The mental component of your birthsrecommends marriage in order to develop your relationships. With the development of relations before the marriage, both of you will receive the impetus for the development of new relationships. Overcoming difficulties and breaking their understanding of the relationship between a man and a woman. Mutual relations will develop impulsively. Even if Lydia gives you the opportunity to manage it, it is temporary, as a desire to make you deeper into feelings for her. She will hide her past and continue to feed you fantasies. She learns a lesson from any life situation and becomes stronger, more clever and more intelligent in creating a system, how to lead it with you. Her fantasies can be born out of a desire to hide her true feelings for other men who, if desired, satisfy her. It is necessary to remember Lydia, the name is given to women who, like a boat, carry the soul of a man across the river Stiks, or the river of the dead. If you get in touch with her, then you need her help for your revival in the future. I mean the future birth and reincarnation. Further relations on the part of Lydia are planned for many years ahead and woven silks for catching men. If she planned a wedding and continued living with you, then she will definitely achieve this. She chooses men for procreation and intuitively knows with whom she will mate for pleasure, and with whom to have children. She sees men as males to meet their needs and play along to them. She is very vulnerable and defenseless inside, she lives intuitively by being equal to the society around her, like everyone else. Unwanted children do not have such women, it has them when they wish. With the continuation of their relationship, you will be tortured by intuitive guesses and jealousy. You will never be sure that it is at this time you do not put the horns. If you strongly love her and want to live life for your beloved, you must give her freedom, not to be jealous and just live, and to believe what she will present you. This will encourage her to refrain from copulation on the side. It will facilitate the flow of money to you, as its essence is tied to the means for procreation. She is very painful when she does not have enough money for her needs. Joint living, excellent sex, but there is no purity of intent and happiness, there is uncertainty whose children you are educating. If you live together, rejoice that you are copulating with your love and doing everything so that she is close. Also I want to say that great importance for well-being and cash inflow will influence how you choose a family name for your family. ... Read More