diet for weight loss Diet is a ration chosen for any purposefood and diet. Diets can be curative and for losing weight. About therapeutic diets to say no sense, they are appointed by the doctor in each case individually, and they have nothing to do with weight loss. And here Today, there are so many that hardlythere is a person who does not know any. Consider the main types of diets for weight loss, the effectiveness of these diets, advantages and disadvantages. The following types of diets stand out: Low-calorie diets - probably this group includes the majority of diets. It is characterized by the use of low-calorie food. Diets low-fat - follows from the name. Diets in which the intake of fat in our body is limited. There are also low-carbohydrate diets - they are harder to withstand than fat. One of the most advertised low-carb diets is the Kremlin diet. Monodiettes. Sufficiently strict diets based on the use of a single product. For example: apple diets, kefir, rice, etc. Protein diets. Very effective and at the same time rigid diets. Vegetarianism. In general, not a bad diet, but not entirely suitable for our climate and our people. Recently, several fashionable diets appeared, however, which are ambiguously characterized by doctors. These include diets based on separate meals, diets for the blood group. This is not even a diet, but a certain principle of nutrition, which is observed for a long period of time. We advise you to read: