how to draw a man It used to be that the destiny of a woman is to wait, whenit will choose a man. And the women waited, afraid to give the man they liked at least some sign that he liked her. And if he chose the wrong one, at a glance at which the heart began to tremble? Now time is different, morals have changed. Today is no longer considered a shameful girl to take the initiative and make the first step in establishing contact with the man she liked. But, of course, it is necessary to do this correctly, gracefully and unobtrusively. After all, as in former times, it is pleasant for a man to feel like a winner, and it's still not a man that is more appreciated than "that floats in hand", but what has to be achieved. And here the main thing for a woman is understanding how to attract a man unnoticed for himself so that he believes that the initiative was actually manifested by himself. Before the contact is initiated, it is necessary to attract attention. And not just attract, but in such a way that the chances of a possible contact are maximized. You must have been at some party, and you probably saw people there, whose societies seem to have all tried to avoid it. In the same company, of course, there were people who were at the center of everyone's attention. And on what does the unattractiveness of some and the bright charisma of others depend? Not always from external attractiveness, right? From what then? To a greater extent, this depends on the internal qualities of the person who are projected outward. Control over this projection is a very important, though unrecognized, way of women's flirting. And how can this be learned? Let's understand!

First impressions are very important

Experts carried out research inwhich involved more than four thousand men. They were allowed to see photos of various women and girls, and then asked to assess the attractiveness of the girls pictured in the photo. Of course, men gave high marks, most often focusing on external attractiveness (who would doubt!) But here's an interesting fact - first of all they turned their attention to women who looked self-confident. Even if the woman was of a non-ideal physique or possessed a far from puppet face, but at the same time held a confident posture and her gaze from the photograph was directed directly into the eyes of the one who was looking at her - such a woman evoked more interest than the cute but squeezed and diverting look girl. And this is what is the first thing to take note of any woman who tries to attract the attention of the man she liked. We all know that we have only one chance to make a good first impression. What a man sees, for the first time drawing attention to you, will always emerge in his memory when he thinks of you. Therefore, always and everywhere try to look attractive and do not forget that the ability to keep confidently will allocate you among others. Watch your posture: the back should be straight, shoulders - straightened, the head - high. The view should be directed directly into the eyes of the interlocutor. And if you meet your eyes with the subject of your sighing - the more you should not look away. In fact, from time to time, even it is worthwhile to specifically look for and maintain a visual contact with him - as if by chance, for a short time to hold his gaze on him, looking straight in the eyes. This is the best way to intrigue a man, attract attention and cause his interest in himself. Courage of a woman has another advantage. Many women do not even guess how some men are afraid to go to the girl they like, make her a compliment or even just talk! Any guy is afraid of rejection and is afraid that he will look stupid at the same time, so he does not want to take risks. And if he sees that the girl is not stewing and is ready to support the conversation that he started, then he will have enough courage to approach her. And about such a girl you can say that she fully knows the art of women and charms, and knows how to properly attract her man. So do not be afraid to let the man know that you do not mind chatting with him. He will be grateful to you for this. than to attract a man

The main weapon of a woman

In order to achieve its goal, all meansare good! But the best thing is the main female weapon - "shooting with the eyes", as it was said in one old movie. Indeed, if we talk about how to attract the attention of a man, then the magic of a woman's view is the most important thing about which it is worth to tell in more detail. Eyes - this is a woman's secret weapon of seduction. And it all looks very innocent. We went into the room and found there the subject of their secret sighs. And we start thinking so thoughtfully about the room, constantly stopping at the guy we are interested in. He looked at us - and we for a few seconds stop looking at him, not hurrying to look away straightaway. Several times having done such a trick, we on a nonverbal level give a clear signal about our interest. And if we also smile a little, the guy and in general will be intrigued immensely. Men pay close attention to how women look at them. This is a biological fact that can be turned into an advantage for women who want to understand how to attract the attention of a man. Unlike many animals, our eyes contain a lot of white, which contrasts with the dark color of the iris and pupil. This contrast allows others to clearly see the direction of our view. And for us it is a very good opportunity without words to convey our mood and our intentions. This is exactly what women should use, but it should be done competently. Because of inexperience, you can send the wrong signals that will only damage your flirting. Knowing how to attract a man with the secret weapon of all women requires reinforcement by practice.

How to seduce a man with a look?

In some cultures, a direct look at the eyesis seen as a threat, but we are taken during a conversation to look into the eyes of the interlocutor. This is all the more important if you are going to flirt with a man. But the point of view here is also not suitable. Studies led psychologists to believe that optimal is the maintenance of eye contact in 69-70% of the entire time of conversation. So, you look into your eyes during a conversation, but from time to time look away or look as if through an interlocutor. Just do not look down, as this will serve as a signal of lack of trust in your counterpart. Do not forget about the direct look of the eye in the eyes; if you will often look away, your interlocutor will regard this as an unwillingness to talk with him. It will look as if you were looking for someone else to look at, with whom you could talk. If your flirtation has not yet gone so far and you have not yet come into direct contact, do not forget that your view is able to attract the attention of men - we have already talked about this. By focusing your eyes on one person in a room full of people, you will let him know what you have noticed and distinguished him among all. As stated before, your view should be long enough to attract attention, but it should not be delayed, so as not to turn into a horrible look at point-blank range, from which the guy will feel uncomfortable. But too short a look, too, should not be, otherwise you just will not notice! And when you are noticed, make a barely perceptible movement with eyelashes - as if a butterfly flutters with wings (many girls intuitively feel how it should be done). This is a very subtle but very effective hint on your intentions. Attract a man

How to proceed?

Well, it happened! He approached, and you met. How to behave further than to attract a man even more? Oh, do not worry, the hardest is already over, now it will be easier. Now do this:

  • Be yourself. Regardless of how the events unfold, you do not have to pretend to be something, trying to impress the guy. This is wrong, especially if you are hoping for a long relationship.
  • Concentrate on your strengths. Do not go to extremes and do not try to immediately flaunt all your weaknesses and shortcomings. Talk to him about what happened to you, and do not complain that you can not succeed in something. Remember that communication with you should cause the guy positive emotions, only then he will want to continue it.
  • Talk to the guy about what he likes. Men like to talk about things that interest them. Ask about his progress in school or at work, and listen to him as much as he wants to talk about it. Praise a man, admire his success. This will not only inspire the guy and make him grow even higher, but he will appreciate you as the only person who appreciates him and understands it.
  • Do not forget the nonverbal body language. Smile as often as possible, be fun. Play with your hair: start your fingers in the hair, screw a finger on your finger, take the curl out of your cheek. All this looks very sensual and also serves as a weapon for flirting women.

Now you know what you need to do. So go and show everyone how to attract the attention of men! We advise you to read: