sekutsya hair what to do Care for split hair is not an easy task. But how nice to have beautiful and shiny hair! They are the weapon and the pride of every self-respecting woman. Girls are well aware that an elegant and stylish hairstyle compensates for the lack of bright makeup. And the correct styling will help to make unnoticed a couple of extra wrinkles under the eyes. But how to be a fair sex, when the hair is the main problem, not dignity? We are not talking about a complete change in the structure of the hair. It is known that almost every blonde dreams of becoming a brunette and vice versa. It's no secret that all owners of curly locks buy ironing for leveling. At the same time, straight-haired beauties stand in line for the curling iron. It is a completely different matter. What should I do if my hair is cut off? Almost every woman at least once in life faced with a problem when more recently healthy and shiny strands suddenly started to get very thin. They are closely resembling the tongue of a snake when they are stretched at the ends. Not a pleasant sight, right? Especially if you do not know what to do in such an unpleasant situation. In order to answer this question and begin quickly to treat the hair, you need to first find out the reason. hair sekutsya what to do

The sight in the root

Few girls guess why the tipsstrands in people sekutsya. It is understandable. This was said in high school, when the girls were more concerned about the length and color of the hair, but not in its structure. What nowadays manufacturers of cosmetics use, offering ladies of shampoos and balms from all troubles. Well, we make up for lost time to ensure proper care of split hair. The outer part of each hair consists of small scales of keratin, which fit tightly to the stem, if the hair is completely healthy. As the defenders of your vegetation are the sebaceous glands of the head. It is they who release the natural lubricant, which protects the hair from the negative impact of external factors. Thanks to this, your strands shine, do not break and look very beautiful. However, the unfavorable circumstances, which will be described later, are able to turn even the most luxurious head of hair into straw. As a result, the hair is severely cut, lose its shine and break. Speaking in scientific terms, in this case, the lipid membrane of the rod is damaged, because of which the dehydrated flakes exfoliate. This not only sounds incomprehensible, but it also looks awful from the outside. In some cases it is necessary to cut off almost to the root in order to tidy yourself up. Such extreme measures are necessary if the tips break and no makeup is no longer helpful. Many girls are ready to spend all their savings on beauty salons, just to do everything possible to prevent hair from seizing. Remember, only in the initial stages you can achieve any improvement. what to do if the hair seksya

Why do the ends break and how to cope with this problem

  • Genetic predisposition

If the hair is cut off, it can be to blame for thisgenes. Look at the state of your parents' hair. If mom or dad has such a problem, then chances are high that you will also inherit such a gift. It's terribly unpleasant when the tips are loose, but, unfortunately, you can not argue with DNA. So accept your heredity as a fact. What can be done in this case? First, do not spare money for quality cosmetics. Do every week a mask, use balms, conditioners. Secondly, visit the hairdresser at least once a month to trim the tips of the tips.

  • Chronic diseases

Often, women buy very expensive shampoos andrinsers for dry strands, instead of going to the doctor at the reception. But fragile and split hair is the first sign of serious diseases. After all, the appearance of your hair depends on the general condition of the body. Plait and hair dryer also cause irreparable harm, since any thermal impact very much spoils your vegetation. But more on that later. In the meantime, call your therapist and sign up for an appointment.

  • Low immunity

Sometimes the hair begins to crack very severely afterreception of antibiotics or other drugs that adversely affect immunity. Help to cope with this problem can again a doctor. The specialist will write you probiotics, immunostimulants and other medications that restore the vital functions of the body. Independently, you can only lightly treat your hair by using decoctions of herbs for rinsing.

  • Lack of vitamins

You did not forget that in winter and earlyIn the spring should take a complex of multivitamins? If not, then split hair and brittle nails will remind you exactly. In this case, everything is in your hands. You will be helped by regular intake of vitamins, selected for your age, health and season. Do not forget to consume vegetables and fruits.

  • Weather factors

It can be frost, and scorching sun, and dryair, and wind. With the destructive properties of nature, mostly faced by the fair sex, who do not want to wear a hat. Therefore, if the hair is cut off, get a headdress. In the hot season, be sure to wear a cap or panama. In the wind, try to collect the hair in a pigtail, a tight tail or a bun. Nobody will argue with the fact that a blonde with luxurious strands developing with each movement, looks more spectacular than a girl with a hat on her head. But the health of hair for you should be more important than outsiders' views.

