the safest hair extension The natural beauty of any woman, of course,Deserves attention. Each of the ladies is irresistible in its own way. And with the statement that there are no ugly women, it's hard not to agree. However, it is almost impossible to find a girl who would not want to become even more attractive, even if nature endowed it in full. After all, we all know that there is no limit to perfection. As you know, hair is one of the main ornaments of a woman. And if earlier, in order to achieve an impeccable hairstyle, the girls resorted to various unsafe procedures, chemical perm, for example, now everything has changed. Get gorgeous curls can be, without causing hair almost no damage. Safe hair extensions have become a salvation for many women. And most importantly, this procedure is available to all women who want to have the perfect hairstyle. Today there are several ways to build hair. You just need to take a walk to the nearest beauty salon, where the master will detail all the nuances and advise what type of build is best for your hair and type of face. The only general rule for everyone - for successful growth your hair should have a length of five to fifteen centimeters.

Hot build

This type is based on Italian roots. The technology is called EURO СO SAP. And is, perhaps, the most harmless procedure of building. Here the master uses pre-prepared strands of natural hair, which are attached with keratin and special thermic clamps. Creatine is a kind of resin made from natural ingredients. In order to connect the build-up strand to your hair, the master warms it up, puts it in the right place and connects it with forceps. The hot build lasts about four hours. After it, within three to five months you will be able to amaze all those around you with your impeccable hairdo. At the end of time, hair extensions are removed without any problems for your own curls. If you want to increase hair again, you will need to contact the master who will either make the correction, or perform the procedure again. safe hair extension

Cold build-up

The most famous technique is the cold type -escalating to metal clips. This technology came to us from Japan. For the procedure, both natural and artificial hair strands can be used, which can be used again if necessary. The downside of this type of buildup is that people with brittle and thin hair are categorically forbidden. The procedure is carried out by means of special clips made of copper or aluminum. With their help, the locks are attached to the hair. The cold build-up lasts three to five hours. It all depends on the length of your hair and the number of accreted strands. After about four months, it will be necessary to make a correction or remove the clips - unscrew them using special forceps and pull off the hair.

Tape build-up

The most popular build - tape,because this procedure combines the advantages of the other two types described above. Stretching with tapes is a safe and fast way. The procedure lasts only one or two hours, after which you will become the owner of a chic hairstyle. Hair extension by this technology does not involve either chemical or thermal treatment. And the strips on which the strands are placed are completely invisible, because they are very thin, elastic and transparent. For ribbon procedure use only natural, high-quality processed hair. Tapes with strands are attached to the hair in the direction of their growth. It is worth noting that this procedure, unlike the others, is ideal for women with brittle hair. Advantages for this type of building a lot:

  • Due to its plasticity, strand strands are not confused.
  • The ease of accretion of belts does not create discomfort during sleep and washing of the head.
  • The fastening of the bands is quite strong, which does not allow them to crawl.
  • The border between her and her hair is not noticeable at all.
  • You can get a haircut, dye your hair - this does not damage the strands.
  • To remove the tape, it takes about fifteen minutes. The process is fast and painless.

    Care for hair extensions of any type

    • You only need to wash your hair while standing under a shower.
    • Carrying hair forward, while tilting the head, is not recommended.
    • Wiping his head, do not overdo it - enough to gently pat them with a towel.
    • Hair care products should be applied along the entire length, avoiding the roots.
    • Choose products that do not contain wax and oil additives.
    • When practicing sports or during sleep, it is best to braid the hair in a braid or tie a tail.
    • For combing, you can use a conventional hair brush.

    Hair extension is the best way not onlyto change the appearance, but also to gain self-confidence, and as a consequence and a good mood. And let many say that the main thing is inner beauty. External to you, too, will not hurt, is not it ?! We advise you to read: