how to draw a man a girl You got carried away in earnest in a joke by a man whoborn under the sign of the zodiac Virgo? Your goal now is to provoke his mutual sympathy, interest and charm? So, you just need to learn all about how you can attract his attention to him and what you do not need to do, so as not to alienate him from your person. About what the individual characteristics of character and personality are endowed with the stars of the male Virgin, we will try to tell you in the most detailed manner in our article.

A few words about the most important

The Virgo Men are real workaholics. Sometimes it may seem that the whole point in life for them is to go to work, build a career, have a high official status, be in demand by a specialist. Hence, one does not need to make a hasty conclusion that the male Virgo is attracted only by the work process itself and moral satisfaction from the constant employment and demand. Of course not. They see, and not without justification, in work also the source of material security and their financial independence. Due to their high internal discipline and self-organization, they quickly become appreciated by management and achieve their goals, moving up the career ladder. In addition to the professional field, the manifestation of responsibility and a sense of duty are clearly present in the male Virgins in other life spheres. They are inherent in compulsion and reliability, which can be called truly astonishing. Compliance with agreements even in small things inspires quite understandable respect from friends, relatives and friends. If you agreed on a date, then you can be sure that the Virgo guy will come to him at precisely the designated time. Delay on his part is excluded, or it will be due to such serious reasons that can only be explained by insuperable external circumstances. Something like natural disasters or political upheavals. Since this happens relatively infrequently, be calm: your date will begin the minute you agreed on. The decision taken by the representative of the stronger sex of this sign is not subject to change. But, paying tribute, it should be noted that this is usually a very deliberate and wise decision, not taken in the heat of an emotional impulse; it is always more than a deliberate move. Pragmatic and pedantic people, who are reasonably considered to be Virgo men, are guided by common sense and coolness in their life path. They try to predict the development of the situation several points ahead, in order to be able to control it. This is not always met with understanding by people who can rely on fate or make decisions based only on intuition and feelings. Another vivid distinctive feature of the knights of the Virgo sign is their cleanliness and accuracy. It is impossible to imagine such a spectacle as the male Virgo, who will allow himself to walk in a worn, stale or frankly dirty clothes or shoes. Calling them dandies at the same time will be an exaggeration, but they pay great attention to appearance. All of them should be on top and carry a quality mark: a haircut, a physical form, hygiene, health, purity of vestments. From others, this attitude to one's own person, in one way or another, is expected equally. In the eyes of the male Dev there is no justification for the untidiness or lack of care of the appearance of the beautiful lady. However, vulgarity and vulgarity will cause in him as strong disapproval and rejection, take it to the note. Men-Virgo are intellectually developed. Their mind is rational and extremely logical. The emotional component in these people-cases is, but carefully packed, folded and hidden deep inside. Therefore, seeing before themselves too sensitive people, whose actions are ruled by emotions, they will try to turn off communication or keep a distance. To ladies they are more loyal, but all the same - only to a certain extent. Any excessive drama and crazy clarification of relations, tantrums, cries and scenes will instantly turn them away from the heroine of the turbulent romance. how to draw a maiden man

When he is in love, then ...

He still does not lose his head, so heis arranged. So do not wait unnecessarily for insane acts that are characteristic of other lovers. Perhaps for romantic ladies, this is an excuse to get upset, but for those girls who understand that love is not only from poems and starry nights, the even flame of love for a Virgo man will suit. It can be compared with fire in the fireplace, giving warmth and a feeling of care and comfort to those who are located next to him on a winter evening. You will always feel his care, will be surrounded by his attention, they just will rarely be expressed in sweet women's hearts trifles. More often - in quite weighty evidence of a serious attitude towards you. But know that, despite the inability to violent manifestations of passion, a man born under the sign of the Virgin, however, an eerie owner. Therefore - you should not give any reasons for jealousy. It will be mutual: courageous Dev is distinguished by sincerity and honesty in cardiac matters, you can be sure of his almost swan fidelity. Your most dangerous rival is his job, because he disappears there days and days. In sex, a man-Virgo can not compare with the skillful and passionate Casanova, will not surprise you with readiness for unexpected impromptu and risky experiments. He is gentle, but not passionate, caring, but not intricate. Occupation of love interests him, but definitely not more work. But in its physical fidelity you will be sure as unshakable as in the fact that the Earth is round. If you yourself have temperament closer to the middle, then the matrimonial bed will not become a sad and boring place for you.