  • Bad comb

Creepy iron comb with plastictips - it can also damage your hair. Sometimes burrs develop on the wooden teeth, which during the combing process can break the outer surface of the hair. But do not sin only on wooden and iron scallops. The cause of split hair can be an ordinary plastic "massage", which is used by almost all the girls. Elimination of the problem - determine the degree of harmlessness of the comb and acquire better quality accessories. So, if you do not feel discomfort when combing, it means that there should be no claims to a scallop or a brush. Look for another reason why the hair is cut off.

  • External influence

In the seventh place, beloved by manywomen nachesy, because of which immediately broken rods. In this case, you consciously and often personally open the comb of scales of hair, deforming them. Not the least role is played by combing wet strands in haste and excessive tightening of hair with a hair clip. Much less damage is caused by a regular rubber band. However, with constant contact with a foreign object, the hair begins to break. And, it is in the place of contact. Remember once and for all, wet hair and a comb is a murderous duet. If you do not stop mocking yourself, you will have baldness. But what to do when, for example, there is not enough volume? To begin with, cure head of hear. In a healthy state, it will become shiny and fluffy, as in the advertising of shampoos. Do not change your hairstyles more often, so accessories do not squeeze your strands in the same place. And remember, as "Our Father": never comb the hair not dried up to the end! Otherwise, you will not see a luxurious head of hair like Prince William himself.

  • The results of hairdressing and human striving for excellence

The fact is that much more damage to womenhair is often stained, constant use of goods of poor quality for styling (varnishes, foams, mousses for styling). And, of course, she - all known perm. Of course, being beautiful is great. But sometimes women in pursuit of attractiveness slightly overdo it with experiments on their body, and hair in particular. And, of course, the natural result is weakened hair, bifurcated at the ends. How to cope with the problem? Here everything depends on you. If you remember the simple and short word "measure", then save your chic locks. No? Will be so and run around the hairdresser, but now on the restoration procedures and the "hot scissors".

  • Hot hair dryer, styling pencils, ironing for leveling hair

They are also harmful to our hair. And sometimes even much more than the previous causes of the hair section. Why? Yes, because all these wonders of hairdressing technology are in our free disposal. Therefore, we can experiment with your style anytime and whenever you want. Do not take the phrase "beauty requires sacrifice" in the literal sense. And limit the thermal effect on the hair. If you need to dry your head, use the minimum power of the dryer. When you are in no hurry, do not torture the damaged strands. In extreme cases, pat the moisture with a towel. In this case, do not rub, pull or squeeze hair.

  • Length

Often the section undergoes hair that grows belowscapula. First, the natural lubricant produced by the sebaceous glands is barely enough for the roots. Secondly, the fair sex often "forget" to cut the split ends, so that the hair is even longer. Lovely ladies, believe me - neatly trimmed quads look always more attractive than come to the waist, but very cross. So do not forget to update your hair every two months. Do not get a haircut, alas, will not work. The fraying hair of most longhaired hair is a clear confirmation of this.

  • Water, shampoo and frequent washing

An uncompromising enemy of healthy hair is alsohard water. Do not benefit from the use of low-quality shampoos, balms and masks. If at the same time you wash your head very often (every day), then split ends can not be avoided. All elementary: buy a good shampoo, rarely wash your head and soften the water (mustard, lemon juice).

  • Lifestyle

The last place is the most serious reasonsplit hair from modern business woman. This is a wrong way of life: low physical activity, short sleep, eating flour, sweet and fat, lack of fluid, alcohol abuse and stress. Do you recognize yourself in at least a few of the listed points? Then it's time to fight with your weaknesses. Put aside the newfangled shampoos for split hair, take a vacation and work on strengthening the general condition of the body. Get enough sleep, go in for sports, quit smoking and stop treating stress with chocolate and cakes. In a word, start living anew! To date, many women are puzzled by the problem of the cross-section of hair. But at the same time beauties do not think at all how to deal with this trouble. As you can see, it's quite easy to become a possessor of a smart head of hair. The main thing - to properly heal, take medical examinations, use good makeup and do not forget to cut the split ends. Cut them off, and your problem will remain on the floor in the barber shop. Because it is not possible to completely restore damaged strands. It is best to use the so-called hot scissors. This procedure helps to solder the ends of the hair, so they do not continue to be cut further. It is worth such pleasure not cheap, but the result will surpass all your expectations. Of course, this method is not a panacea. Therefore, if you want to have healthy and shiny curls, go to the hairdresser and lead a healthy lifestyle. Go in for sports, choose the right food and sleep more! We advise you to read: