causes of allergy on the face Allergy on the face is a manifestation of the reactionorganism on a variety of stimuli. Symptoms of allergies can also be different, ranging from rashes to dangerous swelling and toxic shock. Treatment for allergies may include taking medications, many means are so-called folk remedies - these are masks, ointments, tinctures.

What is an allergy?

All allergic skin rashes can beare caused by several reasons. This is due to the fact that an allergy is a reaction of the body to stimuli of the external or internal environment. As a result, rashes appear on the skin - hives, dermatitis, swelling and so on. The reaction in the form of rashes and swelling can be instantaneous or appear gradually, gaining strength. The main causes of allergies:

  • houseplants, animal wool, poplar fluff;
  • chemical household products (powders, insecticides, oil paints, solvents);
  • causes are also found in food, a rash canarise from honey, eggs, strawberries, coffee, chocolate and other. It is often correct to determine from what exactly acne arose on the skin is very difficult, but this depends on the treatment;
  • essences (flavors, fragrances and other substances that are part of shampoos, soaps, decorative cosmetics);
  • often acne occurs afterare prescribed for taking various medications (antibiotics, iodine drugs, painkillers, bromides). When rashes appear on the skin, doctors immediately recommend that they undergo an examination in order to determine which medicines have such an effect;
  • many creams and medicines that contain in the composition of vitamin A, aloe, hops, honey.

When there is an allergy on the face, what to do should be decided on the basis of its causes. But allergic manifestations are different, the means for their successful treatment may also differ. antihistamines

Symptoms of allergic reactions

The manifestation of allergic reactions can be very different:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • allergic conjunctivitis;
  • urticaria (pimples, rashes, etc.);
  • edema (the most dangerous is the swelling of Quincke);
  • atopic dermatitis (the occurrence of itchy rashes, manifested in different ways, but not similar to nettle burns, often these are inflamed pimples, small spots, etc.);
  • contact dermatitis, in which the allergy on the face is manifested by contact with the allergen;
  • anaphylactic shock. This is the most dangerous condition, in which there is a loss of consciousness, a drop in pressure and so on. In this case, special means of treatment, urgent hospitalization are required.

Practical advice from specialists: medication

Acne and rashes on the face are especially unpleasantthe fact that they are very visible. For many, redness and inflamed spots cause great discomfort, such signs not only spoil the appearance, but also cause itching. But swelling is dangerous to others - they can be a formidable warning that the development of Quincke edema is possible - the most dangerous syndrome, which requires immediate hospitalization, appropriate therapy. Doctors recommend such treatment as intramuscular and intravenous injections of antihistamines: claritin, dimedrol, suprastin and others. But such methods, capable of removing allergies, are usually used for exacerbations. All drugs are administered orally, i.e. it is enough to put the pill under the tongue to relieve the symptoms. But if there is swelling of the face, eyelids, it is best to use such a treatment as a subcutaneous injection of an adrenaline solution or hydrocortisone hemisuccinate. It helps if there are pimples and redness, a simple chamomile cream with azulene, which has an anti-inflammatory, disinfectant effect. Rashes on the skin, pimples, can be treated not only with medicines, but also with herbs. But we must remember that the treatment of allergies is a long and very complicated process, eliminating only one rash is not enough, often in order to completely remove all manifestations, you can spend several years. cleansing the skin of the face with sour milk

How to cope with allergic rashes?

Treatment of allergies is aimed atto extinguish all symptoms, this method is called hyposensitization, it consists of a large set of therapeutic measures aimed at reducing the patient's reaction to foreign bodies, including toxins, which are the cause of skin rashes, swelling, itching , inflammation and so on. Such treatment often involves the introduction of tiny doses of an allergen. The body at the same time spends part of the substances designed to combat the allergen, that is, the reaction becomes weaker, the amount of such substances comes to normal, skin rashes, swelling and other manifestations of allergies and symptoms gradually pass and do not bother anymore. But in addition to medicines, treatment is possible and other methods. We offer several practical tips that will help to remove rashes on the skin, small swelling, redness of the eyes, rash on the skin and pimples:

  • skin of the face should be cleaned with sour milk, in which the cotton swabs are moistened;
  • after that you have to wash yourself with water, which is best filtered out. Soap and other cleansers should not be used;
  • now the skin and all areas where there is a rash, it is necessarywipe with a prepared solution of boric acid with a small concentration or a weak infusion of string, sage and chamomile. Dampened gauze for 15 minutes is applied to the place where the pimples appeared.

Folk remedies

Allergy can be treated by various methods, oftenInstead of medicamental treatment, people's ways of getting rid of this disease and its manifestations are used. One of the most effective is considered to be the means made by hand from mint, horseradish, tar and tar. We offer some very effective recipes that help to relieve allergies on the face with the help of improvised means (before using, always consult a doctor!).

  • How to treat allergies with tar and sulfur. To make an effective ointment that will cause the symptoms of allergy to recede, take 3 grams of regular sulfur, which must be ground into powder, 100 g of interior fat, which must be melt in a water bath. Now two tablespoons full of tar (you can buy in a drugstore birch) pour into a mug, add melted fat, sulfur powder and put the mug on the fire (so it's best to make a remedy in a metal mug or bowl). Boil the mixture for about 3 minutes, then cool. Places where there was a rash, we grease with the received product for the night, in the morning a site of a skin on the face is carefully washed out by usual water with soap. It is recommended to continue this treatment for about 3 months.
  • To treat an allergic rash it is possible and with the help ofhorseradish. To get a remedy that softens the affected skin on the face, grate the grater on the grater, squeeze the table spoon of juice, mix it with a full spoonful of sour cream. To insist the received means it is necessary day-two, then it is possible to start to put on preliminary washed up face for the night. Repeat this procedure should be 2-3 times, after which the symptoms of allergies recede. This same tool is also great for treating severe acne in the home.
  • When there are signs of allergy, you canuse masks of mint, for which two tablespoons of dry mint should be filled with the same amount of heated water. We get a gruel, which must be heated before use. Apply gruel to the areas where there are signs of allergy, left for 20 minutes, covered with a cloth or gauze.
  • When using folk methods againstallergies on the face must be remembered that it can not be treated with only external means, since they remove external symptoms without touching the internal causes of the lesion. Often, an allergy is a reaction to the toxic substances accumulated in the body, so simultaneously with compresses and masks, it is necessary to use the means prescribed by the supervising physician, enterosorbents, to adhere to the hypoallergenic diet, if necessary. The emerging allergy may be a consequence of hereditary predisposition, accumulation of toxic substances in the body, reaction to any external stimuli. It manifests itself in the form of various symptoms, but more often it is a rash, reddening of the eyes and swelling of the eyelids, rhinitis, although in serious cases serious signs are also possible: swelling that requires physician intervention, hospitalization. Allergy treatment can be treated in a variety of ways, including medicamentous and folk (gadgets, masks, etc.), but it is important not only to remove the rash on the face, but also the reasons for the appearance of rashes on the skin.