how to put a bang on the side Do you want to update already podnadoevshuyu hair? Want right now, in an instant to change yourself and change, look beautiful? It is possible that you just tired of your bangs, and you want to grow it, but you are tormented by doubts, because not everyone knows how to lay a naughty bang while it grows. It is a labor-intensive process that requires special efforts and patience. Perhaps, a suitable option will be laying bangs on the side - this option is suitable for all types of face. If you like experiments with your hairdo, then it's better to choose at the salon a form of bangs that will easily be combed on the side and subjected to modifications. The wizard will tell you the best option if you find it difficult to choose. And styling the bangs on your side will help you out, even when the model haircut begins to grow. The decision to put a bang on the side can come to those who want to completely change their image or those who just want to transform and refresh their everyday appearance for one evening. The original styling of the bang will make your face more elegant and will attract the attention of others, you will be in the spotlight, be sure. Therefore, dear women of fashion, you must know how to put a bang on your side.

Suitable means for laying bangs on the side

In our time, manufacturers offer newhair styling solutions, today a lot of products are produced, but every girl chooses a suitable option for her only. We will tell you about the most popular means for styling bangs, which will help you to always look beautiful.

  • The first in our list is a modeling spray,which remains elastic for several minutes, and you can make a hairstyle, putting the finishing touches on. The spray does not stick hair together and is easily washed off with water.
  • Do not fall behind on popularity from the spray and foam forstacking. It is easy to use: applied to clean, slightly damp hair with your hands or with a comb, and then strands are dried by a hair dryer or by natural means.
  • Next comes the gel for hair styling. A professional gel will give your hair style strength. With its help you can transform your short haircut into a work of art, no one will remain indifferent, stroking you. In order for the hair to be voluminous and held all day, you need to apply the gel on wet hair and resort to a hair dryer - that's all! But remember that the gel freezes instantly, and in order to correct your mistake later, you will have to wash your head again.
  • Still there is a light mousse, it gently fixes hair, softens them and gives elasticity. In addition, the mousse smoothes the cuticle of hair and does not allow them to crumble.
  • Choose something that will suit your hair. As they say, the taste and color of a friend is not. If you own a curly and unruly hair, then you better choose a special clay. It, unlike other means, does not give hair a fat effect and does not turn them into "icicles". If your hair is very naughty, then you can choose ironing or perm. Not everyone has time in the morning to carefully pack, and the bangs on the side fit not so simple and requires a certain approach. No one dictates to us what we should choose. Try different tools, starting with those that have a light texture. If they do not help, then choose a texture that is denser. In time you will find what you were looking for, it will be your victory. how to lay a long bang on the side

    Small secrets of big wins

    So, with the choice of the means, we sorted it out. Now you need to proceed directly to the stowage. To do this, you can choose the following tools: hair dryer, comb, hairdryer, iron, curling iron - it's up to you. We will share with you the knowledge that will help you out during the installation:

    • If you pick up a hairdryer,so that the air stream was directed from the top down, and the distance was not less than 40 cm. This will not allow the hair to dry out, but also - the strands will not scatter in all directions, and this will facilitate the laying process.
    • To give hair volume, you canlaying up bangs up and drying hair at the roots, but in this case the air stream should be directed from the bottom up - so you will get the desired effect.
    • You can create a hairstyle with a comb or hands. If you make out a bang with your hands, then you will get a slightly mischievous image.
    • At the end of the installation, it is necessary to switch the dryer to cold air, then your hair will receive an additional fixation.
    • Regardless of what tools you chose to create a hairstyle, remember the following: to bangs do not crumble during the day, you need to sprinkle it with varnish and smooth with a brush.
    • It is better not to wet the hair, wet.

    Do not forget that a long fringe is not alwaysit's nice to see, because she hides the face from those around her; However, the owner of large features of the face such a bang will be very welcome. A short fringe, on the contrary, will attract the eye and allow you to enjoy your eyes and tempting lips, besides, it will rejuvenate the face and give it freshness. Use hairpins to create a hairstyle. To pin a bang on the side can be at different angles, this will hide the scars or acne on the face, help to hide some other flaw. Asymmetry of the hairstyle is able to help cover your forehead exactly as much as you want it to. You can also pin a bang, giving it the shape of an oval, a crescent, or winding strands on a curling iron and create a beautiful wave. As you can see, even if the bangs are shorter than the average, there are plenty of options for laying it on one side. As you have already noticed, putting your bang on your side will not be a huge task. Everything is done quickly, you will save time for other important things. After all, not every woman can give herself enough time, many of us have a husband, children, work. In addition, the hot season will soon come, and few people will like to blow themselves out for half an hour with hot air. Today, the bangs have taken a firm position in the fashion industry, and they are not going to leave the summit of Olympus. Therefore, love to experiment on your appearance, realizing even the most daring fantasies. Do not be afraid to make a short haircut or change the shape of the bangs - hair will grow back, and you will be able to try something new. Such changes will be pleasant not only for you, but for the people around you. You will always shine and rivet your eyes to yourself. Be on top, step forward with confidence, shine with happiness. Love for yourself is very important. Infect people with this special love, look beautiful!