reasons for the appearance of red dots in the language Everybody knows that our health is a "zoneour personal responsibility, "and therefore, in order to maintain a high quality of life, we must monitor changes in the work of our body. This does not mean that after seeing a pimple, unwittingly "sat down" on the face, immediately rush into the laboratory for the delivery of various analyzes and anxiously await the results. But can the red points in the language cause our concern in the morning? doctor's examination of the tongue

Show the language, please

They woke up, stretched, shoved their feet into the sneakers andwent to clean the teeth. After rinsing his mouth with water, with a feeling of freshness and vivacity, they looked with a smile in the mirror and showed themselves a provocative language, the form of which was unpleasantly surprised by small spots of red. From the point of view of traditional and non-traditional medicine, human language is the main organ of the taste analyzer, it is considered a strong muscle responsible for chewing, swallowing, and sound articulation. Externally, the language of a healthy person is colored pink with clearly appearing papillae on a velvety surface and any inconsistencies to this description, including red spots in the tongue, should alert us. A red dot in the tongue, small spots may additionally appear with itching or a weak burning of the tongue. But the changes in color, and the presence of plaque, and the appearance of bright spots can be manifestations of various diseases, so it will be right to visit a doctor and clarify the diagnosis from him. When red dots appear in the language, you should also consult a dentist

We will be attentive to our health

In the absence of painful sensations and redthe dot on the tongue does not bother, then you can watch the language for a day or two to make sure that small spots are not the result of irritation after taking hot or very spicy food. If, alas, small dots on the tongue and the next morning are present, then different options are possible from glossitis, stomatitis, herpes to stomach and intestinal diseases. You should not hesitate to go to the doctor, undergo the necessary examination and diagnosis and get qualified and effective treatment. Remember that the red dot on the tongue is a sign of trouble and it is required to pay a visit to the dentist, gastroenterologist or therapist. It happens that small red dots under certain circumstances can be considered as a variant of the norm, for example, during pregnancy. Before visiting a specialist, simply brush your teeth, but do not clean the tongue, irritating the red dot in the tongue, with a toothbrush, a teaspoon or rinsing with manganese solution, because you "smear" a picture of painful manifestations, and it will be more difficult for a doctor to guess or put diagnosis. Our contemporaries are busy with work, raising children, and household chores, and do not always find time for careful and serious attitude to their own health and even avoid preventive examinations, as a result of which it is possible to identify the disease in time and cure at its very beginning. There is nothing more beautiful than feeling the daily full-fledged state of health of your body, is not it?