how to behave with a male calf Male Taurus deservedly enjoyed the demand formarket marital relations. After all, they enshrined themselves with an excellent reputation as spouses, which makes them a welcome prey for any woman. In order to attract the attention of such a valuable specimen to the role of husband and father, you need to know how to behave with him, how to become one and unique for him. We will try to tell you as much as possible about what qualities the stars and planets of this enviable groom have endowed. Then it will be easy for you to find a common language with the male Taurus and imperceptibly entangle it with your love networks.

Do not test his patience

If you have ever had to communicate withguy Taurus, then, quite possibly, you paid particular attention to how he is calm, measured and patient. This is a pronounced distinctive feature of the representatives of this sign of the zodiac among men of other zodiacal constellations. The body is very friendly in character, kind and peaceful. His indulgence for other people's shortcomings can suffice for a very long time. He will be restrained in saying his discontent long enough, but his patience should not be tested for strength. At the very moment when you overflow his cup of patience, you will condemn yourself to an unpleasant meeting with a man who can in very severe language explain to you that you have crossed the line of what is permissible. At such times, the most correct thing you can do is to remain silent and let it release all the steam. Talking with a male Taurus and contradicting him - the case in any situation is useless, and in case of conflict, it is also unreasonable. To behave in such a hot moment should be calm, but without defending your point of view. This can be done when your angry Taurus calms down and regains his lost composure. The most important thing is that this sensible and far-sighted behavior you will notice and appreciate very highly.

Be sincere, honest and honest

It is natural for a Taurus man to behave in this way,that the surrounding people will sing in chorus dithyrambs of his responsibility and decency. But from the environment, he will demand this attitude to himself. He behaves sincerely and in a working collective, and in a narrow family circle, and in a society of friends-friends. If he feels that you are holding a stone in your bosom, you use his decency, try to get some benefit from your communication with him, or try to manipulate him, then he will draw a line under such relations. Behave with him naturally and openly from the very first moment of acquaintance, and then you have all the chances that with simple communication you will switch to friendly communication, which in turn will smoothly flow into a love relationship. Men of this sign play with an open visor: it will not fool you and try to start a short affair with you. If he behaves with you as a fan, provides obvious signs of attention, then you can be sure of the seriousness of his feelings. Do not doubt that it will not be an easy romance, but a long and lasting relationship. how to behave with a male calf

Calm, only calm

Male Taurus is veryequal people. Indeed, their temperament is not characterized by impetuosity and sharpness, a change of mood. It is not peculiar for them to behave unpredictably or contradictorily. In the fair sex they also appreciate the evenness of the character and will not be delighted if you are inconsistent, fickle or hysterical. Despite the fact that we often hear the view that the opposites are attracted, this rule does not work here. Calm and well-balanced in its essence, the Taurus do not approve of the eccentricity and unevenness of reactions, even the most charming lady. You will have a better chance of attracting the attention of the imperturbable Taurus, even if in moments of stress you remain calm, sanity and the ability to calmly reason. The main thing, do not forget to show it to him. He will certainly evaluate your behavior as the most beneficial and find it pleasant to communicate with such a balanced person. Yes, and for you the prospect of communicating with a person, from whom a wave of calm and confidence emanates, certainly suits you more than with a personality that can result in a minor incident.

Golden calf

Men of this sign love and know how to earnmoney. Money gives them a sense of stability, security and tranquility. They do not prefer to spend it on any entertainment, but on serious matters. Here they include, for example, the improvement of the house, the creation in it of comfort and comfort. The house for these conservatives and owners is the embodiment and embodiment of harmony, where no unexpected changes and shakes will affect neither himself nor his family. If you have to discuss with your Taurus boy your own future nest, then rely on his opinion about how it should be. You will not lose. For the young lady, who plans to link her future life with a representative of this sign, one should get a good idea of ​​the following: Taurus expects from her darling that she will be a real mistress in their joint house. He will make every effort to provide his family with a comfortable life, but will disapprove of unnecessary waste. You will live in prosperity, but without unnecessary luxury. Therefore, from the very beginning of your dating let him understand that you know the value of money and know how to spend it intelligently. Be sure to voice that you are admired by men who know how to make money for the benefit of their family. From such words the man-Taurus will be in the seventh heaven with happiness - after all, he met such an understanding lady, in which it is difficult not to fall in love. how to behave with a male calf

Marriage and family idyll

Taurus very responsibly approach the issuecreating a family. For them, the idyll of family happiness looks something like this: he is the husband, the head of the family, the breadwinner and the defender; she is a charming hostess of the house, for whom in the priority family values, and not career tops; child, and preferably a minimum of a couple. When he looks at you, he wants to see a woman in front of her, who not only could attract his attention with appearance. You must, in addition to an attractive outer shell, contain a whole range of personal qualities that will convince him that you are for him the ideal wife and mother of his future children. In fact, this is not such an impossible task. If you are a good hostess, dream of becoming a wife and mother, want to take care of your husband and understand that the family is not only your rights, but also the responsibility, then you really will make a good pair with the Taurus boyfriend. Communicate with him on topics far from building his career and visiting entertainment. Tell us about how your mother taught you all the subtleties of cooking and housekeeping, and dad always takes care of her ladies. Do not be afraid to seem boring - it's a grateful listener. He would rather lose interest if you tell how they spent all their wages on Sunday shopping than on the story of how you did repairs with your parents in your apartment. Taurus with interest refers to all the girls, but for a serious relationship will choose not a lover of idle entertainment and not a girl, focused on career feats. Therefore, you just need to impress him with an impression of yourself, as a girl who has a family in priority. Then your dream of enchanting and becoming his chosen one will become a reality.