technology of hair extensions There is a mistaken belief that women wantbe beautiful for men. Probably, this myth was invented by the representatives of the stronger sex, in order to emphasize its importance. Well, let them err. We know something with you that there is no estimator more ruthless than a mirror. It displays all our extra pounds, wrinkles and dull skin after a sleepless night. Sometimes a single glance at yourself is enough if not for the blues, then for the beginning of active activities. A woman writes to the gym, to a cosmetologist, to a hairdresser. And all in order to please ... no, not a man, but a huge mirror in full growth and his critical look. Well, tell me, can you love yourself if in reflection you see an ordinary, full-grown girl with short legs and a patch on her head, and from the cover of the magazine she smiles a white-toothed beauty with a shock of luxurious curls and shining eyes? Particularly hurt by the hair. You wash them, comb them, wind them up, but they still do not meet world standards. You begin to envy the fabulous Rapunzel, who managed to sit in a tower without shampoos and conditioners to grow a braid to the floor. But if you really have to suffer with black envy, it's better about the fact that dear Rapunzel remains a young girl for many centuries. That's who outperformed Kashchei the Immortal himself! He, unlike our heroine, turned into a bony old man. Yes, and with the hair Kashchei clearly not lucky. Apparently it is for such customers and invented a modern technology of hair extensions. In the meantime, Immortal thinks, sign up for a hairdresser or not, we'll figure out how exactly this procedure goes and what types of build-up are.

Originally from Hollywood

In order to understand how successfulthere was this or that procedure, it is necessary to determine its sources. So, hair extension. This action began ... no, not with a bald young lady. And from Hollywood. It was there that for the first time overhead curls were applied to give the hair a volume. Decorated in this way, actresses, whose hair looked not large enough in the frame. Attached additional strands to the hair with a long tape and glue. Of course, combing such a hair was impossible, and even after shooting the girl did not count several dozen hair. But the beginning was laid. And it happened just 15 years ago. methods of hair extensions

Methods of hair extensions

  • Chinese build-up

Next try your luck in a new nichehairdresser's art decided the Chinese. They supplied strands of hair for growth with special micro-clips, which both externally and in accordance with the principle of action resembled ordinary pliers. But this technique was not destined to settle down on the female head of hair. And the whole point is that the hairdress mercilessly corrupted under the influence of metal fastenings. Therefore, if you hear about the Chinese build-up, you know, it is no better than that one-off clothing that we are trying to sell on the market.

  • Hot build

Here the description will be more optimistic, onlyHere's the name of a little confusion. Someone calls this building up English, someone Italian, but the essence is everywhere the same. Additional strands are soldered by the keratin capsule to the main hair. This happens under the influence of high temperatures. Namely - a thermo gun. I must admit that the hair, grown in this way, not only looks great, but also comfortable enough to wear. However, there are spots on the sun. If you are going to the sea, in a bath or a sauna, to build up the hot method of hair will not succeed. That is, you will certainly enrich your hair. But the beauty will stay exactly as long as the keratin capsules do not become hot. You do not want to leave all the charm of accreted hair in the sea depths? Then either look for other methods, or carry out the procedure after the summer rest and the planned steam room.

  • Cold build-up

It is also called the Spanish way. This is the most effective and gentle method of hair extensions to date. And the whole secret is that the procedure is performed manually. The hairdresser forms a capsule from surgical glue, which binds natural hair with strands for building. In addition, each capsule adapts to the density of the client's hair and the thickness of the build-up strand. That is, we can say that for each procedure, a salon employee is strictly individual. Yes, and the high temperatures of such a hairstyle are not terrible. That's great, is not it? What can I say at last? Rapunzel, of course, is a heroine and a beauty. Yes, and long hair - it's beautiful. But do not overdo it in pursuit of perfection. You can build a luxurious head of hair before the wedding or a responsible event. But it's not worth it to spoil the hair for the sake of a fleeting whim. We advise you to read: