how to win a ram's man Man - Aries - nature, as a rule, creativeand somewhat contradictory. He happens to be extremely passionate, and completely cold. At any age, Aries remains naive enough, so the question of how to win a man-Aries, in principle, is easily solved. But, setting such a goal, one should take into account: temperamental and romantic, he can become unapproachable, alienated and arrogant in an instant. And to understand that so suddenly changed the mood of this man, it is very, very difficult. The reason is that Aries has a kind of nature. What is its originality?

Aries and his character

In general, it is quite pleasant to win Aries. Usually the man of this sign of the Zodiac looks to the very old age and behaves like a guy. Aries for a long time remains trustful, naive and childishly direct. At the same time, he often has an uncommon courage, great willpower and purposefulness. And when Aries does not succeed, it's not very comfortable with him. This enthusiastic child can in a flash of time turn into a fire-breathing dragon, flashing for every nonsense. So, if we think about how to win a man - Aries, we should take this into consideration. And do not hang around under his feet when Aries is not in the spirit. It is better to quietly step aside and wait for the best moment, not trying to argue and not asking stupid questions. Aries are too intolerant of others, too arrogant and too moderately demanding. They are loving, but at the same time capable of a true love for the one that will win his heart. I must say at once that this will have to be done. Because Aries tends to idealize his chosen one and dreams of seeing her as an exalted creature. Do not let him know that we have the same earthly origin as everyone else - to appear in an unattractive kind, to impose makeup on Aries, to do a manicure and so on. Otherwise, he may be disappointed and go further in search of the ideal. Aries is a big owner, but at the same time quite windy. The girl who conquers it, you need to consider: flirting with another man Aries will not tolerate, and her flashes of jealousy, when he flirts, will not pay attention. However, they, in fact, and to nothing. Because Aries hardly will afford any serious relationship on the side. He knows how to appreciate his woman. And will not change. Rather, she will simply part with her, and then start a new romance. A young lady who ponders how to win the heart of a Aries man, one must remember - he never acknowledges himself to be wrong. And if we suddenly start proving that he is still wrong, the guy born under this sign will consider such behavior a betrayal. Aries is a man-fireworks. He easily lights up his passion, flashes brightly, and then, if something does not suit him, he quickly goes out. In general, if you have the patience and take note of the idealism and romanticism of Aries, you can feel great with him. Aries knows how to surround with care and tenderness. As we have already said, he is capable of true love and knows how to remain faithful. Pursue several women at the same time such men do not know how. They first stop the relationship with one of them, and then fall in love with another. And Aries do not pretend to be in love and their intentions to break the connection do not hide. how to win a ram

How to conquer the heart of a man - Aries

In principle, to seduce Aries is not difficult. The main thing - that he drew attention to the girl. This happens when she looks inviting, well-groomed and quite bright. Do not try to attract this extraordinary person, to be too modest, constrained, boring. And do not let him know what's interesting to us. Very good tactics in this case - briefly disappear, appear, tease, again disappear. Aries should be admitted to yourself gradually. But do it carefully. Otherwise, a loved one can get bored of playing cat mice, and he will go home. Oh well. Here at us all has turned out, Aries is tempted. But you still need to conquer his heart! What do we do next? First we remember that Aries does not know how to admit wrong. And we are not trying to impose our opinion on him. It would be more advisable not to argue over trifles, once again to remain silent or to agree. A gentleman of this kind of personal identity greatly appreciates when he is supported. Is it hard to agree with him in everything? You can wait a little and look, pick up the key to the character. And then it's very delicate sometimes to insist on your own. All the efforts expended on this will pay off with interest. Aries-men are very attentive, hardworking and persistent. They strive to provide for their family and become a reliable support for it. In a word, how the relationship will develop further depends on our endurance, observation, mind and talent to listen. It is better not to start a conversation about yourself, but about Aries' affairs, his plans and problems. Let him speak. And we will draw conclusions, nothing while not advising. And we do not refuse his offer to visit even those places where it will be unbearably boring. This is useful for strengthening relationships, because then you can frankly tell Aries about your feelings. Do not be embarrassed - sincerity is very appealing to him. In general, when dealing with Aries, you should try to be optimistic and energetic. Men born under this sign are not attracted by overly balanced, too prudent ladies, striving for a measured life. Aries always needs new impressions, fresh experiences, unexpected events. Therefore, you have to show ingenuity and ingenuity, and all the time surprise your beloved with your unpredictability. For example, today you can be submissive, naive, weak. And tomorrow suddenly become strong-willed, confident and determined. This behavior will surely banish Aries and interest him. A stone calm and phlegmatic repulsion. Aries is drawn to strong, but not afraid to show their defenselessness to women. Such impulsive young ladies pacify his tendency to aggression and tie to himself for a long time. When you are going to conquer Aries, you need to remember - in dealing with him you should avoid hostility, cunning, half-heartedness, incomprehensible hints. He is annoyed by women inclined to complicate everything in the world. It is not necessary to confuse something and try to hide it. Aries appreciates frankness and is able to notice the slightest falsity in the behavior of the girl. And if we start playing a role, he will immediately understand everything. Therefore, for example, you do not need to build yourself out of yourselves at the time when, in fact, everything is completely different. This is a sure way to kill relationships on the spot. It should not be, when meeting with Aries, to strive for leadership, to be rude, to scold or show some kind of masculine qualities. Female power is something special, and it is not at all akin to a man's. Men of this type hate vulgarism and are unlikely to get carried away by a rude woman, who looks like a grenadier in a skirt. They must always remain men and have complete freedom of action. No, we can also take innocent decisions, of course! For example, what mouse pad to buy or what to cook for dinner. All serious matters will be decided by him. And if you try to take away this right from Aries, then you can not see us loved, as your ears without a mirror! We advise you to read: