how to make a three-dimensional beam Each of us has a mood, when you wantlook refined and sexy at the same time. The best way for such cases is a simple hairdo bun, which can be built independently for fifteen to twenty minutes. In the sixties of the last century, any self-respecting girl could create a similar hairstyle with her eyes closed. Now most of us also do not know how to make a volume beam at home, without resorting to the services of a hairdresser. First of all, we note that for such a hairdo you will need hair not below the shoulders, and the thicker they will be, the bigger the bundle itself will be. Those girls who were lucky enough to have a thick head of hair, can not worry about the volume. Their hair will look great a priori. But how to be the one who by nature has rare, thin hair, who can not boast of a luxurious mane of hair, like models in advertising shampoo? For them, there are special methods with which they can "deceive" nature, creating an amazing and voluminous hairdo.

Bulk bundle with a fleece

Whatever one may say, and the hair was and remains the most faithfulfriend of all girls with thin, rare hair. Any young lady, skillfully wielding a fine comb for naches, looks as if nature has not greedy and awarded her with luxurious, chic hair. Of course, hair loss spoils, but after all, it is done not every day, but to a certain case. Yes, and no one will prohibit girls combing their hair, take care of their strands in addition, using special creams and masks. In order to make a bulky, beautiful beam, use the following guidelines:

  • The hair will turn out magnificent and will hold on long if you have perfectly clean hair. Dirty greasy strands harder to comb, and disintegrates such a hairdo in a matter of hours.
  • After washing and drying your hair, lean forward andblow on strands from the back of the head. Rise, spread your hair with your hands and bend again. Do this procedure at least ten to fifteen times - your hair will become very lush.
  • Collect the hair in the tail in the place where you want to make a bunch. Spray varnished hair to varnish to preserve their splendor.
  • Divide the tail into several strands. Each of them must be combed, starting from the roots, to the very tips. To do this, you will need a special comb - frequent, with rounded teeth (sharp can damage the structure of the hair). After combing each strand, fix it with hairspray.
  • We take in hand all the strands we have strung, twist them with a "snake" and make a tourniquet in the form of a beam. We fix it with hairpins and fix it with hairspray.
  • So, your hairstyle is created, and you are ready to shinewith a luxurious bundle at some party or business dinner. But here's what to do after the holiday is over and you need to comb the tangled hair completely? Hand-picking, combing the comb? Not at all. There is a completely gentle way of combing the hair after a fleece. The first thing to do is take your hairpins out of your hair and wash your hair. But to begin with it is necessary to put on hair balm, a humidifying mask or a nutritious cream for hair. If at hand there is nothing suitable - use sour cream, fermented milk or vegetable oil. The main thing is to apply a fat-containing substance to the hair and leave it for twenty or thirty minutes. After this, you can start the usual washing of your head - with your favorite shampoo, balm-conditioner, mask, etc. By the way, if you are accustomed to caring for your hair, the hair will not do you serious harm. After all, smooth, well-groomed hair (even thin and rare) easily take the original form and do not deform after any naches - even the most aggressive. So watch the condition of your hair, do chic hairstyles, and you will not be afraid of any consequences naches. three-dimensional beam

    Volumetric beam with a sock

    If you are the owner of hair below the shoulders and furiousopponent nachesov, then we present you a completely different way to make a bulk beam. For this you will need .... sock! Yes, a simple knitted sock, of which in any house is always in sufficient quantity. In order to turn the result of the textile industry into a hair ornament, we will have to cut off his "fingers" and roll a few times, making some sort of hair gum. And now proceed to the magic:

  • With the help of an ordinary rubber band, we collect the hair in the tail in the place where we want to make a bunch.
  • We pass the tail into the sock, like in a regular hair band.
  • We bend the head so that the hair protruding from the tail, evenly lying on the entire diameter of the sock.
  • Without raising your head, carefully put on the elastic under the color of your hair on the toe, covered from all sides by hair from the tail.
  • We got a three-dimensional beam, but the whole picture is corrupted by the tips of the hair that did not fall under the elastic band. Gently remove unnecessary strands under the bundle with the help of invisible or hairpins.
  • The more volume you want to give to your beam,the bigger the toe should be. On the other hand, much depends on the thickness of your hair: the less often, the more difficult it is to cover up a huge sock. If desired, you can wrap the sock with a light scarf - so your hair will become even thicker. beautiful three-dimensional beam

    Volumetric beam - bow

    This is a very beautiful and elegant hairstyle. At first glance it may seem that making it yourself is either very difficult or too long. In fact, the time for a bundle-bow will take no more than ten to fifteen minutes. And this is in view of the fact that you took it for the first time. To create this hairstyle you will need: a thin elastic band for hair, a small crab and a few invisible. The procedure is as follows:

  • Separate the thumbs of your hands with a large strand ofside of the forehead, slightly admit it and fix it near the vertex with the help of a small crab. We do this in order not to lose later the volume of hair on the head.
  • We collect hair in the tail. It is best to do this on the top of the head, but you can also on the side - as you like.
  • Tightening the tail with an elastic band, at the last turn we make a loop (that is, we extend the hair not to the end). Do not make the loop too big, if you do not want to create a huge bow on the whole head.
  • We divide the resulting loop into two equal parts. In the middle between them we twist the remaining strands from the tail. Two parts - this is a bow, and twisted hair - a knot of a bow. We fix the knot of the bow with invisibility.
  • We give the "ears" of the bow the desired shape, if necessary fix their bases by invisible.
  • Remove the crab from the locks from the forehead (item 1).
  • We fix hairdress with hairspray.
  • As you can see, there are many ways to do thisbeautiful, volumetric hairstyle with their own hands - and the bundle is no exception. All that is needed for this is a little desire and imagination. You can perfectly decorate the resulting image with pretty ornaments: hair clips with rhinestones and beads will help to start playing your hair in a completely new way. Be beautiful and unique! We advise you to read: