How fast to lose 10 kg per week It's not a secret for anyone that you need to lose weight slowlyand without harm to health. But there are such cases in life when a person simply does not have a choice: either you lose weight urgently, or make serious troubles. Yes, believe me that not only lazy people dream of losing weight fast, they do not want to work on their figure and health, but also quite serious people, for whom responsibility is not an empty phrase. And then these people begin to look for a way to quickly lose 10 kg without serious damage to their body. What are the reasons, you ask, can induce a person to such an ill-considered act, how to lose ten kilograms a week? This is what stress for the body! In fact, there can be many such reasons. Imagine that you are an actress and you were offered a role, but the heroine is ten kilograms thinner than you. Or you are about to shine the post of the manager of the sports club, but your excess weight is surprising on the faces of future subordinates. What now, work to lose? And it happens quite simply: just a week later, a meeting of graduates, and there he will be - a man who spoiled your whole life, leaving you to a best friend (melodramatically, but not so rare nowadays). Do not you want to appear before him in all its glory - a confident Amazon, from the kind of which the men and stacks in the side? Surely it's worth it, but it's quite possible to lose 10 kilograms a week quickly, the main thing is to know how. And now we will tell you about these methods of instantaneous transformation. how fast to lose weight in a week for 10 kg

General principles of rapid weight loss

Before you start secrets of instantlosing weight, talk about the principles that should adhere to any girl who wants to become slim in record time. So: If you really want, you can lose weight very much. The first and very important principle of losing weight is your positive motivation. Surely some friends and acquaintances have already begun to whisper to you that all your efforts are useless and lose weight in a week is simply unreal. Perhaps you yourself had a negative experience of losing weight in the past - when you did not have enough willpower to withstand a diet or you broke off after it finished, starting to eat everything. Do not remember the failure, you need to set a goal and go ahead! It is desirable that before you was a living example - a man who managed to throw a few pounds (let not a week, and a month - it does not matter, there would be a result). If there are no such people in your environment, ask for help from the stories of famous people, there are plenty of successful examples. Take even the famous American film actress Misha Barton, who has lost weight as much as thirty kilograms in just three months! Or our native singer Natasha Korolyova, who threw off five kilograms in ten days. Let their schedule is different from yours, but the main thing is that they also set a goal to lose weight fast and achieved their goal! Observing the day the regime, from calories run away "Who gets up early, God gives to God" - heard the old adage? So, this is far from the fiction of those who are not relieved to sleep, but the truth is true! A person waking up from the morning dawn is able to accomplish much more things than one who sleeps before dinner. And even if you are a 100% owl, accustomed to fall asleep after midnight and wake up no earlier than eleven days, then you should revise your regime of the day (at least for the period of losing weight). Few people know that the hormones responsible for the activation of metabolic processes in the body, as well as for the proper functioning of the digestive system, "work" in full force precisely from twelve nights to three in the morning. But many of you are still awake at this time, justifying your behavior as a bohemian way of life or high night work. So do not deprive your body of the opportunity to cope with excess calories independently, without any damage to health. Eat breakfast yourself, and give the stew to the enemy. In whatever condition you wake up in the morning - never, hear, never deprive yourself of breakfast !!! And do not tell everyone that you feel nauseous in the morning from eating, that a piece in your throat does not climb and stuff. If this is the case, then it is only your fault and your bad habit. Everyone knows that eating food at breakfast is much more likely to have time to digest during the day, not being delayed in the form of fats at your waist. The fact is that the activation of metabolic substances in the body does not begin at the moment of awakening, as you might think, but at the moment of the beginning of the digestion. Have swallowed a slice - have started the engine burning calories. Scientists have proved that women who miss their breakfast during the day eat much more food than those who eat in the morning. Moreover, breakfast is necessary simply for health: in the morning in our blood the minimum level of sugar, and our body, poor thing, you want to eat to the horror. So why make him starve? By the way, do not eat after six - an excellent reason to accustom your body to breakfast: fourteen hours without food anyone will make you hungry! And from here, by the way, and the following principle: If you want to lose weight - take it into account, you can not after six! The fact that all the slimming is not supposed to eat after six o'clock in the evening - has long been a topic of anecdotes.

  • She: I do not eat after six ...
  • He: After six servings, you mean?

