how quickly to style hair At any time of the year, make a haircut thatit would be good to keep up during the day - it's not an easy task. It is only necessary to go out into the street, as it will not remain a trace, and especially if the weather is windy or rainy. How to be, if you want to look attractive all the time, regardless of the weather conditions? We offer you some "tricky" tips on how to quickly style your hair, using which, you will look irresistible in any day and hour.

A few rules for proper hair care

Every girl knows that silky,thick, shiny hair is not only a natural decoration, but also an indicator of health. Not just because our great-grandmothers said that "braids wear - long live", "spit - a girl's beauty." Therefore, they should be followed, first of all, by the proper care. In order to quickly make a styling for long hair, you always need to keep them clean. Dirty curls look not only aesthetically pleasing, but also cause some diseases, because even implicit injuries to the scalp sometimes become places of penetration of various bacteria. Always need to comb your hair every day. This procedure promotes a uniform distribution of sebaceous glands and significantly improves blood circulation of the scalp. To confuse the curls do not break out with roots, it is worth using a comb with sparse denticles. About metal better forget, because they are due to prolonged use cause irritation. Long hair, try combing immediately with two brushes, preferably several times a day. Wash your head with warm and, preferably, soft water. Of course, a great option is rain, but it's not so easy to assemble and store, especially if you live in the city. In addition, you must be able to determine your hair type, and in accordance with him to choose the right shampoo. The most useful drying curls - with the help of warm towels. If you need faster, use a hairdryer, but choose a "cold" mode. In any case, it is better to leave the hair not dried, than on the contrary. fast hair styling

Secrets of hair aids

  • At present, there are several basictypes of fixatives are mousses, gels, lotions, varnishes and fluids that differ in the degree of fixation and effect on different types of hair (for colored, damaged, thin and dry).
  • Foam of easy and normal fixation is idealsuitable for laying thin curls. Apply it recommended in the direction from the roots to the tips. It gives hair shine and provides lifting at the roots. In addition to fixing elements, the composition of mousses (foams) includes moisturizing and nutrients that prevent drying and provide excellent protection in all weather conditions.
  • Penka strong fixation - an excellent tool forstyling of unruly hair. It should be applied to slightly damp curls, previously spread them on wide strands. After that, wind on the large curlers, dry with a hair dryer and put your hands. This, perhaps, is the most optimal option for obstinate hair in the autumn-winter period.
  • The gel is a water-based fixative. It is used to create a moist effect, as well as highlighting in the hair of individual strands. This product is the best suited for lush natural hair. The gel can be applied to wet or dry hair.
  • Lotion - an indispensable tool for styling fattyhair. Due to the alcohol-containing components that make up their composition, which quickly neutralizes fat, the lotion is perfectly suited for laying on curlers, as it dries quickly and provides elasticity to the locks. And, most importantly, while the hair remains soft and mobile.
  • Lacquer is the most common fixativemeans. With the effect of easy fixation, it is usually used as the final stage of the hairstyle for fine hair, whereas the strong fixation lacquer is ideally suited for styling of heavy curls. In addition, he perfectly maintains his hair in any weather.

Hair is very whimsical. Even if today they are perfectly lying and easy to lay down, tomorrow they can hardly be collected in a heap, especially if the street is a small hoarfrost, fog or strong wind. However, regardless of the weather conditions, each woman can look like a proper way, remembering a few of the above secrets. fast styling of long hair

Options for laying long hair at home

The owner of long curls constantly worriesThe question is, how to make a styling for long hair at home, without resorting to the services of masters? Below we offer you a few simple options that you can do yourself, carefully doing everything step by step. So: Option one

  • First, comb your hair. The main advantage of this laying is that in the process there is complete naturalness, that is, instead of a comb, hands.
  • Grab the curls with your hands and make a tall tail. Secure it with a sturdy rubber band, so that it does not drop and does not move.
  • During the last girth of the hair with an elastic band, let the curls through it not to the end, but in such a way that a small loop appears.
  • The remaining ends are wrapped around the base of the tail and secured with a hair clip or hairpin.
  • Now we begin to form the styling. Gradually, gently pull the hair out of the resulting loop in a staggered manner in different directions. Do not be too rash, feel each strand with your hands, so that the pattern of the expected hairdo does not get lost. You can pull curls and thin, and wide strands, it all depends on your desire.
  • To make the whole process fast, tryfirst pull out a few strands on one side, not forgetting the chess order, and only then on the other. In this case, hair styling can be done much faster.
  • At the end, look in the mirror, you may need to pull a lock of hair stronger. All fix and fix with a varnish of weak fixation.

Option two: A very interesting way - to make the laying of long hair in the form of a butterfly. This option is also simple and fast, and you need a maximum of five minutes. To create a hairstyle, take the elastic and varnish. So, let's begin:

  • First, separate the strand of hair from the right side next to the ear, divide it into three parts.
  • Now start to weave a pigtail, selecting each time a new lock from the main mass of curls and weaving it.
  • To braid the braid from the right ear to the left, fix everything with the help of a rubber band.
  • In the fixed part of the hair, immediately near the gum, push the strands and make a hole through which the tail is pulled and pulled out.
  • From the tail, highlight two small strands and braidthin pigtails. Spray the tips with varnish and quickly pass them through the same hole. You should have two wings, like a butterfly. One of them do a little less so that they do not hang, but separate from each other.
  • The tips of the braids of wings are woven into the main braid with the remaining strands from the tail.

Option three: First you need a few pins and a rubber band.

  • Separate a small strand behind your ear and start to twist your hair like a bundle, moving to another ear.
  • Weaving should not be very tight, but on the contrary, more voluminous.
  • Move horizontally. Folding curls in a tourniquet, fasten them on all length by means of hairpins.
  • Now grab the rest of the hair gather in the low tail behind the ear and fix it with a rubber band.
  • To hide the elastic, wrap the base of the tail with a thin prick.
  • Everything is ready, and the usual classic turned into an interesting hairstyle in just five minutes!

Option Four: Fashion is developing lightning fast, and nowadays the badly forgotten old is always coming back. In this case it is a hair style in the sixties style, but in a more modern version. It is suitable for evening walks, and for a hike to work.

  • Immediately separate the bangs and side strands, if possible - remove by the ears or simply zakolite.
  • Now select a small amount of hair from the front and make a light hair. Spray the varnish of a weak fixation onto the roots. From the rest, make a tail.
  • Those curls that stayed on the temples (at the sides), twist and kill in any order from behind.
  • Put the hair down to the tail directly on the strands that you just fixed.
  • And, at the end, close the elastic band, wrapping it with a thin strand.
  • For a change, you can fix the side strands on top of the combed top.

Option five: If you are a fan of courageous experiments, then there is an option for you! Now we will talk about how to quickly put long hair so that they become short. Interesting? So, let's begin:

  • Divide the curls into two parts, from ear to ear. Top of the zakolite.
  • Lower divide again into two parts vertically.
  • Now, twist two not tight braids and fix them on the tips with elastic bands, closest to your hair color.
  • Spit the braids in random order and secure them with pins, invisible, as flat as possible.
  • Slightly scrub the upper part of the hair, lower it, covering it with pigtails, and fix the tips with an elastic band.
  • Now, with the studs, attach the ends of the upper part to the braids that are left inside.
  • Your new hairstyle is ready, and it took only five minutes!

Option Six: Like all previous stacks, this one is also quite fast. In addition, it is perfectly suitable for a date: first, it will draw attention to the neck; Secondly, it looks natural and very simple, which all men like.

  • First, flip the hair to one side and divide into two identical parts.
  • Now you need to tie two voluminous strands in an empty knot.
  • Turn one of the parts into a tourniquet, wrap it in the right side and chop it with invisibility. In the same way wrap the second string, but now to the left.
  • If the ends stick out, you can fill them under the knot.
  • Top with a hair spray varnish.

Some secrets from stylists, hairdressers

  • Foam or mousse will create a more magnificent styling, if you apply these funds to the ends of your hair.
  • If your curls look greasy due to the excess stowage, sprinkle the greased strands with varnish. This will give them a more dry look.
  • Lotions and foams should be applied only on slightly dried hair.
  • Gels for stacking extra-strong fixation not only dry thin strands, but also make them more rigid.
  • Leaving the house is recommended not earlier than twenty minutes after hair styling.
  • If the hairdress too quickly loses its shape, then, when it is created, the sequence of application of cosmetic products is incorrectly observed.
  • So that the styling does not lose its shape, sprinkle the locks with varnish, and then lay them with a wax.
  • Excess gel is easily removed by wrapping the head with a damp warm towel.

Now it becomes clear to many that independentlymake the styling for long hair is not difficult. In addition, do not forget that the proper care is to take care of the hair. Be beautiful! We advise you to read: