what women like men virgins Men who were born under the "female" signzodiac - Virgo, - attract a sufficiently large number of beautiful ladies, because they possess well-groomed appearance, stylishly dress, can support conversation on any topic and behave towards women very gallantly. However, it is very difficult to win the attention of such men, because they value completely non-trivial qualities in women, which can not be said about representatives of other zodiac signs. To please the male Virgo, it is not enough to have an effective appearance and to master the various secrets of seduction perfectly. These men often like not quite ordinary women, able to express their individuality in every detail, but they do not violate the boundaries of decency and generally accepted cultural norms. Individuals who are used to constantly being in sight and spinning in the so-called "tusovka" circles, too, are unlikely to attract their attention. Such men often behave a little stiffly and not quite predictably, but behind the outer mask of inaccessibility they hide caring, tender and very reliable partners in a love relationship. So, let's take a closer look at which women most like the male Virgo.

Possessing a realistic view of life

Those girls who are waiting for a man bornunder the sign of the Virgin, crazy romantic actions and long courtship, most likely, will be disappointed, since Virgo is absolutely not peculiar to manifestations of romance in any form. Men born under this sign of the zodiac are not familiar with feelings of trepidation and "trembling in the knees", like the desire to make a crazy act for the sake of a loved one, to sing to her serenade under the window or read poems. However, this does not mean that they do not know how to love, it's just that Virgos are used to expressing their feelings much more restrainedly compared to representatives of other signs of the zodiac. Men-Virgo look at life extremely realistically and choose to themselves in constant companions of life a woman who has the same thinking. So for the conquest of such a man it is not worth building air locks and trying to attract him with his subtle romantic nature. At best, he just does not understand, and at worst this behavior will push him away from you once and for all. If you like, that the gentleman long and persistently looked after you, gave flowers and lovely knick-knacks, drove to restaurants and showed other romantic signs of attention, then it's better not to start building any relationship with the Virgo men, because they are guaranteed to be doomed to failure . If you prefer to build love relationships not only on the basis of feelings, but also on the principles of compatibility in various aspects of life, you have every chance to create a strong, reliable and harmonious union with a man born under the sign of the Virgin. Despite all the neromantic character of the Virgo man in the period of the origin of the relationship, over time he becomes a very considerate and caring partner. Whatever unfulfilling desire you have voiced to such a man, he will certainly try to fulfill them, and moreover he will make it a pleasant surprise for you. Women who have managed to find a common language with the male Virgo in the courtship stage, as a rule, are then very much surprised at such striking changes in his behavior. So, if your plans are to win the attention of such an attractive man, think about first modifying your sentimental displays of feelings at first, not forgetting that later on you will pay off this hundred times with the very caring and careful attitude of the Virgo man. what girls like virgins for men

With a neat and well-groomed appearance

Men-Virgo do not attach much importancefeatures of a figure, a structure of the face and other physical characteristics of appearance, and at first to many representatives of fair sex can seem, that they prefer completely natural beauty without any embellishments. However, in fact, this impression is deceptive, since the Devas like exceptionally well-groomed and accurate women, who are closely monitoring their appearance, but do not exhibit this parade. And if to other women the companion of a life of the man-maiden often can seem the usual "gray mouse", then, having looked more attentively to it, it is possible to notice that she possesses an ideal well-groomed skin, soft silky hair, a beautiful sports body and neat manicure, and her style of clothes it is impeccable and corresponds to the unshakable classical canons with skillful impregnations of modern fashion elements. If you do not comply with the above description of the girl, which necessarily draws the attention of the male Virgin, it is worth trying a lot more time to pay attention to yourself and look perfect in any situation. To do this, it is not necessary to completely change your style of clothing, just simply learn how to skillfully combine all the elements of the wardrobe and create more or less classic silhouettes of outfits. It is also necessary to monitor the figure as much as possible and at least occasionally engage in fitness. Due to this you will always look taut, and the clothes will sit on you just perfectly. When creating your image, you should remember that Virgo categorically do not accept bright make-up and manicure, too screaming shades in clothes, frankly seductive outfits with transparent inserts or deep cutouts, mini skirts and high heels. However, Virgos also do not like and excessively faceless women who did not bother to emphasize their most beneficial features of appearance. So in creating your image, you should follow the principle of the "golden mean" and choose soft feminine shades of cosmetics and outfits. This is what most people like, who were born under the "girlish" sign of the zodiac.

Responsible and reliable

Men-Virgo are always very jealous ofpromises made to them, as well as any obligations, no matter how complex they may be. Women who may be interested in them should also have an increased sense of responsibility. Particular attention of the Virgin will be paid to ensure that your words do not disagree with the deeds. At the same time, it does not matter if what you promised does not correspond to any generally accepted norms in society; the main thing is for you to do it. In any male team, this behavior is considered to be an indispensable condition for adequate non-conflict communication, but women often have problems with fulfilling certain promises. This is due to the fact that representatives of the fair sex, as a rule, do not attach much importance to any little things that they promised. If this behavior is typical for you, then try to correct it and start doing everything that you promise, even if it seems to you to be a trivial matter. To develop responsibility in yourself must be consciously, so that after some time you again do not want to return to your former frivolity. Whatever difficulties you are trapped in the way of fulfilling your promises, be sure to try to fulfill them. If you have something unforeseen, then explain it to the Virgo man as much as possible, and once the problems are resolved, try to do what you promised. In return for such a difficult work on yourself you will get a very reliable partner who will not let you down in any life situation. In this case, you will not need to be afraid that other girls will attract your beloved, who was born under the sign of the zodiac Virgo, since he will not only consider you a companion of life, but also a real friend.


Along with responsibility, for the male Virginthe organization of the beloved woman is of great importance, since he always clearly plans his life and knows every day what exactly and when he needs to do it. Also, such men are never late and try to do everything on time, even if they have to spend a sleepless night or deprive themselves of days off. It would seem that such a life is incredibly boring and predictable, but in fact, it is only thanks to such a strong organization that the Virgo men often achieve very good successes in their careers or business. Next to him, such a man wants to see an equally organized and disciplined woman who always knows how she will spend the evening in a week, and what she expects according to plan for the whole next month or even a year. If you think that by planning this way life, stop to get pleasure from it, you are deeply mistaken. In fact, a clear planning of current work cases and all household trivialities will allow you to carve out much more time for doing your favorite things and communicating with your soul mate. The Virgo man knows this, that's why he expects you to make plans and follow them, which is the main indicator of organization. If you still lived, as it is, now that you really like a man who was lucky to be born under the sign of the Virgin, and you really want to interest him, it's time to start planning your life. Do not try to dramatically change the long-established way of life, because it will look extremely unnatural and will only repel the male Virgo. It is enough to start intensively interested in various methods of time management, reading development books, attending various training seminars and trainings and, most importantly, gradually introducing all this into your life. This behavior will be an indisputable plus for building a love relationship with a Virgo man. If your union does not work out, then the acquired organizational skills will become irreplaceable for you in the rest of your life. what do males like to virgins

Clever and intelligent

All without exception, men born under the signVirgo, have an acute mind and prefer to communicate with equally intelligent and well-read people. Accordingly, they do not like many modern girls, who pay more attention to external beauty, and not to internal development. Very differently, Virgo refers to intelligent women who are not shy to demonstrate their intellectual superiority not only over other women, but also over men. Most male Devs have nothing against gender equality in many areas of life, and yet remain true gentlemen. Next to such a man, you can show your deep knowledge in certain areas without any hesitation, and even frankly criticize any of his statements, which you absolutely disagree. Do not hesitate to admit that you do not know something, but do not be afraid to express your opinion in those matters in which you are not very well versed. This will show your ability to quickly navigate in new information and form your own individual assessment, namely, such women like the male Virgos more than any other representative of the beautiful half of humanity. Also, if you want to like the man-Virgo, you must definitely speak with the utmost purity, literary language without any slang or, worse, obscene words, whatever emotions you are not overcome during the conversation. The Virgo men themselves always speak very competently, and their speech is simply impeccable both from the point of view of linguistic norms and from the position of oratory. From their women, such men demand the same almost ideal speech, so you should keep an eye on how you speak and constantly improve your speaking skills. First, the conversation without any slangy words and with a clear alignment of all the proposals may seem to you quite "dry" and boring, but in time you will appreciate all the charm of this communication and will be able to enjoy it on an equal basis with your partner. In addition, the ability to speak beautifully for sure will be useful to you in professional work and just in everyday life. Having decided to win the heart and mind of the Virgo man, do not constantly think: "Do I like him or not?" You just need to behave as naturally as possible and try at least for a while to forget that you are trying to interest this man. This approach in tandem with a neat appearance, intelligence and vital wisdom will certainly allow you to build a strong love union with a male virgin, or at least make long-lasting friendships with him. To be frightened of friendship with such man it is not necessary, after all very often in due course it develops into deep and confidential romantic attitudes which last all life.