rules for communicating online with guys A huge number of people use servicesinternet and mobile communications. Thanks to this they have the opportunity to get acquainted, communicate and even build serious relationships in the network. However, this acquaintance does not guarantee that you will be interested and invited to a meeting. Because many girls are worried about how to interest a guy by correspondence and like him. It's not difficult at all, you just have to follow certain rules. The initiative is not punishable! Do not be afraid to show initiative and the first to write a letter to the young man you like. A normal guy will appreciate it correctly, and if he does not, then it's not your "half". On pages in social networks there is information about a person and his hobbies, as well as photos. Check carefully with the questionnaire, you may have a common hobby. This is an excellent occasion to start communication. Ask some interesting question, comment on the photo. Think up something original, joke, intrigue and beware of banal phrases. From the first phrase depends on whether correspondence will be tied up. first message

Getting started

So, let's say the correspondence got tied up. Now it's important to be friendly, polite, open, sincere, sociable. Do not write monosyllabic phrases, do not hesitate to answer his questions, talk about yourself, about your hobbies, but do not be too frank, keep his interest in yourself. Use emoticons, but in moderation. Too many emoticons irritate the interlocutor. The guy will ask you for a photo. Send him your very best, interesting photos. Perhaps they will talk about your hobbies and hobbies. In no event can you send obscene photos. Positive, modest and sincere interest. Decide on the goals of acquaintance. If the goal is a serious relationship, then it is not necessary to discuss intimate questions at the beginning of the conversation, otherwise you may seem frivolous and push away this decent guy. Also, do not be interested in its material level and discuss the topic of money, you can easily be suspected of self-interest. Correspondence should be positive, avoid whining and complaining about life. Nobody likes it. Guys should see you as an interesting interlocutor, not a source of problems. By the way, do not forget about literacy! Competent, cultural speech you show respect for the addressee and his education. Agree that it is pleasant to read literate and interesting letters, without obscene lexicon? Sincerely interested in the guy, his life, hobbies, views on various life problems. He can discuss for a long time what interests him. However, beware of being obtrusive and do not arrange interrogations. If you feel that the person is evading an answer, change the subject. Perhaps he will answer all your questions a little later, when he feels that you can be trusted. Erudition and tactfulness Perhaps your new friend is an expert in any matter. Ask him to help, teach something. It will bring you closer. If suddenly he refuses, do not be discouraged, but continue to admire him, his experience and professionalism. Just do not throw it compliments. Frank flattery is unlikely to attract a smart guy. Be able to accept compliments with dignity, do not play down them, but do not brag too. Do not try to seem ideal, be yourself. This is the right path to sincere relations and mutual understanding. Always look for new topics for discussion and get ready for them. At your disposal is the Internet, books and encyclopedias. Just do not brag about your extraordinary mind, teach the guy and make fun of him. This, of course, scares him off. Be interesting, erudite and tactful. Carefully express your opinion, it is not necessary to argue ardently and prove your rightness. Look at how he behaves when he does not agree with him, on his reaction, words and intonation. advice to girls for virtual communication

Interesting tips

Do not be offended by the guy, if he does not always immediatelyanswers your letters. You do not need to reproach him with anything and blame him, and also throw up messages or smiles. He does not owe you anything! Perhaps he is busy studying or working. And it happens that there is no mood or there are some personal problems. In any case, your activity will be regarded by them as obtrusiveness. Do not try to compare a guy with his friends or with someone else! By this you will strike a blow to his self-esteem and self-esteem. You would not like it either, if he started comparing you with familiar girls, and not in your favor! Knowing how to interest a guy by correspondence and like him, you get a chance to find a suitable man for yourself and build a serious relationship. But do not rush to meet in reality. First, however, get to know each other better, get closer. Often, unfamiliar people in a premature meeting experience embarrassment and embarrassment. Haste should not spoil your first date! If you understand that you are close enough and are burning with impatience to meet, then make an appointment and boldly transfer your relationship from virtuality to reality.