how to choose a haircut Surely many women had toto face the fact that a stylish haircut, ideally looking at one representative of the beautiful half of humanity, does not fit the other at all. Many blame the hairdressing masters for not knowing how to choose a haircut. But in fact, the stylist can not be guilty. Just when choosing your future haircuts, you paid attention to the unsuccessful option, and the master did not oppose your decision. Of course, he should have warned, but no one can guarantee his responsible approach in this matter. So, before you go to the beauty salon, you need to learn how to choose a haircut according to all the rules:

  • by type of face;
  • by type of hair;
  • by the type of figure.

Choice of haircut by type of face

Most often, women who want to deal witha question how to pick up to itself a hairstyle, collide or face with references to pay attention to the form of the face. After all, the owner of an elongated face in no case can not wear visually lengthening hairstyles, and a girl with a triangular face will look ridiculous if she makes herself a short haircut with a high crown. Therefore, before you catch fire with the desire to do this or that haircut, pay attention to the face of the model - the owner of this hairstyle.

Choosing haircuts by type of hair

Rarely what a woman possesses from natureobedient, thick, medium-thick hair that can be easily laid and perfect in any hairstyle. Therefore, with a responsible approach to the issue of choosing a haircut, special attention should be paid to its type of hair. For today, women often have soft and thin hair. This is connected with heredity, and with the terrible environmental conditions of many cities. In addition, hair can be thinned due to frequent staining with aggressive means and the use of chemical hairdressing procedures. However, now it is not about how to restore power to your hair, but how to choose a haircut for fine hair. The ideal option for owners of thin hair, which do not hold the volume, will be a short haircut, as well as a medium-length haircut. Of the most popular haircuts, the classic quads will look good. You can also experiment with its modern interpretation - the bean. In this case, if you are recommended to make a multi-layered haircut in a beauty salon, do not refuse. It is thanks to this method, your hair will be given the necessary volume, and the shape of such a haircut on thin hair lasts longer. If you are the owner of curly hair, then the answer to the question of how to choose the right haircut for your hair is natural. In view of the individual characteristics of your hair - not to succumb to any styling, it makes no sense to try to outwit nature. Therefore, the haircut should be chosen with regard to the direction of growth of your hair, but with a bang you can already "play around". Of course, if you are the owner of small hard curls, then bangs are best to refuse, since it will necessarily break out of the general view. It is not necessary to you to do hairdresses with a parting, as visually it will look not very aesthetically. If your hair is slightly curled, the ideal haircut will be the embodiment of the classic "ladder". Those women who can classify their hair as "naughty", when choosing a haircut will have to seek help from a specialist. Only the master can take into account the direction of growth of all your hair and choose the right option. As a rule, these are asymmetrical haircuts, as well as modern "creative disorders." However, from the classics there are also many good options, and therefore trust professionals. Straight hair is suitable for absolutely any haircut. Short, medium length or even elongated - everything will look equally good. Therefore, the owner of straight hair in search of an answer, how to choose a haircut, you should pay attention to the type of face shape and type of your figure. how to choose a haircut

Choosing a haircut according to the type of figure

Before you finally decide on thea variant of a hairstyle, will not prevent to critically estimate the figure. After all, as professionals say, it also plays a key role in the question of whether the hair will look or not. It's enough just to look in the mirror to understand what type it is possible to include your figure and choose a haircut. If you are a tall, slender girl, but you can not boast of rounded thighs, chest volume and graceful waist bend, then medium-length hairstyles with soft, flowing waves of hair will suit you. This will help visually smooth out the straight lines of your figure. Also, a multi-layered haircut with geometrical filing is suitable. In no case should not do an extremely short haircut, as it will give your image a masculinity. Chemical perm and unnatural splendor will look disproportionate. Long straight hair will visually add to you extra centimeters of growth, so you have a chance to look like a girl who has anorexia. If you are inclined to fullness, then the haircut can be of medium length or very short. However, it should be remembered that too smooth hair will add to your appearance only additional weight. It also happens if you choose a rounded haircut or a lush style with a trendy fleece. But the asymmetrical hairstyle, made in layers or containing an angular filament and clear straight lines, will look very stylish and modern. Therefore, when looking for the right answer to the question of how to choose a haircut, lean better toward asymmetry. Women with a miniature figure should avoid extremely short haircuts, as well as long hair that you want to braid in pigtails or put in a ponytail. Funny and unnatural, the owner of such a figure will look like a combed bang that will make a girl look like a doll. But in the rest there are no restrictions. A variety of cascades and stairs, asymmetries and quads - all hair styles will look equally good.

Additional selection criteria for haircuts

In addition, how to choose a haircut by the type of face,figure and hair, it is also necessary to pay attention to your wardrobe and the general image. After all, a trendy hairstyle that looks incredibly good on your head may require a change of wardrobe. Therefore, if you are not ready for radical changes in your image, consider this when choosing a haircut. If you doubt that you have found the right answer to the question of how to choose the right haircut, use any computer program to select haircuts. However, even if you really like the option you choose, be sure to consult the master. Only a true professional, given your individual characteristics, will be able to find that haircut that will emphasize all your dignity and hide faults. We advise you to read: