chronic smoker's bronchitis What is the chronic smoker's bronchitis,It is known practically to every person who suffers from such harmful habit as smoking. Any smoking person is familiar with the morning cough that occurs after the first cigarette smoked after a night's sleep. Such a cough is intended to eliminate mucus from the lungs - figuratively speaking, to "clean" them. And every day, every week, every year, this cough in the morning becomes more and more intense. Very often in the initial stages of the disease, a person who smokes simply does not notice this morning cough - does not pay any attention to him. And if he does, he simply dismisses it, considering cough as a kind of light and completely harmless side effect of smoking. However, if you do not pay attention to this problem, very soon it will become global in scale, putting your health at risk. Chronic bronchitis of a person who smokes is a disease that an overwhelming number of people are facing, who smoke systematically and for a fairly long time. The main reason that causes a cough is that with each puff, the smoking person inhales the smoke, which contains the products of burning paper and tar contained in the tobacco. Each smoker can manifest this disease individually. It depends on many factors - first of all on the individual characteristics of the organism of each individual person, on the length of smoking, on the number of cigarettes smoked. In addition, an important role is played by the individual sensitivity of the smoker to all those components of tobacco smoke that enter the lungs of a person. Incidentally, it is from this same factor that the likelihood of developing a smoker's bronchitis and the severity of its course

Symptoms of the disease

Bronchitis smoker symptoms are very different. They also depend on the individual characteristics of the body of a person who smokes, on the state of his immune system, on the form of the disease and on the severity of his course. As a rule, in those people whose bronchial sensitivity is higher than the rest, bronchitis of this type takes a very severe form of the course - bronchial obstruction. With her, the patient develops a progressive narrowing of the bronchi. So:

  • Intense cough

The most important symptom of this diseaseis a wet cough that occurs immediately after awakening and until a person smokes his first cigarette in the morning. Cough can be of a very different intensity degree - it can vary absolutely arbitrarily even in one person. By the way, probably many smokers noticed the following peculiarity: it is worth to smoke a cigarette of a different brand than usual, as a strong cough with sputum production begins. This sign also very eloquently indicates that, most likely, the smoker has already earned himself a chronic bronchitis. And he should think about his health.

  • Excruciating dyspnea

In addition to coughing in a person suffering from bronchitisthe smoker, in the absence of timely initiated treatment is very likely the development of bronchial obstruction. Disease begins to appear in the patient. At first it is very insignificant and often remains invisible, but over time it intensifies. At first, it makes itself felt only with strong physical exertion, and then appears with very moderate. If, in this case too, a person does not stop and seek medical help from a doctor - he risks not only his health, but also his life. Dyspnea continues to increase, even in a state of complete rest in the patient. This phenomenon is called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Its direct consequence is a complex of very unpleasant painful symptoms, in the absence of necessary treatment - disability and even premature death. And be sure to remember that the danger of getting sick with such a dangerous disease is not only the smoker himself, but also his family members and all the people surrounding him. After all, they, more often than not, are so-called passive smokers who are forced to smell smoke from cigarette smokers, thereby jeopardizing their health. Therefore, if you smoke yourself, do not endanger your loved ones. After all, nicotine is your choice, not them. smoker's bronchitis

Treatment of chronic smoker's bronchitis

In the event that you or your loved onenoticed the symptoms of such a smoker's bronchitis, you can not hesitate for a day - try to seek medical help as soon as possible. And do not pull until you have shortness of breath - contact a doctor - a pulmonologist or therapist at the first signs - a morning moist cough. The doctor will carefully examine you to exclude the possibility of having any other lung diseases. After this, the doctor will prescribe a lung function test - this is done to identify the possible presence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. If you are already suffering from shortness of breath at the time of going to the doctor - be sure to tell him about it. In this case, the lung function should be investigated as soon as possible to start treatment of this complex disease as early as possible. The first, and most importantly, what needs to be done in order to get rid of the smoker's bronchitis is to quit smoking. Of course, this is very, very difficult, especially if the experience of smoking in a person is already great. To the great regret, often a smoking person mistakenly believes that he should not stop smoking because he has been smoking for a very long time. And the rejection of cigarettes will not bring any sense. However, this is not at all the case - quitting smoking is very important at any stage of the disease or its treatment, regardless of the person's smoking experience. Of course, in particularly severe cases, by eliminating cigarettes, it is unlikely to get rid of the disease, but to prevent further progression of the disease and to facilitate its course by abandoning cigarettes. However, when quitting smoking, it is necessary to remember some features of the body's reaction to the cessation of nicotine intake. Unfortunately, they are found in almost all smokers, sometimes delivering a certain number of unpleasant minutes. As a rule, from the very first days of giving up cigarettes in a person, morning cough is greatly intensified, sputum is very bad, breathing becomes difficult, the general condition of a person and his state of health worsen. Their maximum such symptoms of exacerbation of the smoker's bronchitis reach about the seventh day after the refusal of cigarettes. A similar phenomenon in medicine is called nicotine withdrawal syndrome. As a rule, it is this reason that becomes the main justification for those who do not stand up and start smoking again. However, do not rush to do this - discomfort very soon will decline, gradually disappearing altogether. Very often self-quit smoking is extremely and extremely difficult for a person - and this is not accidental. Getting into the body, nicotine very actively stimulates those parts of the brain that are responsible for breathing and cough reflex. That's why smokers feel much better, having smoked at least one cigarette. For such people, very useful help will come from both doctors and close people and relatives. The doctor will prescribe certain medications containing nicotine and facilitate the weaning from cigarettes, which facilitate the process of clearing the lungs of phlegm, vasodilating drugs that will ease a person the first month after quitting. Do not take any kind of pharmacological medication yourself without consulting your doctor. The risk is not too great not only to not ease your condition, but to aggravate it even more. In the event that the bronchitis of a person who smokes is extremely acute and the person's health suffers very much, you should immediately go to bed and call a doctor. With this disease you should not joke - after all, as it was already clear from all of the above, - it is very, very dangerous. Before the doctor's visit, the following measures can be taken:

