Fashionable haircuts for short hair 2016 To create your own individual imagea woman uses not only beautiful clothes, fashionable make-up, but also a stylish hairstyle. It can be a short haircut or long hair the main thing, that the hairdress complemented the image and harmonized with the general style. Short haircuts have undeniable advantages - hair quickly dry, easier to fit and allow you to change your image more often. And although not every woman will make a short haircut, but they look very feminine. Competently selected short haircut can greatly transform a woman for the better - with her help you can hide the flaws of the face and emphasize its attractiveness. Fashionable haircuts for short hair in 2016 - it's convenient, bold, beautiful and aesthetic. They express the woman's confidence in herself, and they will never go out of fashion. Even from the shortest hair, you can create new stylish hairstyles every day. Short haircuts ideally decorate a round or oval female face. They can be recommended to women with a square face. Those who prefer haircuts on short hair can easily give their image flirting and playfulness, femininity and sexuality. The most fashionable this year is a haircut "for a boy" with a minimum allowable length of hair. It is usually laid in the form of disheveled strands. Perfectly suitable and haircut "Bob" with a torn bang, indistinct parting and a little carelessness. Bob can be smooth or bulky, classical or asymmetric. Classic short "bean" with the length of hair to the ears is ideal for women of fashion who are confident in their charm. Today, stylists recommend short haircuts for women with curly hair. Naughty curls give hair a volume, making a woman more pretty and refined. fashion haircuts for short hair 2016 photos Short haircuts are perfect andowners of fine hair, because they are easy to give the volume and shape. In this case, you can leave a long bang, which can be fixed in different ways with the help of laying tools. Fashionable haircut on short hair 2016 - photo attached, no doubt, will be "quads." It will also suit women with curly hair. The only thing that laying the square will take a little time, since the hair will need to be straightened. fashion haircuts for short hair photos The quads can also be with an asymmetric length of hair -on the one hand, the haircut line runs at the chin level, and on the other hand the cut ends at the ear level. The bangs in this case almost reach the eyebrows. Another option of asymmetry in the cutting of the square can be a slanting bang.

Choosing a short haircut according to the type of face

But when choosing a haircut, do not forget about that,that she must approach a certain type of person. For fashion haircuts for short hair - the photo offers several options, the ideal will be an oval face shape. But for women with a round, square or rectangular face, you can adjust the shape of the haircut, giving the person the right proportions with the help of strands of different lengths, asymmetry and the like. Women and girls with a round face are suitable options with a volume from above, allowing you to visually extend your face. This effect is created by short cascading haircuts. A good choice will be the classic Bob-kar, reaching to the cheekbones. Often stylists specially leave the strands falling on the cheeks, creating a fuzzy outline of the face. Asymmetric haircut elements also distract attention from rounded forms. women's fashion haircuts for short hair 2016Haircuts for round face type Choosing fashionablehaircuts for short hair - photos that are attached below, women with a square face should be aware that the best option for them will be cascading and multi-layered haircuts that create a volume at the top of the head. Thus, the face is visually elongated. Perfectly fit and short haircuts with curls around the face. Stylish asymmetric hairstyles will also help to hide some of the shortcomings. But, in any case you can not use straight and long bangs or completely comb your hair back. Good will look oblique prowls, half-open ears and slightly wavy hair. Fashion hairstyles for short hair 2016 photo hairstylesHaircuts for a square face type For women andgirls with a triangular type of face, the ideal option will be a haircut, having the shape of a trapezoid, with the widest part of it should be at the level of the earlobes or pass through the center of the ear. If the short haircut is made in the form of a square, then the ends of the hair should be twisted outwards. For a triangular face, a wavy bean or a bob with a thick bang perfectly fits. modern fashion haircuts on short hair photoHaircuts for a triangular face type for women witha rectangular type of face is recommended a thick bangs to the eyebrows, covered ears and wavy hair. The bang can be either straight, torn or asymmetric. With its help, you can shorten the face and give the image lightness. Perfect fit cascading haircuts with a wide part on the line of eyebrows and descending to the "no" in the mouth. This type of hair will help to smooth out the rectangular shape of the face, visually shaping the oval. Too short haircuts are contraindicated. Fashionable haircuts for short hair of 2016Haircut for a rectangular face typehaircuts for short hair in 2016, you can pick up such accessories that will always look stylish in any situation. A special style of short haircut will give hairpins, decorative combs, rims, small headgear. Today, such hairstyles and hairstyles from them help women to change as if by magic - it can be an image of a gentle and passionate, fragile and strong, strict and refined woman. Short haircuts are also recognized as one of the manifestations of the sexiest female image. With their help, a woman will emphasize a beautiful neck, a sharpened profile, an ideal head shape. Fashionable haircuts for short hair 2016 - photo attached, will at any time look well-groomed and stylish, because to create a hairstyle takes just a few minutes. An excellent option for short haircuts will be for business women who have set themselves career growth. Graduated short haircuts, asymmetrical elements, different bangs will help to look young and beautiful all day long. If a woman has never done a short haircut, then it is best for her to go to a stylist who will choose the perfect option for her type of face. We advise you to read: