camphor oil for hair health Camphor oil for hair has found application incare for them due to their valuable properties, which positively affect the scalp and the condition of the hair. Camphor oil is extracted from the camphor tree (all its parts). This tree grows in Japan, Taiwan and China, and it is grown especially for production purposes in Ceylon and in East Africa. Each part of the camphor tree consists of oil-bearing cells, and the largest amount of oil is contained in the lower parts of the trunk. They extract it from wood, and from the roots of a tree. Oil is very successfully used in cosmetology, medicine and everyday life, has healing and restorative properties. It is very good to apply it in the care of dried, weakened and damaged hair. Used camphor and for the care of eyelashes. In order for eyelashes to become more elastic and grow faster, camphor and castor oils should be mixed in equal proportions. And every evening, apply such a mixture on the eyelashes with a clean brush from under the carcass or cotton swab. The result will not take long. Improving the blood circulation at the local level, the oil normalizes metabolism and restores the health of the hair. As a result of activating the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the roots of the hair, the latter acquire a more healthy appearance, their structure improves. Camphor has a nutritional effect, perfectly moisturizes the scalp, which avoids the appearance of dryness and hair section. The latter become obedient and soft. Another derivative of camphor tree has an anti-inflammatory effect, which makes its use appropriate for inflamed scalp. It is recommended to use oil for brittle, greasy hair and when falling out. It is used in cosmetology with hair care in the form of a shampoo or mask. For different types of hair, the composition of shampoos using camphor should be different. mask with camphor oil

Shampoos at home

Preparation of shampoo for oily hairbeat 1 egg yolk and gradually add 2 tablespoons of clean water to it. Then, 0.5 teaspoon of camphor is added to the mixture. Prepared shampoo wash the head, while rubbing it into the skin for 3-4 minutes with massaging movements. The mixture is then rinsed off with warm water. Preparation of shampoo for dry hair As a rule, the derivative of camphor tree is used in case of increased fatness of the head, but there is a recipe for shampoo and for dry hair. But there are restrictions for using such a shampoo. It is necessary to apply it impermanently, about 5 times, and then other recovery procedures are shown. Indication for the use of shampoo is irritated and damaged, overdried scalp. A shampoo of 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of almond or burdock oil, 5-6 drops of camphor and 3-4 drops of essential oil of tea tree is prepared. All this mix and wash the head. It is advisable to do a gentle scalp massage at the roots of the hair for 3-4 minutes. Wash off the shampoo with warm water. use of camphor oil

Masks at home

Mask from hair loss and to stimulate themgrowth Juice 1 lemon is mixed with 1 teaspoon of camphor oil and rubbed in a warm form into the roots of the hair, distributing them then along the entire length. Withstand the mixture on the head for at least 35-45 minutes, covering the effect with a polyethylene cap and a towel to enhance the effect. In the absence of allergic reactions, you can leave the mask for the night. Rinse it with shampoo under running water. The course of application - 13-15 procedures daily. Nourishing mask There is a recipe for a nutritious mask with the addition of camphor, which helps to strengthen hair and stimulates their growth. Such an excellent effect is achieved due to a combination of essential and vegetable oils (camphoric, ethereal beys, sesame), tincture of hot pepper (stimulating blood circulation) and soft impact of egg yolk. The principle of making a mask: first beat the yolk and add sesame and 5 drops of essential oil. After shaking the ingredients, add 1-1.5 teaspoons of hot pepper tincture and 0.5 teaspoon camphor oil to the mixture. The resulting mask is rubbed into the roots of the hair. Then wrap the head with polyethylene and top with a towel. The mask should be held for 35-45 minutes, then rinse the head with shampoo under warm water. The procedure should be repeated 2-3 times a week with a general course of 11-12 masks. Mask restoring after a chemical wave or painting It is necessary to take a couple of pieces of slightly dried rye bread, break them into parts and soak for 10 minutes in water. Then gently warm the bread and pour 1 teaspoon of camphor. Apply the mask to dry, clean hair, while distributing evenly the mush along the roots and along the entire length. Wrap hair with foil and towel. Soak the mask for 35-45 minutes and rinse with warm water. It is advisable to repeat this procedure 2-3 times a week for a month. It is worth to apply very little effort, using camphor oil in hair care for their health and nutrition, and in gratitude they will surprise with their obedience and attractiveness.