  • Bed rest should be strictly observed by any sick person.
  • Abundant drink. It helps to prevent dehydration of the body and sputum stagnation.
  • Banks or mustard plasters. However, do not forget to lubricate the skin with oil beforehand to avoid possible burns. And, in addition, remember that mustard should not be used during hyperthermia.

bronchitis smoker symptoms

Folk recipes from a smoker's bronchitis

In the event that the smoker has already turned tothe doctor, in addition to the prescribed treatment, he can try some recipes of traditional medicine. However, it is advisable to coordinate their use with the attending physician. And also to make sure beforehand that the sick person does not have an allergy to any of the components of the prescriptions.

  • Infusion against the smoker's bronchitis

To prepare this recipe, you will needone tablespoon of dried herb tea and St. John's wort. Grass should be placed in enameled dishes, pour a glass of water and simmer for at least half an hour. Use the resulting broth is necessary as an ordinary brew. A sick person should drink at least three cups of such tea throughout the day. Approximately on the second day a person will greatly intensify coughing - this is a normal phenomenon, and it should not be frightened. On the second - third day of the use of such tea, sputum begins to actively withdraw. And approximately on the seventh day the cough will stop completely. This tool is ideally suited for the smoker's bronchitis - for any other types of cough it is absolutely useless.

  • Herbal tea with chamomile and dog rose

No less useful and herbal tea, the composition ofwhich includes inflorescences of dry chemist's chamomile and hips. They are made easier than simple - in teapot should be placed on two teaspoons of crushed rose hips and chamomile. Pour them two glasses of boiling water and insist for about an hour. Drinking is necessary just like any other tea. It is recommended to drink at least two cups a day. In this tea there are very useful substances that will help to clear the lungs of the smoker and his body as a whole in the shortest possible time.

  • Infusion with dandelion and thyme

Unfortunately, even after the person passesacute stage of the smoker's bronchitis, a so-called "residual" cough may persecute him for a very long time. With him very successfully help to cope with the infusion of dandelion with thyme. For its preparation, you need a fresh dandelion root and a tablespoon of dried herb thyme. Boil half a glass of water, then immediately sprinkle the herb of thyme into it. Turn off the heat and cover the dishes tightly. It is necessary to steam it for half an hour. While the infusion is prepared, use the gauze tissue to remove from the roots of dandelion five teaspoons of juice. In the event that the case occurs at that time of the year, when it is not possible to find a fresh dandelion root, it can be replaced with an aqueous solution sold at a pharmacy. After the infusion of thyme has cooled, mix it with the juice of a dandelion. The resulting mixture should be drunk at the same time, at least 10 minutes before meals. There are three such appointments per day, and the whole course of treatment should last at least two weeks, but not more than one month. By the way, pay attention to the fact that it is unacceptable to prepare the mixture for future use - just before the treatment. The effectiveness of this decoction is explained by extremely useful properties, which have a very positive effect on the smoker's organism. So, for example, the root of a medicinal dandelion very effectively helps to remove from the human body all the toxins accumulated during smoking. A thyme has a strong enough spasmolytic effect. In any case, the keystone to the success of such a crucial and very important event, as a cessation of smoking, is only the desire of the smoker himself, who wants to abandon the addiction. Otherwise, all measures will be absolutely useless, and time will be lost in vain. We advise you to read: