where to find the man of your dreams A man of dreams ... Well, which of the girls does not dream about it,presenting his chosen one as a beautiful prince, then as a courageous knight, then as a handsome young oligarch! They are tormented, rushing about and harassing themselves with the question: "How to find the man of your dreams and fall in love with him forever?" Meanwhile, the relationship between a man and a woman is a mysterious thing. And the girl, passionately dreaming of the fairy prince, suddenly falls in love with an unremarkable boy from the next yard. And suddenly it turns out that no one but her is needed, and she wants to go on hand alone with him. Because, it turns out, this guy is the man of her dreams. And it's not some kind of prince, knight or oligarch. It's strange, is not it? After all, the prince is more romantic, with a reliable knight, and with an oligarch is more comfortable. Of course, all these special men are not enough. But do not lose your head now because of the usual guy! And she, the head that is, for some reason is lost. It turns out that we did not dream about who we needed. And it's terrible even to imagine that it would be, turn instead of this guy some prince, knight or oligarch! Even drowning in luxury, we could hardly feel happy. Often, a girl dreams of a man on the stereotype imposed by society. In fact, each of us is individual, therefore, a man of dreams must have his own. How to determine what it should be in reality, and at the same time it is cruel not to be deceived? And where to find him, this man, next to whom it will be warm and comfortable to live? Let's try to figure this out.

Where to look for a man of dreams?

Of course, we all want to electwell, if not a millionaire, at least a wealthy person. Now they do not live in a hut. And I do not want to take a penny all my life. However, unfortunately, there are not so many really young people, and there are many applicants for the place of their wives. In addition, the heart can not be ordered, and it often happens that a cute young man of cash is not interesting to us at all. The mind says it's all about it. But with a handsome man for some reason boring, dreary, and do not want him to always be around. What is the reason? It is difficult to answer this question. One thing is clear - not always we have a clear idea of ​​who we ultimately need. And hardly anyone will argue that marrying someone you do not need means to doom yourself if not to torment, then to throwing for sure. It is unlikely that such a marriage can be happy. So what do you do? Where to find the man of your dreams and not make the mistake while doing this? For starters, let's remember all the acquaintances and even not very familiar young people. Let us distinguish among them the circle of those who belong to the same social group as us. People belonging to the same social group often have close interests, similar views on life and almost similar needs. Therefore, they understand each other well, which often contributes to the rapid emergence of sympathy. Then from the intended circle of men we will choose those who most correspond to us by external qualities. Why? Because if a man is excessively beautiful, next to him we will feel constrained. If, of course, we are not similar to Catherine Deneuve. Are not we? Well, then choose a nice and charming guy who will not be in contact with us complex and will behave as naturally as possible. This behavior usually causes sympathy. And now, after we have identified that part of the young people in which our dream man should be, we will trust our heart and intuition. Let them prompt, who of the guys more than others suits us both in their internal state and in the character's warehouse. Perhaps, we are already interested in some of these men, and some of them begin to develop love feelings towards us. Sometimes it happens that this guy is our complete opposite. So what? There are many happy couples in which husband and wife act as a perfect complement to each other. Well, we finally chose the candidate for the men of your dreams. And now we fantasize, imagining what our novel will be like. And we fantasize so until we do not understand that we do not want to change the chosen one. All. The first stage of finding the man of dreams is over. However, this is not enough. Now you need to attract it. How to find the man of your dreams

How to fall in love with a man of his dreams?

So, we already know about where to find a mandreams, but for the present we do not know how to attract his attention. For this, of course, you need to show your best qualities. All women, in one way or another, tend to be frank. In this case, this is to our advantage. We will manifest ourselves as a sincere and frank person, and a man next to us will feel free. And this will create prerequisites for trusting, warm relations. If a young man reveals himself and trusts us, a certain intimacy will already appear in the relationship. It should not, of course, tell him about himself everything, without a trace. In a woman there must always be some mystery, which any man really wants to solve. The main thing is that our elect understands that we have entrusted him with something that we do not trust to all. And that this is evidence of our special attitude towards him. We should not talk about our problems at the first stages of rapprochement. Better to let in the representation of our chosen one we will be a successful and optimistic woman. To men who are sullen, burdened with unresolved problems, the men do not really go far. Therefore, we tell the young man mostly those stories about himself, in which we were lucky. But do not bend the stick, so that they do not take us, like a boastful, inappropriately young lady. In all things a sense of proportion is important. Well, the man we chose is almost submissive? Then we include our female charm. Let him not think that in our person he received only a friend. We will behave as befits a woman. Let it help carry heavy bags, open the doors before us, wrap it up when it's cold, take care in the end! After all, the more a person worries about someone, the closer and more expensive this "someone" becomes to him. Well, when we finally become our chosen one, we can assume that the job is done. A man of dreams is found. Perhaps, to some people this advice on how to find the man of your dreams will seem too pragmatic. Perhaps ... However, our dreams are often unrealizable, and you can search for a fairy-tale prince or knight all your life. A man dreams should be created, not invented. Own happiness must be built in reality, not in an imaginary world. So let's act. And we will succeed! We advise you to read: