causes of herpes on the lips It is unlikely that among all kinds of diseaseshumanity will probably find a more common disease than herpes on the lips. 95% of the world's population is infected with this virus. And only in 20% of life it manifests itself.

What is herpes on the lips?

Pharmacologists around the world are not the first decadetry to get the pill formula from herpes on the lips, which could rid the human body of this disease once and for all. But while the search for a drug did not bring any results. There are many kinds of herpes. The most common are: herpes of the first type, which protrudes on the lips, and herpes of the second type, the localization of which occurs on the genitals. The virus of the first type of herpes (it is also called the herpes simplex virus) is spread by airborne droplets from person to person, through common utensils, door handles, etc. For a person, infection passes unnoticed. This type of virus enters the body through microcracks in the skin and mucous membranes. Nesting in the nerve fibers, the virus remains in the human body for life. It is usually in an inactive state for a fairly long time. A year, two, a decade, or even more. Some people live with this virus all their life and do not even guess that they have it. But sometimes there comes a time when this very virus wakes up. The reason for this is a number of factors that weaken the immune system and thereby give impetus to the awakening and development of herpes. These include: bad habits, hormonal disorders, poisoning, hypothermia or overheating of the body, stress, acclimatization, other bacterial or viral infections, tanning, taking medications, pregnancy, the period of breastfeeding and cancer. Ointment for the treatment of herpes on the lips

How does the disease progress?

When the herpetic infection is activated, six stages are distinguished:

  • Prodromal stage. Lasts an average of about six hours. The patient feels itching, burning and tingling in the area where there will be a herpetic eruption in the future;
  • The stage of erythema. Lasts about a day. Redness appears on the affected area;
  • Stage of vesicles. At the place where there was redness, small bubbles begin to appear with a clear liquid inside. Within three days, this liquid becomes cloudy. It is at this time that a person releases into the environment the largest number of particles of the virus and becomes very contagious;
  • Stage of erosion. Vesicles burst and form a painful patch of skin, from which the liquid oozes;
  • The stage of a solid scab. The wet skin area dries up. At this point a crust forms, which constantly itches;
  • Stage of dry peeling. Complete drying of the previously wetting area. If the skin lesion was extensive, then most likely, at this place, scars form. Most often, herpes is manifested on the lips. It can also occur near the nose or eyes. There are cases when it appears in the nose, in the place where the mucous membrane passes into the skin.
  • Treatment against herpes on the lips

    Quickly get rid of herpes on the lips you can,Only if treatment against him was started correctly and in a timely manner. Even at the prodromal stage, when you just start to feel the itch, you need to start taking action. Usually, doctors prescribe a treatment against herpes infection with antiviral ointments that significantly alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Ointments from herpes on the lips reduce discomfort and accelerate the healing of wounds. If you treat herpes with these ointments at the very first signs of the disease, then it is likely that it will stop and herpetic rashes on the skin of small bubbles will not. Doctors recommend to those patients for whom herpetic rash is not uncommon, always carry an ointment from herpes. Some ointments can be used to treat herpes even during pregnancy. Tablets against herpes should be started immediately after a person discovers the first signs of the disease. If you have time to do it at the beginning of the disease, you can avoid skin rashes. If you do not take pills from herpes on the lips at once, then the vesicles will appear, but the course of the disease will be much shorter. In addition to such drugs as antiviral ointments and pills, doctors who suffer frequent relapses of the disease, doctors recommend a comprehensive treatment, which includes remedies for correction of immunity disorders. These tablets activate the body's own cells to produce enzymes that can overcome the herpes virus. If a person does not have access to special medicines, then the following tips can be used:

  • You can lubricate the herpetic eruption on the lips with cotton wool soaked in a salt solution (1 teaspoon of salt to a glass of water);
  • On the affected area, you can put a compress on the basis of chemist's chamomile or calendula. good against itching on the affected area of ​​the skin;
  • Dissolved water tablets of aspirin or paracetamol, applied to the sore spot, are also able to help against herpes;
  • In the absence of allergies, you can refer to aromatic oils. It is recommended to mix bergamot and eucalyptus oil with olive in equal proportions and lubricate the affected area on the skin;
  • The pulp of aloe or calanchoe applied ona few minutes to the affected area on the lips, also brings relief. Clinical studies have not proven whether such treatment is effective. But harm, unlike self-selected medicines, folk remedies will not bring.
  • What pills will suit a particular person against herpes, only a doctor can determine. tablets for the treatment of herpes on the lips

    What complications of herpes can develop?

    There are many complications of this diseasea bunch of. This and herpetic damage to the cornea of ​​the eyes, bronchi, trachea, lungs, esophagus, etc. During the exacerbation of the disease, you must follow certain rules so that there are no complications:

  • Do not touch the bubbles with your hands;
  • If you have touched, then immediately wash your hands and do not rub your hands in your eyes and do not rub them;
  • You can not squeeze out bubbles and pick out crusts;
  • Antiviral ointments should be applied onlydisposable cotton swabs. It should be remembered that if the herpes did not pass after 10 days of drug therapy against this virus, you should always consult a doctor to avoid complications. The subsequent treatment can appoint or nominate only he.
  • To minimize the encounter with herpes, you need tofirst of all, to strengthen their immunity. A strong human immune system is able to fight off virtually any viral infection. A person should pay attention to what he eats. In the diet should be a lot of fruits and vegetables. In the off-season, you should use vitamins and immuno-supporting tablets. Very good for maintaining the immunity in good condition affects physical activity and hardening. If you adhere to these recommendations, you can minimize the recurrence of the disease and reduce the risk of complications after herpetic eruption.