In fact, practice has long shown thatLadies who do not eat after eighteen hours lose weight very actively. So the human body is arranged, that at night the metabolic processes slow down, and the food taken just before sleep does not have time to digest and transform into energy. That's why all dietitians recommend dinner no later than four hours before bedtime. Believe me, it's not so difficult to get used to it. It is noticed that it is enough to stick to such a schedule of nutrition for three days, as the body itself gets used to not eat late at night. Of course, it also happens that a woman simply does not have the physical ability to have supper until six in the evening: someone comes late from work, someone is busy with important things in this part of the day. This does not mean that they all have to go to bed hungry - dinner is completely allowed, that's just it should be quite easy. Nothing sweet and fat during the late dinner is not allowed, content with vegetables and sour-milk products. A diet without sports - that a cream without a cake "Movement is life," - so spoke the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, the same say doctors and nutritionists around the world. Wanting to lose weight in a week, do not settle for a diet alone - the physical exertion is necessary for your body. And all the deep knowledge that it is possible to throw off excess weight without sports, based on only one proper nutrition, are wrong. Of course, if your goal is one and a half to two kilograms, then one diet is enough to achieve the result. If you want to throw ten kilograms, and even for a week, then you can not do without physical exercises. And in order for sports not to turn into anguish, try to observe the following recommendations:

  • In the network you can find a lot of tips for those whowants to lose weight with the help of sports: some advise riding a bicycle, others - swimming, others - aerobics or simple walking. It's time to get confused, right? In fact, they are all absolutely right: all these sports will help you burn excess kilocalories, put in order muscles and strengthen metabolic processes in the body. The first advice is to choose the type of exercise that is easiest for you and which gives you maximum pleasure. This is the surest way to not spit in a couple of days for all these loads and do not stop playing sports at all.
  • Do not torture yourself with many hours of training, notwind the kilometers around the stadium three times a day. If before that you were not really friendly with sports, then you do not need any power. Try to start your studies with light exercises, slowly increasing the load. So you not only avoid injuries, but also do not change your mind about doing sports through a couple of exhausting classes.
  • If you are obese, then certainlyconsult a physician before proceeding with physical exertion. The fact is that such a diagnosis has many contraindications. Of course, this does not mean that sports are closed to you - on the contrary, you can and should move. But here some kinds of exercises can cause complications in you, therefore it is better to specify details at the attending physician.

how to lose weight fast by 10 kg

Diets for fast weight loss

Lose weight fast by as much as 10 kg - this is not a joke. The best friend of all extremals who want to lose weight in such a short time is a mono-diet. Its essence lies in the fact that during the whole period of the diet you can eat a single product, plus a liquid in the form of still water or green tea in the amount of two liters. Kinds of mono-diets are quite diverse, so you can quite pick up for yourself exactly that option, which is the whole week you will be the easiest. Monodieta on buckwheat The whole secret is to prepare a crumbly, delicious buckwheat porridge correctly. Forget about boiling in boiling water, everything is much simpler: we wash the rump with boiling water, wrap the saucepan with a dense cloth and leave it overnight. Salt, pepper, add any spices is forbidden, otherwise the whole effect of the diet will be reduced to zero. Eat this cereal four times a day, evenly distributing portions. If you suddenly feel an insurmountable hunger, you are allowed to drink 1% kefir, but not more than one liter a day. Monodiet on rice Rice is valuable in that it removes salts, slags and other harmful substances from the body. For mono-diet, brown rice is best suited, it is boiled without salt and spices, slightly not making it ready. In this mono-diet, you can drink apple juice (better freshly squeezed), and with a strong hunger it is allowed to eat a pair of green apples. Kefir mono-diet If you are going to stick to the kefir diet for a week, it is best to add a little fruit and vegetables to your diet. The exception is potatoes, bananas and grapes - these foods contain too many calories. As for the kefir itself, for a diet one-percent, one and a half or two liters per day will suit. Of course, no sugar, much less flour - otherwise the stomach will start fermenting. Drinking ordinary water can and should be, but from coffee and black tea it is better to abstain. But mono-diet is not the only way to lose weight in a week for ten kilograms. Finally, we offer you a very satisfying and tasty diet based on vegetable soups. Vegetable soup for weight loss Boil vegetable soup for a diet is not difficult: just take the same vegetables that you put in borscht or soup, but cook them not on meat broth, but on plain water. Boil the vegetables need not more than ten minutes, otherwise all the useful properties of the products will be lost. The less salt you put in such a soup, the faster the hated kilograms will melt (ideally, soups should not be salted at all). The main charm of such a diet is that you can not limit yourself to eating and eat as much soup as you like (with an eye on the rule of not eating after six, of course). If at the end of the week you stand on the scales and measure a minus ten kilograms - congratulations, your venture was a success! Do not believe it, but now the most difficult will begin: to keep the weight and not to let the ill-wishers spitefully giggle, looking at your growing body. Of course, you want to die back to your favorite dumplings and cutlets, but look in the mirror at your slender figure and think: can it be worth a little more for the sake of the harmony that you have achieved so hard? We advise you to read: