sexy and zodiac sign Are male sexuality and the sign of the Zodiacmen among themselves? Astrologers say yes. But this relationship does not appear when he is still young. Then almost all the young men have hormones playing with might and main, only one thing is spinning in their heads - to drag the girl into a bedstead with a stern and handsome girl. The influence of the Zodiac sign on sexuality becomes noticeable in maturity. At this age, the man already seems to have plenty of enough to play with "stately and cute" young ladies and now should approach sex more thoroughly. About what, and at whom sexuality on signs of the Zodiac, we now learn.

Horoscope of male sexuality

  • Male-Aries This representative of the stronger sexthe sexual excitement of youth does not pass and in maturity. He will gladly climb into bed with any pretty lady, and after jump out of it and rush on. No, family Aries does not behave so recklessly. They are struggling to keep themselves in hand, trying to settle down. But nature is nature! It makes the imagination run wild, creating fantastic sex scenes with mouth-watering young ladies. Well, free Aries do not deny themselves anything. Conquering one victim, they begin to survey the neighborhood in search of the next. And so on, until they themselves are satisfied with someone's trap;
  • Male-Taurus Mature Taurus in sex is thorough andhardy. He does not abandon the youthful idea of ​​seducing as many women as possible. But they will not be chasing after them, as in their youth. Taurus slowly probes the soil, without haste, looks at the woman, and then makes a powerful and assertive attack. And he leans on the lady who has become stupid from his unexpected persistence. Having thoroughly studied all its charms and bringing the poor man to a state of insanity, he switches his attention to another object. And again he starts to probe slowly the soil;
  • Male-Gemini This enthusiast to the idea of ​​doingsex is with delight. He rushes to discuss how and when to do it better, then jumps over to sports, work, the Internet, cars ... And forgets, with what, actually, the conversation began. No, if you do not allow the Gemini to talk for a long time, but to get people to start acting right away, sex, of course, will take place. But what is needed for this fidget in bed, no one knows. Even he himself;
  • Man-Cancer Sexuality of the signs of the Zodiac Cancer andTaurus is like. But, unlike the Taurus, the soil of Cancer is probed only in relation to one partner. And they approach this issue very selectively. If they are preparing an attack, then only on the one that seems most attractive in all respects. Crayfish attack lightning fast and virtuoso. However, if the resistance of the lady is too active, they back away and temporarily climb into the burrow. And then again they protrude out of the shelter in order to choose the most-most ... And it all begins again;
  • Male Lion Lions in adulthood to have sextreat with coolness. It's not the tsar's business. The tsar's business is beautiful, with a chic and charm to seduce a woman, showing her that the Lion is the coolest in the world. I must say that it is possible. Women are ready to go with Leo and to the ends of the earth, and to bed. But he does not call for bed, - there you have to strain, and Leo is lazy. It is much simpler, sitting on a throne in magnificent clothes, to conquer the fairer sex with manners of the ruler of the world;
  • Male Virgo Virgo in adulthood love sex. Especially preparing for it. They will rush through sex shops, flip through the Kama Sutra, buy silk underwear and choose aphrodisiacs until the woman tires of waiting and disappears. True, the Virgin will not long survive. They will settle for silk underwear, fantasize a little on the subject of intimacy and fall asleep. And the next day they will outline the object for ohmureniya and start fussing, inventing recipes from aphrodisiacs and making the bed new linen;
  • Man-Libra Mature Libra in a demonstrativesexual behavior is not seen. They calmly wait for one of the women to start them on the intimacy. Libra Libra for a long time, painfully reflecting - is it worth it? Perhaps, it is better to wait for another, more flawless lady in all respects? And they are waiting. Then, at last, wait, go to bed with her and start to think - was it worth it? Perhaps, it was necessary to wait still?
  • Scorpio man Scorpio sex interestsin so far as. They are quite satisfied with a constant partner, even when it is already studied along and across. Why strain, trying to seduce another? In life there are more important activities. To decide the fate of the world, for example. True, if there will be some stunning beauty next to her, then why not with her to retire ... If she herself hints. But no, it's not necessary. Let's go through with the fate of the world;
  • Male Sagittarius Sagittarius sex interests onlywhen he promises something extraordinary. No, it does not have to be an exotic sex. The main thing is that the partner struck the imagination, the rest will follow. But the trouble is - to impress Sagittarius's imagination, if he has already seen everything, traditional methods of seduction are difficult. To the bulb he had a candid neckline and transparent negligee. To get Sagittarius can only what he does not even have a clue about. So try it here, I'll boggle this;
  • Capricorn Sexuality Capricorn in anyage deserves some praise. Its main motto is: "More, better, more fun." He does not ask consent to sex with women. Yes, and do not. The ladies are already standing in line. No, Capricorn will not sleep with anyone. He just chooses the most worthy of the queue and appoints them a time of reception. And will take in strict accordance with the regulations;
  • Male Aquarius Aquarius is also always prettyare sexy. But they are not particularly picky. In a word, anyone who warms up is happy to try. And many people are trying to warm up Aquarius, most importantly - have time to bask. The most interesting thing is that Aquarius is in time. And it does this easily, with ease, without offending anyone and especially not sweating. Surprisingly, this lady's pet is almost never punished for its many intrigues;
  • Men-Fish Fish in adulthood becomegreat dreamers. They always dream about what kind of woman it would be nice to see in her bed. Represent her form, voice, eyes, chest, legs ... And then puzzled - is there any such thing in the world at all ?! They pull themselves back down, and start dreaming again. These are the eyes, such forms, such a chest ... Well, there's no such thing in the world, no!
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