Male Virgo and the marriage union

Definitely to understand, on love or in calculationthe decision is based that it's time to legalize relations, not a single person can. Such Men-Dev created stars that they can love a charming lady, appreciating all of her qualities, and human in general, and specifically the girls in the private. Only after this, the man-Virgo comes to the conclusion that the girl is worthy of the title of his wife and companion of life. Accepting his offer of hand and heart, you from now on and forever can claim that in the family you both will have equal rights and duties. Agree, for many wives this is an impossible dream. You have an equal right to vote, but the desire to show it will arise rarely. Responsible and mature approach of the husband-Virgo to the decision of various family situations will please any wife. He very responsibly approaches the role of head of the family, considers it important for him to perform the functions of a breadwinner and a defender, aspires to take care of his wife and children. All the remaining time he spends with his family, paying attention to his wife and his children. However, due to their natural restraint, they will not spoil the child or lisp with him. But they will be regularly taken to kindergarten, school, mugs and sections.

How to attract the attention of a virgin male

It will be easy for you to attract his attention to yourself if:

  • You have a high intellect. That's really someone, and the man-Virgo will sincerely rejoice that he spends time in company with an intelligent woman. If you are also successful in your professional studies, you will be able to secure for yourself his obvious respect at least.
  • You are a good hostess. What does it mean for him: a cleanly cleaned house, things in their places, in the fridge, there is always food or products from which you can cook a couple of dishes in a hurry. Oh yeah, and no debts for utilities. You are a very responsible person, are not you?
  • You are a tutor. He probably already began to guess that you did not accidentally appear in his life, and you can not miss such a success. And now he is absolutely sure that you are his second half. You watch your appearance, for your things, you are always stylishly dressed and look great. He begins to thank fate for what she gave him a meeting with you.
  • You are sincere, natural and predictable inpositive sense of the word. Communicating with you, he sees in you and a gentle female being, and at the same time - an equal partner, whose reactions are quite understandable and enjoyable.
  • You are able to solve problems by negotiation, and not to arrange scenes with the smashing of dishes, oceans of tears and other attributes of a terrible clarification of the relationship that a man-Virgo does not tolerate in spirit.
  • You are faithful. They are true in everything, in the smallest sense of the word. Physical fidelity to your spouse, faithfulness is moral, when you both share one philosophy of life and family views. Unanimity in decisions, in deeds, in everyday situations.
  • You are punctual. Believe me, for him it is critical. If you constantly be late for their appointments or make him wait, then the chance to appoint the day and time of your wedding with him will begin to move away faster and faster until it dissolves completely in the air.
  • You admire his career achievements. As often as possible, express your respect for his work and the successes in it. Avoid negatively speaking about the fact that he is paying too much attention to the service and not enough to you. You will not be able to attract his attention to yourself, even on the contrary, you just put him away from yourself.

how to attract the attention of a maiden's man

All ingenious is simple

We hope that after reading all our recommendations onhow to attract interest to your person from the male Virgo, you came to the conclusion that the task before you is quite feasible. Now you know what he likes in the representatives of the fair sex, and what can alienate. Moreover, you have studied all the information about your man, born under this sign of the zodiac, and as if you have known him for many years. Hence, the success in the matter of his fascination with you and your unconditional virtues is simply guaranteed. Discard all your doubts about what you can not meet the requirements of his high standards. This is not true. You probably already have the necessary character traits and habits. Those that have not yet been perfected can be developed. Start doing it right now, without putting it off. And in fact, it is not difficult to always come to a meeting at the appointed time, look beautiful and tidy, cook deliciously and be able to conduct a constructive dialogue instead of stormy debates. You will see that all your efforts will be appreciated and undetected will not remain. After a while you will surely hear cherished words from your serious and responsible chevalier, which every girl dreams of hearing from her beloved and only. We wish you to hear them as soon as possible! We advise you to read: