white dots on the face Any self-respecting woman with aweto your skin. She watches her condition, constantly moisturizes, makes nourishing masks, uses professional scrubs. The modern representative of the fair sex knows how to keep herself in shape, regardless of whether she visits beauty salons or does it all herself. Therefore, to any, even barely noticeable changes, she is extremely wary. But, despite modern achievements and novelties in cosmetology, almost every fifth lady at least once in her life encountered such a problem as whiteheads on her face. Getting rid of them yourself, as you know, is quite difficult. In the course are both folk and medical methods that allow to remove these tumors. But are they really effective? And what should women do that first encounter this problem?

Milium: what is this?

Miliums (popularly called seamstresses) are whitepoints on the face. They appear as a result of metabolic disorders in the body. There is a blockage of the sebaceous glands, which begin to work many times faster. The reasons for this problem can be a lot today: bad ecology, malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle, etc. But the result is one - on the face of large whiteheads. There is a rash in different ways. For example, primary milium can appear at any time, enough for half an hour longer to soak up the sun or go to the solarium, do not use a cream to protect against UV, etc. As for secondary, they occur after serious diseases, skin inflammation, trauma (bruising, scars and other injuries). Now let's look at how these acne looks? These are some small white dots on the face (sometimes, however, having a yellowish hue), the size of an ordinary round rice seed. In this case, the pimple is fairly palpable under the skin, when you press it with your finger. The location of the dislocation is the area around the eyes, the temporal zone, the cheeks. Often pimples can appear on nasolabial folds and on the very nose of girls. Usually they are not very much, so at first they are not even noticed. Then they increase to 2.5 mm. Only in very rare cases, the representatives of the fair sex heavily sprinkled. You can not hide the education data with a tonal cream. Yes, and it's good, because otherwise the ladies would not have started to be treated, but simply masked the defects. Pay attention: squeeze pimples do not need. Despite the fact that the white dots are clogged pores, which can not leave the sebum, it is not worth picking with a needle or tweezers. Until the skin is inflamed, there is no danger to your health. This is just a cosmetic defect. But as soon as germs get there, the decay process will begin. And then you may even need surgical intervention and serious, long-term and expensive treatment. unpleasant white dots on the face

Why on the face appear miliums

As already mentioned above, as a resultcertain factors of the sebaceous glands start to work incorrectly, which leads to blockage of the hair follicle. The skin of the face is covered with white formations. But, before you start fighting with retention cysts, find out why it happened with you this trouble. Otherwise, new growth will continue to appear on the face.

  • Wrong skin care

Often girls neglect elementaryrules of hygiene: rarely wash, do not wash off cosmetics for the night, use normal soap, touch the skin with dirty hands. In this case, white pimples are the smallest that such women expect.

  • Low-quality cosmetics

To save on cosmetics - to harm to the health. But, unfortunately, not everyone can afford expensive carcasses, tonal creams, powders. And if the ladies of a solid age understand what such experiments can end, then the young girls forget about it. In fact, it is better to buy one, but a good thing than ten, which clog the pores and prevent the skin fat from leaving normally.

  • Improper diet

The use of oily, salty, smoked, spicyfood could lead to this problem. Of course, this does not mean that in the future you should eat only fresh soups. But, it is desirable, either for a while to refuse such "goodies" or diversify the diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits, as well as dishes cooked in pairs or in the oven.

  • Health problems

If you have started to appear for no reason at allwhite tumors on the skin of the face, contact not only the dermatologist, but also the gastroenterologist. Since this can be a sign of a serious illness. Perhaps you have something wrong with the gastrointestinal tract. By the way, often miliums are manifested due to a disruption in the functioning of the liver. white dots on face treatment

How to get rid of miliums

Dermatologists recommend not to engageand immediately go to them. You will need to pass tests, take tests to determine the cause of the appearance and develop methods for treating the disease. With regard to the removal of whiteheads, then it is better to go to cosmetologists. It does not make sense to wait for the neoplasms to pass, as they can in this case remain on the face forever. At home, you can not get rid of this, because you can bring the infection. A cosmetic means (creams, ointments and tonics) can not cope with this. To date, there are many modern methods, how you can clean the skin of acne. You can choose one of them, having consulted a specialist beforehand.

  • Mechanical method

At first, the skin is treated with a specialsolution, then the beautician pierces the formation of a special sterile needle. All contents are carefully removed, and the wound is disinfected. Many ladies may have a question: why can not you do it yourself. First, it's unlikely you can get a liquid that really kills all the germs. Alcohol and hydrogen peroxide do not always help. Secondly, you do not know where exactly to make a puncture, so as not to harm the skin. Otherwise, scars and scars will remain on the face. Did you know, for example, that at a time you can delete no more than 8-10 entities? Otherwise, the treated areas can become inflamed, damaged, which will lead to even greater work of the sebaceous glands.

  • Electrocoagulation

The principle of skin treatment in this way is prettyIt is simple: the formations are affected by alternating current with a high frequency. After processing, a thin crust appears on the skin, which, in other things, passes fairly quickly. But a few days after the procedure will have to lubricate the face with an antiseptic.

  • Laser coagulation

Perhaps this is the most popular and painlessway to remove white dots on the face. The only negative - a fairly high cost, which not every woman will afford. The period of full recovery is two weeks, during which it is necessary to avoid sunlight and high temperatures, chlorinated water, etc. To address to the cosmetician or not - to solve, certainly, to you. But only a specialist will be able to advise you on what exactly is better for your skin type. And if you listen to his advice, in the future the appearance of white points will not bother you. Otherwise, the ladies will have to be treated more than once.