birch sap Slender white birches is not only one of themost beloved trees in Russia, sung by poets and musicians. Birch juice, whose benefits have long been proven, is indispensable in many situations. Doctors say that the properties of this natural product can be protected from depressions, avitaminosis and enduring fatigue. So, what is the use of birch sap? It strengthens the immune system, thereby increasing the body's resistance to the effects of various kinds of infections and viruses. In addition, it has antitumor and diuretic properties, has a helminthic effect, purifies blood, activates metabolic processes, splits stones in the kidneys and liver. It is incredibly useful for people suffering from various gastrointestinal diseases, joint diseases, tuberculosis. In a word, this product is a panacea for many troubles. It can only harm people who are allergic to birch pollen. The rest can enjoy this valuable natural gift as much as they like. Its healing properties are explained by the fact that birch juice has the following composition: iron, glucose, fructose, potassium, tannins. In addition, it includes minerals, phytoncides and calcium. In general, birch juice contains components that simply can not harm the body. Our ancestors well knew how to collect birch sap and how to harvest it for future use, so that all useful properties are preserved. They could take it practically in unlimited quantities, while not harming the tree. Today, the situation has changed a little: the collection of juice in quantities exceeding fifty liters requires a special permit. In addition, it should be collected only in those forests, the ecology of which leaves no doubt. You can not take juice from birches, growing near highways and railways - it can harm a person's health. than useful birch sap

When they collect birch sap

The collection of juice begins in the period of bud swelling. Usually this process occurs in mid-March. It ends in mid-April, after the leaves appear on the trees. Birch is the most suitable for collecting the juice, the diameter of the trunk is not less than 20 centimeters. In this trunk make a small shallow hole, under which a chute is attached from birch bark or some other material. Under the groove a vessel is installed, into which the juice will flow. It is best to collect the juice from 12 days to 6 pm - during this time, it flows particularly strongly. In the trees, do not make many holes to collect the juice, so as not to cause them irreparable harm. Even in older birches with a barrel diameter greater than 40 centimeters such holes should be no more than four. A tree that has lost part of its life force can become sick and die. To prevent this from happening, after collecting the juice, carefully cover the hole in the birch with wax, moss or cover it with a cork.

Storage of birch sap

Birch juice stored in a cool place, no more thanthan two days. Then it begins to grow dull and sour, all its properties evaporate - it becomes unfit for consumption. Of course, there are many ways to protect such a valuable product from spoilage, while at the same time preserving all its useful properties. Let's look at a few storage recipes. Kvass from birch juice Juice is heated to 35 ° C, yeast, sugar or honey, raisins and lemon zest are added to it. Then the dishes with this mixture are tightly closed and leave to wander for one or two weeks. At the end of this period, a very tasty drink is obtained, which retains all the useful properties of birch sap. You can do kvass in a different way. Pour the juice into an oak barrel and put a pouch of rye bread on it, tied to a rope. Barrel leave for a couple of days, after which the juice begins to wander. After that, add cherry leaves, dill stems and oak bark to it. Kvass will be ready in two weeks. Drink "birch" Prepare it in several ways. One of them is that vodka and port are poured into keg with kvass and add sugar and raisins. The contents of the barrel are thoroughly mixed, after which the barrel is tightly clogged and placed in a cold place for two and a half months. Then the drink is bottled, which is well closed and stored in a cold place, putting them on their side. Another way of making a birch bark is different from the first one in that a pulp of lemons without seeds is added to the juice. Another method of producing birch bark - juice is poured into a basin and sugar is added, then all this is mixed and put on fire. Cook the mixture until two thirds of the original volume of liquid is left in the pelvis. After that, the pelvis is removed from the fire and its contents are poured into the barrel, filtering through gauze. The juice is allowed to cool to 40 ° C and poured into it vodka and yeast solution. Then in the juice add mugs of lemons without pits and leave the keg in the heat for 10-12 hours. After this period of time, the barrel is taken to the cold, where it must stand for another seven weeks. After that, the juice is filtered once more and bottled. The bottles are closed and stored in a cool place. A few recipes for juice storage for future use

  • Of the juice can be made birch water, ifpour it fresh in bottles, in each of which put sugar, raisins and lemon zest. The bottles should be closed and left in a cold place for two to three months. Before consumption, sugar can be added to the juice;
  • Birch juice is suitable for cooking from itvinegar. To do this, add the honey and vodka to the juice, poured into the barrel and put an open barrel in a warm place. In two months the vinegar will be ready. The properties that this product has is also useful for the human body;
  • From fresh birch sap, if you put a lot of sugar in it and evaporate on fire to the density of sour cream, you can prepare a tasty and healthy birch syrup;
  • Birch juice can be insisted on dried fruits and herbs, add juice of berries and other;
  • The easiest way to prepare juice for future use is to add a little sugar and citric acid to it, pour into cans, pasteurize and screw it down.

birch sap is good and bad

Birch juice for your beauty

Birch juice has a wide range of applications. It has an extremely beneficial effect on the skin, wonderful masks for hair and face are prepared from it.

  • One tablespoon of sour cream is mixed with two tablespoons of birch juice and one teaspoon of honey. The mask is applied for fifteen minutes, then rinsed off with cold water;
  • Problem skin can be cleansed by simply rubbing it with birch sap;
  • The hair, rinsed in the birch sap, is cured of dandruff and acquires a healthy sheen and silkiness;
  • Very useful juice during pregnancy. Especially recommended to future mothers with high blood pressure. To normalize this pressure, you need to drink a glass of drink a day - it will not bring harm, but there will be a lot of benefits.

Surely from this article you understand what is usefulbirch sap, and try to extract from its use a lot of good. First of all, it is a miracle cure given to us by nature itself, and few people refuse such gifts. Just remember, when collecting juice, take care of birches as carefully as possible, do not harm them. After all, keeping trees, we get the opportunity for a long and healthy life. We advise you to read: