how to get rid of jealousy He again lingered at work. In the evening, someone called him, and he went off to talk in the kitchen. He again goes to a corporate party and does not take me with him .... Maybe he has another, and at that very moment he is with her? Common situation? Many women suffer from such torments every day, tearing their hearts. It happens and is justified, but most often they simply wind themselves up on trifles, spoiling their nerves and themselves and their spouse. How to learn to trust your beloved? After all, you love him and know for sure that this is mutual. But the black serpent of jealousy squeezes your heart, not allowing you to breathe, live, sleep. Most often, women themselves are looking for occasions for jealousy. Of course, there are men who deserve suspicion, but they are not talking about them now. Today we will talk about how to get rid of jealousy unreasonable and contrived by the very same woman.

How is it for men with jealous wives?

Most husbands try their best tomeet all our requirements, being afraid of even a step back from them. Otherwise, you can forget about a quiet evening with your family. How to get rid of jealousy, the wife and do not think, they rush to make a scandal and blame her husband for all conceivable and unimaginable sins. What kind of ease of relations and joy in the house can there be a speech if one of the spouses is tensely peering into the face of another, looking for traces of treason, and the second in eternal tension from expecting undeserved squabbles? Then anyone will give up their nerves. Most men, driven by jealous wives "to the point", decide to really start a relationship on the side. First, if to receive houses, it is deserved, and secondly, to at least a short rest in the company of a calm, balanced woman. But such a novel can end up in the fact that your spouse will finally choose the other side, and you will be remembered as a nightmare. Be sure that the rival will try to maximize to ensure your husband (still a husband) with warmth, peace and joy. After all, he will certainly share with her home problems, and try not to repeat your mistakes, it is not difficult to guess. Perhaps, at first, husbands and suffer the torture of conscience, spending time with their girlfriends. But having come home and, having received a portion of the next scandal, calm down and realize that they did the right thing. This is often the principle of "evil" - men rarely endure ultimatums. What does this turn out, jealous wives with their own hands are ready to give their happiness in the wrong hands? Not only are women themselves experiencing hellish torment, tormented by eternal doubts, so they can still lose the family. Well, the jealous pays twice. Vicious circle? No. You can get rid of jealousy - this problem is completely solved. how to get rid of jealousy of her husband

Examples from life

To get rid of jealousy to her husband, you needdetermine for yourself the cause of the negative attitude. Is it because of your low self-esteem, or are you just an owner-usurper, not allowing your husband to belong to anyone other than you. Low self-esteem is, first of all, self-doubt and self-esteem. We want to present some real examples from the lives of women affected by these problems. Olga, 27 years old, housewife. She was the only, long-awaited child in the family. She was cherished and cherished, spoiled from childhood. Parents took so much care of her that they protected themselves from any, even the smallest, problems. If she had conflicts in school, then they themselves went to deal with children, if a difficult task was set in the classroom - they performed it in turn. She used to rely on adults and never learned to make her own decisions. The feeling of helplessness was just following her. Having married, she could not look at competitors without fear, harassed her husband with reproaches and complained to parents who always took her side. As a result, the husband could not stand family quarrels and filed for divorce. What is the moral of this fable? Yes, insofar as a woman does not become independent, self-reliant, she will never get rid of the experience that she is worse than others. There is always someone who will be more beautiful, smarter, sexier than she. But after all the husband has chosen it, instead of another, means, it was for it the best. And whether it was worth wasting yourself and being loved by scandals? Another example. Vika, 19 years old, student. She grew up in a prosperous family, but from her childhood she was left to herself. Parents were too busy with their own problems to pay attention to it. She became self-sufficient very early, at the age of 15 she began to work as a sales consultant, in 17 she herself entered a prestigious university. Soon she met a young man and settled with him. Having fallen in love with him with all her heart, she could not believe that she could be loved sincerely, strongly, just like that. In every gesture and word I saw a catch, any delay at work perceived as treason. Her jealousy crossed all bounds - she checked his pockets, watched him at work, demanded hourly calls. The guy went to another - just got rid of the bothersome. Women like Vika can not get rid of jealousy, believing that a man will find someone who is worthy of love more. If this is your type of personality, you just need to love yourself, raise your self-esteem. Whether you go to work, cook dinner, take a shower - repeat like a spell: "I love myself." And if you think that this exercise is nonsense, then you are deeply wrong. Making yourself believe that you are the only, extraordinary and unique is the best way to raise self-esteem. how to get rid of jealousy of a guy

Why we are jealous and what we are afraid of

But not all women feelJealousy is only because of low self-esteem. Many wives are used to treating their men as personal property, as a thing that does not have the right to belong to anyone else. These relationships often resemble a commercial transaction where the husband is a commodity, and the marriage certificate is a bill of lading guaranteeing full immunity. Such women sometimes just confuse love with a primitive proprietary instinct. Approximately 20% of families are destroyed due to the fact that one of the spouses could not bring up a sense of proportion. The main reason for this behavior is fear. The fear of losing her husband, being alone. And it happens because of self-doubt, from the inattention of others, from the desire to be loved. Exhausted by eternal fear, women do not understand how to get rid of feelings of jealousy, and tighter clamped their spouse tight control. Other women despotically restrict their husbands, seeing them as their own children. "Quickly tell me where it was!" Try not to return before eight! For whom did you dress up so much? !! "The poor guy has only to raise his eyes to heaven and pray for mercy. It's just an unclaimed maternal instinct. Having given birth to a child, most of these women calm down and transfer their own feelings to their children. But mother-in-law and mother-in-law from such persons get unbearable, they will long be recouped for those who dared to "misappropriate" their child. The last reason for a woman's sense of ownership is boredom. Yes, yes, banal boredom. If a woman's life seems fresh and boring, then putting her on a short leash of her husband seems to her a wonderful entertainment. In this way, a woman raises herself in her own eyes, brags to her friends on the phone that "he does not even dare step without me". Although, what kind of love here, in principle, can we talk about? Here it is still more complicated than in the cases described above. Such a wife never loved her husband, he needed her to assert herself. She got it - she has nothing else to do, she is bored. In families where life is built on despotism and constant control, there is no lull. There is always a storm here. And this is not jealousy at all - it's just an excuse to show your superiority. In fact, a woman does not care where and with whom her faithful is. Help a guy in this situation is impossible, he needs to set himself all the priorities, go away and forget everything, like a terrible dream. Perhaps, no other family has managed to avoid jealousy. But it's one thing when a woman simply worries about her husband's feelings, and her husband just flatteres this attitude. Another thing is when husbands no longer want to go home, fearing another quarrel. Control your feelings, learn to love yourself and your chosen one, and then your union will never collapse. We advise you to read: