haircuts for curly hair Girls, who by nature got curlyhair, do not always appreciate such wealth and are struggling to level them. Such an undertaking does not promise to be crowned with success, because curly hair has a special porous texture, which ensures that volume and density of hair. Naturally, curly hair causes a lot of problems to its owners, because caring for them is difficult, and choosing a haircut is not an easy task. But in no case should you despair! Look only at celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Rihanna, Vanessa Henges and many others who proudly display their luxurious curls. They boldly change their image, making new haircuts and haircuts. Let's consider, what variants of fashionable haircuts can be offered for owners of curly hair. The main thing to remember is that when choosing a haircut it is very important to take into account the shape of the face and it is necessary to consult a hairdresser, because the haircut you have chosen on the Internet or in a magazine may need to be individually adjusted according to the peculiarities of your appearance.

Haircuts for short curly hair

Let's start with the hair cuts on short hair, althoughsome also believe that it is not advisable for curly hair to make such haircuts, because they will be extremely difficult to later lay, but this is by no means a problem. Good foams, mousses and a little patience will help you cope with this problem in a matter of minutes. Very popular haircuts for short curly hair is "bean", asymmetry, you can also experiment with bangs and a long neck, and girls accustomed to shock can try haircuts in a bold "punk" style. Asymmetry Naturally, short curls can not be put in order, without exerting effort during the styling, but not every girl wants to spend a lot of time on this. Girls, do not despair, for you there is an excellent way out - do a haircut - asymmetry and then styling will take from you only a couple of minutes. It will be enough for you to lightly wet your hair with water and crumple your curls, as they fall on one side of the wave and will not stick out in all directions. With asymmetry, you can make the back of the head very short or leave a pair of wrinkles. For greater effectiveness of such haircuts for curly hair, often play with color, for example, a short neck and a side can be made black, and that part of the hair that is more genuine, on the contrary, brightens, uses a variety of light colors. You will look modern, unusual and even risky. "Bob" for short hair The haircut "Bob", which does not lose its popularity, looks great on curly hair. If it's not too hard to make a haircut on straight hair, curly hair will require a lot of skill. The difficulty lies in the fact that curls curl where they want, look slightly untidy and it's very difficult to achieve a neat result. But this does not mean that you should not try, on the contrary, just choose a stylist - a professional who will find the right way to tame your "wealth". On short hair, the "bean" looks pretty fun and playful, but this version of the haircut involves daily styling using various means, tongs and a hair dryer. The back of the neck can be made in two versions: either shave, or keep lengthened and leave a pair of curls. Pixie No less interesting and popular is the haircutfor wavy hair of short length - it's pixy (this image looks great on the Hollywood beauty Holly Berry). Some consider this haircut an excellent option for straight hair, but there it was. The whole secret is that it is absolutely not necessary to achieve smoothness of the hair. Just ask your hairdresser to leave a little more hair on top, so that they can lie down just the way you want. The beauty is also that with this haircut there is no need to worry especially with the styling. haircuts for wavy hair

Haircuts for medium length of hair

With an average long curly hair is more interesting andeasier, because the options are much larger, in comparison with the short ones. When choosing a haircut, be sure to take into account the type of your curls. So freely falling small ringlets look advantageously in asymmetry with a short nape with several freely falling strands. For wavy hair, a "bean" of chin length will be more effective. If you are not attracted to the randomly curling hair, it is better to give preference to a multi-level haircut. "Bob" on medium length hair The "bean" haircut on the average length of hair looks very organic, the curls smoothly fall and attractively frame the face, but the image will look gentler if you add a bang. This haircut makes it possible to improvise with hairstyles for every day, because hair can be stabbed or slightly lifted up, as the length of the hair allows it. This type of haircut is youthful, it brings a touch of coquetry, lightness, and therefore gained popularity among adolescents. Although, if the stylist shows skill and successfully selects a length, then such a "bean" will look gorgeous on a more mature woman. Cascade Despite the fact that "bean" refers to one of the most successful haircuts on the average length of curly hair, do not limit yourself, because very many can go cascade. Cascade haircuts look great with medium length of hair, besides, they enable you to use various accessories, such as hoops and hairpins and just podkalyvat or tie hair.

Options for long hair

At all times, long hair was the subject ofpride, and if they are also curly, then it's just a feast for the eyes. In fact, the options for haircuts for long curly hair is not so much, because the stylists themselves recommend not to touch the length, but to show imagination in creating a variety of hairstyles. Beautiful long curls always look impressive, so you should give your hair a good shape and enjoy your wealth. But still for those who really want to cut off at least a couple of curls, you can experiment and make a ladder or an elongated bang on one side. It's also nice to watch a cascade, in which you usually start to remove the length at the chin level, but be prepared for voluminous and lush forms. For those who are ready to radically change, you can try to straighten your hair with a hairdryer or ironing. Long undulating layers Of course, long curls are simply fascinating, but the falling waves do not lose to them. A little curly hair is very attractive in itself, but you can add some elegance to it, like Kate Hudson. To do this, you can trim them with layers, start somewhere from the chin, and then gradually fall down along the entire length, but do not touch the length itself. Such a haircut will give volume at the tips and refresh the image. Although there is one "but" - if the hair is thin, then they can begin to straighten. haircuts on wavy hair

Proper care

Dear girls, well chosen by the stylisthaircut for waves or curls is only half the success on the way to beautiful hair. Without proper care, your curls run the risk of looking not entirely presentable, and curly hair, due to its special structure, generally needs constant, special care. First, to make your short hair look well-groomed, comb it with a wooden or plastic comb from the roots, and long hair - on the contrary - from the ends, slowly moving upward. Use conditioners and a variety of styling products to keep from ruining your hairdresser's shape. Also, do not abuse the hair dryer, but it is better to dry them naturally, while separating the curls. Women always want what nature has not given them, If your hair is straight, then you definitely need to do a perm. If, on the contrary, they do not stop curling, then they want to straighten them in all possible ways. This idea is meaningless from the very beginning, because exactly what nature has awarded us is often the best for us and we just need to improve what we have. So, girls with a lush shock of curls or simply with wavy hair can easily choose the perfect haircut for themselves, be it a "bob", a cascade or asymmetry. A haircut will help add new notes to your look, make it more precise, emphasize style and personality. But the main thing is that the image is harmonious, gives a feeling of confidence, and the curls are a joy to their owner.