hair extension for Italian technology Studying the trends of the next season, manyFashionable women will be upset in a joke: long hair returns to fashion. If a fashionable skirt or blouse can be bought in any store, then it becomes almost impossible to become a possessor of long hair in a short time, because this will take at least two to three years. Stylists do not get tired of repeating that this summer there will be high "horse tails" and carelessly wavy curls on their shoulders. What do those who have short hair, and want to match fashion trends? First of all, do not get upset and panic about this. The technology of hair extensions, invented in the eighties of the twentieth century, today is more urgent than ever. It is the procedure of hair extension that will help you to realize the dream of luxurious, long hair. To date, the most popular is hair extension for Italian technology. We will definitely tell you about this technology; But in order for you to better understand its benefits, we will tell you about how the hair extension procedure is going on at all. Italian technology of hair extensions

How hair extensions work

The essence of the hair extension procedure isthe following: at a distance of several (usually 5-6) millimeters from the roots of their own hair, attach the desired length of "stranger" strands of hair. As a rule, for this use thermal adhesion, imperceptible rings or special glue. Usually, such strands are individually selected and ideally suited to their own hair, both in color and structure of the hair, and it requires about three dozen strands. By the way, this procedure not only extends the hair, but also increases the volume of hair. However, this does not mean that everyone can become the owner of a long braid in the twinkling of an eye. To do this, your own hair should be no shorter than twenty centimeters. Today, there are cold and hot ways to build hair. Hair extension is a rather long procedure, which is performed using either high temperature or chemical preparations; in any case, your hair will be stressed. For hair extension, already used hair is used, on which special glue or resin is applied by production method. The glue is preheated to the desired temperature with a special apparatus, then the strands are applied to your own hair and clamped with electric forceps. Today, you can grow curls even without the thermal impact on hair - using a special glue, which unlike previous methods does not require warming up. This way of building up is much more simple and sparing. Although experts who professionally deal with hair extensions, say that this procedure is completely safe and harmless, nevertheless, there are still pitfalls that you should know about.

  • Thermal action adversely affects the hair;
  • During the procedure, especially sensitive scalp may get burned from melted wax;
  • Hair and scalp are exposed to chemical attack (because the glue or resin melts and gets on the skin);
  • The increased hair does not last more than 3-4 months,During this whole time, the process of renewal will continuously go on, that is, your own hair will drop out. And since they are glued together with artificial strands, they can not be combed, and as a result, there is an additional load on the hair.

However, the admiring views of the representatives of the opposite sex and the pleasure obtained from the beauty of their curls overshadow such seemingly seemingly insignificant shortcomings.

Italian way of hair extensions

One of the most popular todayis a hair extension according to the Italian technique. It was invented in 1991 by the Italian stylist David Gold, and this technology remains the most perfect and harmless for hair. For the first time it was presented at the Moscow exhibition in 2005, after which it was in great demand all over the world. The most important difference between Italian technology and all others is that the hair is not attached with resin or glue, but with keratin. Keratin is a part of natural hair, which means that the material used to build up is the maximum that repeats the structure of natural hair, which is especially appreciated by customers. This method uses finished strands of hair with a keratin capsule. The lock is located near the roots of the hair, and the keratin capsule is softened after a few seconds with the help of a special heat-generating device. When the keratin becomes almost liquid, the "donor" strand of natural hair is clamped with special tweezers for the capsules. As soon as the keratin cools, it takes the form of small platelets; they are transparent and almost invisible. At the junction of accreted and natural hair remains almost invisible scales. Flat platelets do not interfere with natural hair to continue to grow. Hair looks absolutely natural. And most importantly, this technology is considered universal for one more reason: it allows you to grow hair with the length of natural hair of ten centimeters! Italian technology of hair extensions does not harm the "native" strands of clients. Keratin capsules are heated up to one hundred and eighty degrees, which is completely harmless to the hair (for example, a curl that is used for curling hair, it heats up to two hundred degrees). For each type of hair, the temperature of the warming of the keratin capsule and tweezers for its clamping is determined individually. To achieve maximum effect, experts use from one hundred to one hundred and fifty knitted, which makes the hair as natural as possible. The quantity, color and length of hair extensions are selected at the discretion of the client. Hair for the pryadok taken the highest quality, and they can be as artificial, painted in all sorts of colors, and natural, natural. Such hair can be dyed, exposed to a chemical wave; you can swim in the sea, swim in the pool. And even after a trip to the sauna, the hair does not lose its appeal and its original appearance. Accreted hair will give you pleasure up to six months after the procedure (their service life depends on their length). After six months they will be easily removed if the client does not want to make an adjustment. Alas, beauty requires sacrifice. Therefore, you should reconcile beforehand that beautiful long locks will require you to take care of yourself: use of special shampoos, restful sleep and careful use of a hair dryer. We advise you to read: