what kind of women like men crayfish To the sign of the zodiac Cancer is ranked among men whowere born in the most hot summer season - from June 22 to July 22. As for this sign, the question of which women like Cancer men is not so simple as it might seem at first sight. It is worth mentioning that women have long been interested in this pressing problem. But, unfortunately, although it is believed that it is much easier to understand men than women, we are not entirely sure of this. Most likely, only the other man can understand the man to the end. And yet, as soon as possible, we will try to find out who likes Cancers. what men like cancers

Features of male Cancers

The main feature of male Cancers isthat they possess an extremely delicate character, due to which they are emotional enough and incredibly sensitive, and also in their majority simply adore everything that has anything to do with romance. Probably, this feature can immediately be classified as negative, and positive qualities of men of this sign, because along with such a delicate and extremely romantic character, these men are also incredibly impressionable. Psychologists say that men, ranked in this sign of the zodiac, remain children almost throughout their lives, and therefore they are very much attached to their parents. Also interesting is the fact that the men-Cancers are incredibly important opinion of other people. They have developed much more than all the other signs, so it is believed that Cancer men are inherently insecure if they need to make a decision. The nature of men born under the summer sign of Cancer is extremely variable, which sometimes makes it difficult for people around them to guess the mood of such a person. It often happens that after they have taken a few confident steps forward, they immediately begin to back away uncertainly. Only those Cancers who can cope with themselves, will manage to achieve really impressive results and become truly successful people. It is sometimes very difficult for the surrounding men and women of Rakov to foresee their reaction to an event. It is noteworthy that this need not necessarily be events that go beyond the ordinary. Men born under this sign react differently to the most trivial things than sometimes put others in an embarrassing situation. For them, it is very important that everything goes on as usual, so even the slightest discrepancy can drive them out of themselves and cause them to change their point of view. Because of their romantic nature, representatives of this sign of the zodiac are extremely vulnerable. Close people who for some time had time to study the behavior of such a person, of course, are aware that any carelessly said word can offend Cancer. Therefore, other signs of the zodiac, which simply must co-exist with Cancers and who are sure to like it, have learned to carefully choose words so as not to offend a loved one in vain. But by nature Cancers are amazing egoists who do not like to share anything with anyone. First of all, this concerns, of course, not some material benefits, but a beloved woman, who should only belong to Cancer. As a consequence of what has been said, the following is also logical: jealousy. Probably, therefore, women who have chosen them as companions of life, always try with the minimal losses to smooth out all the controversial issues and in no case do anything that could be interpreted ambiguously by their second half. All this does not mean that such men are rare bores. Cancers are very true, therefore women who choose them for their husbands can be confident that a loved one will always be there. In addition, Cancer is considered the strongest sign of water. Many experts argue that for almost any woman, he will be the ideal choice due to the huge attachment to the house. Unfortunately, Cancers are very often alone, preferring to remain so in search of safety from various emotional trauma. This feature is very offensive, because the need for home and family in the Rakov is also strong. They like the family and everything connected with it, without this the life of this summer sign will be imperfect and incomplete. what girls like men crayfish

How to like Cancer?

Since, as mentioned earlier,Cancer men like romance very much, in order to make their heart beat faster, one must definitely use a number of well-known methods for seduction. And, of course, do not forget about the preferences of this sign. Cancer is very true to his second half, which is exactly what he expects from the girl she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Treason or even an imprudent glance toward another man can forever change his attitude toward her. Men of this sign of the Zodiac like cute girls, with whom you can create a real home cosiness and a unique warm atmosphere. Strictly speaking, the feeling of the family is the most important need of the Cancers, so they like only those women who can guarantee it. Perhaps, the desire to have an inexpressible emotional intimacy is also logical for them, especially if we take into account all the previous characteristics of this sign. Believe me, if Cancer feels something like this to you, then he will certainly provide you with a decent and stable life in abundance. Most of all the treasures Cancer wants to simply protect its home and all close people from the harsh world. His house is an amazing combination of an invulnerable fortress and a cozy family hearth. If you want to attract the attention of the Cancers, then remember what they like when they show a sincere interest in their lives. That is, it is possible to become much closer in spiritual terms, simply by inquiring about a person's life, his preferences, interests, biography, family or even childhood. Such a man can not resist a woman who shows respect for his strength and sensitivity, which is his main quality. Like Cancer women who are able to provide a cozy and romantic atmosphere, imbued with incredible home warmth. Of course, do not forget about his favorite dishes, because it is like absolutely all men. An ideal date will be spent time in a theater or, perhaps, a museum. As a rule, this sign of the Zodiac is well versed in art, especially in works that have an unusual interpretation. Touching the beautiful can touch sentimental Cancer and make his heart melt away from you. Also, men like it when girls do something un-normal for them, maybe even change their habitual way of life, so that Cancer can feel as comfortable as possible. Enchant and conquer Cancers will be girls who will show different facets of their personality. In fact, this is extremely important, because this sign of the Zodiac is often diversified, so in his second half, he often wants to see almost the same qualities. As a rule, Crayfish are extremely suspicious and cautious, so if they have opened their hearts to you, you should try not to lose this truly huge trust. After all, they are opened only when they are absolutely comfortable with the person and when they really want it. It is very important to know what actions need to be taken to maintain confidence at the highest possible level. Representatives of the stronger sex, whose birth is marked by the sign of the zodiac Cancer, very fond of dreaming. To forbid them this in any case impossible. Moreover, such dreams can be not just a whim, but a real great hope for a man who aspires to something. In order to keep your beloved Cancer nearby, you do not need to destroy his hopes and sharply lower him to the ground from the heavens he created. What they really like is to feel the support of a loved one in everything; it can help them to realize even the most seemingly unimaginable plans for life. Here with whom you should not be shy to be sentimental, it's with Cancers. They are ready to discuss almost any of your experiences, support you and help in everything. Be sure to use your knowledge if you know what gifts your man loves, what is important to him or, probably, what worries him. It will not only touch him deeply, but will also give you the opportunity to lose your head. Very often Older crabs try to wear a protective mask or even keep themselves apart from the whole world, then the task of the woman is to show him that in this world there is a person who can be trusted and opened, which will be next, no matter what. This sign is prone to rejection because of its great sensitivity, so the road to happiness and love is always covered by various tests, which, however, only harden the Rakov, making them stronger and making them appreciate more that they have. Tranquility and dimensionality like them especially, so they do not like to hurry anywhere. Few will be able to tie Rakov to them or tame them, and they do not need to do this, because they will make the appropriate decision when someone really likes them. And to achieve this specifically you will not be difficult, because now you know exactly what women like Cancers!