive reaction to the potential threat of emotional dependence on love. He always tries to hide his true, deep love experiences. If you manage to convince a man-Virgo that in a love union it is possible to find peace and harmony of feelings and experiences, then he will be able to trust you with time and become a loving and caring partner. In relations with him you will not have to expect any special passions, ups and downs, but they will be filled with stability and stability, which are also no less important. To win the mistrustful and cautious man-Virgo, it is necessary to work hard and be reserved with remarkable patience. After all, he will let only in his heart, in whose reliability and ability to support in a difficult moment, he will be absolutely sure. For him, especially important is the economy and accuracy, since he himself is extremely pedantic in this respect, he likes that everything always lies in its place and does not bear dirt and untidiness.

How to provoke interest in a man-Aries

Man-Aries is capable of a very strongenthusiastic love, like a volcanic eruption or an explosion of an atomic bomb. Most of all, he appreciates in love its unpredictability. Aries always loves sincerely and wholeheartedly. But how much his passion is scorching and captivating all his thoughts, so it, unfortunately, is short-lived. Therefore, if you notice that his interest begins to fade, and the flame of love slowly fade, then it's time to show yourself from an unexpected side. The most preferable option in this situation is simply to disappear for a while, and then rush into his life in a most unexpected way. In doing so, you must hit him at the heart of his stunning beauty, sexuality and intriguing femininity. Throughout all your relationships with Aries, do not forget to present him with various and unexpected surprises. Surprise him with something new and unexplored, even for him there will always be a discovery of how you will behave at this or that moment. Aries like women who are initiative, but not when the lady tries to "pull the blanket" by herself in all possible ways. It is important not to be afraid of appearing weak and defenseless with him. This will affect Aries soothingly, and he will want to protect your feelings. In short, in order to subdue Aries, it is always important to remain with him as a true woman - fragile, unpredictable and mysterious. man virgin how to conquer

How to provoke interest in a male Taurus

The Taurus man is reliable and at the same time gentle,sentimental and impressionable. The person is capable of deep and long-term feelings. He is very constant in relationships, quickly becomes attached to the object of his love and always tries to preserve his union. His attention will be able to win only a balanced and calm woman. Taurus is disgusted by extravagance and unpredictability of reactions. He does not like wasteful women and those who can try to use it. If you start to conquer Taurus, forget for a while about all plans to live at his expense. A Taurus man is thrifty and economical, but when his feelings for you become deep and serious, he himself begins to make pleasant surprises. Taurus needs a woman who can create a cozy home that has a heart of gold and kindness. He immediately able to determine whether a woman is suitable for the role of companion of his life or not. For him, sincerity is most important, he hates pretending in all its manifestations. Taurus will not tolerate the slightest flirtation with other men, he is very jealous. It is also important to be able to calmly convince him of his rightness, to find the right arguments, avoiding any pressure that he organically does not tolerate.

How to provoke interest in a Gemini male

The duality of the sign of Gemini is also evident inHis love relationship, in which he has a very contradictory behavior. You will never know what to expect from Gemini in the next minute, because all of Gemini's actions depend solely on his very changeable mood. To enthrall it is much easier than to keep. Gemini is characterized by a constant thirst for new impressions. By nature, he is very curious, so you will need to constantly poke him new topics for discussion and interest him with interesting things. If you can convince him that with you his life will be full of various bright and dizzying adventures, then he will follow you everywhere, like a small child in anticipation of a surprise. At the same time, there are moments that should definitely be avoided in relations with him, so as not to lose him once and for all. In conversations with a Gemini man, you can not constantly demand details, it irritates them, it is rather superficial. Also categorically contraindicated with Gemini at least somehow try to limit his freedom. He is very freedom-loving and can fly away forever. how to win a man a virgin

How to provoke interest in a male Cancer

Man-Cancer is particularly tremuloustenderness in relationships and will become a real godsend for a woman who has an impressionable nature and a subtle soul organization. Dreamy and vulnerable, he is sincere from the very beginning. Presenting herself to her chosen one, he trusts her whole. From his beloved, he is waiting for the same in return. Cancer is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. Therefore, you need to be more careful with your statements. To conquer Cancer, you must tirelessly show softness and suppleness. character, it attracts him like a magnet. Complexed by nature, he reacts painfully to any criticism of his words or actions. Cancer is always very closely connected with your family, so you can not negatively speak about his relatives.

How to provoke the interest of the male Leo

The man-Leo is able to really get carried awayonly a truly royal person. He is averse to any mediocrity and philistinism. The demands that he has for the chosen one are sufficiently deep and varied, and to impress it, one must try. Lion's companion will only be truly exceptional, characterized by a sharp mind, a beautiful upbringing and a sense of dignity, a woman. For Leo, the soul qualities of the partner are of great importance. He needs a decent and gentle gentle woman. For him it is important that, admiring his achievements and extolling his personality, she was at the same time modest and content with her position in the shadow of his authority. At the same time, it should cause respect among others for its achievements and develop in a personal way. We advise you to read: