white clay for hair After dyeing, your hair has lost its pastshine, and now you are looking for a suitable tool that would help you put them in order? Every day women spend huge sums on shampoos, masks, balms and other cosmetic products. However, many inexpensive and equally effective tools, such as white clay, can be found in the nearest pharmacy. Kaolin - this is a real gift of nature, because it contains a fairly large number of salts and trace elements, which the human body so needs. Calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, copper and silica - all these substances will help to revitalize the paint-out hair.

Kaolin: benefit and harm

Mask with white clay perfectly suitedRepresentatives of the fair sex who have problems with fatty hair or dandruff. It not only disinfects, cleans, but also dries the skin. If you apply shampoos and masks with this component constantly, your curls will look alive even after the hundredth painting. The only drawback is that clay pulls out all the moisture, so owners of dry and severely weakened hair will have to use additional care products. Pay special attention to the fact that it is not recommended to apply a mask from kaolin more than three to four times a month. mask with white clay for hair

How to use white clay?

Despite the fact that the white clay is completelyit is safe for health, nevertheless it is not necessary to neglect some rules concerning its storage and use. Before using kaolin for the first time, it is recommended that you read the instructions to avoid the most common mistakes. So, firstly, the mask for hair is done only on the day when it will be applied. Secondly, do not mix the solution more than you need for one procedure. Diluted clay water should either be used immediately or discarded the remains in the trash can. Remember, you can not store kaolin in this form for more than 24 hours. Fill the powder with water (the exact amount should be indicated on the package), then stir until homogeneous. As a result, you should get a mixture, similar in appearance to thick house sour cream. As soon as the mask with white clay is ready, apply it on the head and distribute it along the entire length of the hair, so that the roots and tips are well soaked. After twenty to thirty minutes, you should rinse your hair with a mild shampoo. In order not to smear clothes and enhance the positive effect during the procedure, put on a plastic wrap, then wrap it in a warm towel. To the hair after the mask is not confused and not too hard, you must apply indelible balm on them. On the same day, it is not recommended to dry with a hair dryer at full power, smooth the hair with iron, spin strands with plaques, thermal hair or hot curling irons. Often in blondes and light-blond beauties after using white clay, the curls begin to fade or become yellowish-gray in color. Avoid this trouble can be with the usual low-cost shade or a hair balm, diluted with a small amount of water. useful white clay for hair

Masks from kaolin and not only

Of course, clay itself is useful for hair,and this is difficult to argue, but if you add a few additional ingredients, the positive effect can be increased several times. But in this case it is recommended to test the resulting mixture in a separate area of ​​the skin to exclude irritation or the occurrence of an allergic reaction.

  • Lemon

Girls who on the second day after washingthe hair begins to become very greasy and glossy, a mask with clay, lemon or lime is recommended. On a glass of water - one or two teaspoons of freshly squeezed juice. Pay attention, in any case can not be replaced with essences or citric acid, otherwise you can get a burn.

  • Broth

Clay perfectly interacts with otherscomponents, so it is not necessary to fill it with ordinary tap water, you can also use freshly prepared decoctions of yarrow, oak bark, nettle, linden, chamomile and other medicinal herbs.

  • Eggs

Strengthen your hair, while avoiding drynesshair, it is possible with the help of burdock oil and egg yolk. The clay is diluted with warm mineral or filtered water, mixed well, then the rest of the ingredients are added. The mask is applied only for twenty to thirty minutes, then thoroughly washed off. After it, it is not necessary to use balms, conditioners and similar cosmetic products.

  • Garlic

Unfortunately, the concentrated garlic maskrather specific smells, so many of the fair sex either rarely uses it, or do not dare to do such experiments. But, if you properly prepare the mixture and prepare a special herbal solution for rinsing hair, an unpleasant odor will not remain on the hair. The first thing to do is to squeeze into the glass container two small slices of garlic and two teaspoons of lemon juice, pour out three tablespoons of clay and pour it all in half liters of warm water or a decoction of herbs. It is recommended to strain the garlic through gauze, so that you do not have to comb the remains of the mask out of your hair afterwards. At the end of the procedure, you should wash your head two or three times with shampoo, then rinse with a decoction of herbs, in which you can add a few aromatic oils, after which - apply balm.

  • Honey

Honey mask with clay is difficult to wash off,so it should be done on the day you do not plan to go anywhere. Another nuance that is worth knowing in order not to be horrified after rinsing your head - at the end of such a procedure in the bathroom can be a very large number of strands. In this there is nothing to worry about. This mask helps to cleanse the scalp, remove dead skin cells and dead hairs stuck in bulbs due to a large accumulation of grease and dirt. So, melted butter on a water bath mixed with clay, after which there is added yolk, honey, mustard and lemon juice (one teaspoon of each ingredient). The resulting mask is first rubbed in circular motions into the roots, then distributed throughout the hair with a scallop with thick teeth. After application, the head is wrapped with a film, a towel and left for one and a half to two hours, depending on the condition of the hair, then the mixture is washed off with a copious amount of water.

  • Berries

A mask of berries will help prevent cross-sectiontips, will accelerate the growth of the head of hear and saturate the scalp with all the missing vitamins and minerals. In a proportion of 2: 2 mixed fresh milk, clay and fresh juice of sour berries. It can be sea buckthorn, currants, cranberries, etc. Wash hair with kaolin If you do not have time to walk for at least twenty to thirty minutes with a mask on your head, prepare a conditioner that does not get any worse than the task. To do this, the clay is mixed with purified water and apple cider vinegar in equal proportions (three to four tablespoons). Apply this mixture to clean damp hair for five minutes, then wash it off with water and lemon. We advise you to read: