hair extensions pluses and minuses Beauty requires sacrifice. Men with this fact agree reluctantly. But this does not prevent them from admiring the neighbor's silicone bust, the slim body of a young student who has already forgotten? when the last time she ate to the full, the hair of her husband's hair. By the way, artificial hair is considered among women the most insignificant victim on the way to perfection. Probably, so it also is. After all, in order to increase hair, do not have to lie under the surgeon's knife, endure prolonged hunger strikes or exhausting physical activity in the gym. Enough to make an appointment with a professional hairdresser, and in a few hours you will already be envied by Rapunzel herself. She had to grow her hair for many years, and your hair got much faster! But is it? And what price do you really pay to women for the opportunity to have long locks? Today we will talk about the pros and cons of hair extensions.

Hair extensions: the pros and cons

In order to objectively consider alladvantages and disadvantages of the new-fashioned hairdressing services, you need to first determine? what methods of hair extensions are. Since it depends on the method of adding length and thickness of the head of hear its pluses and minuses depend.

Afroneurificating, or sewing a tress

This is one of the first methods of hair extensions,which was borrowed from the Negroid race. The fact that African Americans have hard curly hair, which after straightening lose its luster and structure. In order to look a bit like Europeans and not look like ruffians against them, enterprising people of Africa have come up with their own method of hair extensions. They wove around the head of pigtails, in which woven ready-made strands. Hairdressers have slightly improved this technique, and the build-up strands are not woven, but sewn to pigtails. The disadvantages of aphronavraschivaniya are that the result of the procedure is rather short-lived. It is enough for your hair to grow a bit, as it is time to write down again to the hairdresser. In addition, you will not be able to collect the hair in a high tail, since pigtails will be visible. Now it's time to talk about the virtues of afro-enhancement. First, the procedure itself lasts long enough compared to other methods of building. Secondly, when sewing a track, only environmentally friendly components are used. There is no hot or chemical effect on native hair. And this, you must agree, is very important. minuses of hair extension

Bonding (gluing ready strands to the scalp)

Also one of the old, proven wayshair extensions. It consists in dividing the head into zones and gluing ready strips (strands) with hair to the skin. Against this technique is the fact that the glue can adversely affect the body when it comes into contact with the skin, so before the procedure, it is necessary to test for the presence of the client's allergies. In addition, you can wear only certain hairstyles, otherwise the line of accreted hair will be noticeable to others. In defense of bonding is a high rate of build-up and the fact that during the pasting of finished strands, high temperatures are not used, and accordingly the client's native hair is not damaged.

Italian build-up (hot technology on capsules)

One of the most popular techniques that hasas hot fans, and no less decisive opponents, opposed to the hot build-up. But, before discussing the pros and cons of hair extensions with the help of Italian technology, you need to understand the essence of this method. Here, in order to give the customer's hair volume and length, the hairdresser divides the native hair of the woman into strands to which by means of an electric appliance she glues the finished strands with capsules at the ends. Under the influence of high temperature, the capsule melts and is soldered to the client's hair. What is good about this method? The fact that you can wear absolutely any hairstyle, since the accreted strands are thin, and the place of connection with the hair is almost not noticeable. In addition, hot technology provides long-term wearing of hair without correction. Those who oppose the Italian buildup argue that the keratin used during the procedure has a very bad effect on the hair. Do not benefit and the high temperature of the electrical apparatus, which the hairdresser connects the capsule with the hair. But the customers themselves note that the build-up, though it brought the long-awaited length and volume to the hair, but for this it was incredibly long to sit in the master's chair. Are you dissatisfied with perseverance? Then you can safely sign up for hot hair extension technology.

English build-up (hot, on glue)

This method is similar in many respects to the Italiantechnology, only here the connection of strands occurs with the help of a pistol and glue. The difference is insignificant, so all the arguments "for and against" such an increase are identical to the above. The procedure lasts a long time, it can not be called environmentally friendly under any conditions. But in the end - a lasting result and no restriction in choosing hairstyles.

Spanish build-up (cold)

This method of building up is fairly commonand has a huge bunch of advantages in relation to other ways of building. Take, for example, that a hairdresser does not have to use heating elements to glue his native and artificial strands. The hair is attached by the so-called "cold" method with the help of glue and fixer. This allows you to ensure a permanent fastening of the strands. With regard to adhesions, they are in Spanish technology is extremely unobtrusive. Therefore, you can wear absolutely any hairstyle without the risk of being exposed. Of course, today, few people categorically oppose hair extensions, but every woman wants the maximum number of people to consider her hair to be real. The disadvantage of the Spanish method of hair extensions lies in the composition of the glue. Experts believe that its composition adversely affects the skin of many customers. Advantages and disadvantages of hair extensions

Ultrasound Extension

This is a hardware method that allowshot hair extensions without the use of traditional in this case high temperatures. As a result, the capsules do not overheat and do not deform, and the procedure takes much less time than the usual hot build. The difference is that the ultrasonic gun is only enough for two seconds to glue the capsule with a string of hair, whereas the heating element spends this time only on softening the capsule and also as much for direct gluing. The disadvantages of hair extensions by ultrasound are insignificant and touch the same unsafe keratin contained in the capsules.

Tape build-up

This method of building up is very similar to bonding. The difference is that in the process of tape building, narrower strands are used (rather than the entire width of the head, as in bonding). Stretched hair is glued on a so-called scotch, which is attached to a thin strand of natural client hair. After that, another one fixing the strand is pasted on top, and the structure is fixed with a special iron that glues the artificial and native hair to each other. Needless to say, environmentalists are against the tape build-up, since the glue used in the process can not be called natural. In addition, the client may encounter the inability to lift the hair in a high tail. That is, she can, of course, can do this, but with the risk that others will know about hair extensions. From the advantages - you do not have to stay in the hairdresser for a long time, since the tape build-up is fast enough.

South Korean hair extensions (on rings)

Here, strands are attached to the client's hairspecial aluminum or silicone rings. As a tool, the hairdresser uses a hook and tongs. And (not least) does not expose the customer's hair to additional heating. That is, the method is as gentle and ecological as possible. Against the South Korean build-up, only those women who do not like to sleep on curlers can act, since the presence of rings in the hair during sleep is very noticeable. Get used to their presence? You will be able to please the people around for a long time with a luxurious head of hair. Just do not forget to tell your loved one about the build-up in advance, as very often men, launching their hand into women's hair, are unpleasantly stricken by the presence of capsules, rings and other auxiliary materials to bind their native hair with artificial strands. minuses of hair extensions

Short-term hair extension (on hairpins)

This method of building is ideal for thoseyoung ladies who have not decided yet whether they want long hair and are willing to expose their own strands of extra load and chemical treatment in order to become more attractive. Also, the build-up on clips is actively used by brides who want to be the most beautiful in their most important day in their life. And what can be more spectacular than long hair? With a short-term build-up, special strips of donor hair are used on the clips, which are attached to natural strands. This is done on the same principle as in childhood, when you pinched your hair with colored hairpins. Only here a little differently. The more Tress you use, the more impressive your head will get in the end. Of the advantages - simplicity and accessibility. In addition, for such an extension you will not need to seek help from a hairdresser or damage your own hair. Everything is ecological. Even the most obvious skeptics of hair extensions can not find arguments against the short-term method. However, customers themselves note some inconvenience of wearing temporary strands and the fact that in strong wind clips are visible to others. We hope that our article has helped readers to determine the merits and demerits of modern methods of hair extensions. However, I want to add that an indispensable condition for each of the procedures is its professional implementation. Therefore, do not pursue the cheapness of building up, but choose only the proven salons. And before you sit down in an armchair to the hairdresser, ask to show certificates on performance of the given service. The master can perfectly do the hair styling, but suddenly you will be his first client to build up? Well, and what is the first pancake, you yourself know very well. We advise you to read: