fasting day on buckwheat Well, why do we women do everything in the lastmoment? We run out of the house five minutes before the scheduled meeting, we give sandals for repairs in the month of June (although the heels have been down a year ago). The same goes for our appearance. We certainly want to be beautiful, but we do not want to put any effort into this. It seems to the average woman that the extra piece of cake she ate at tea does not hurt her waistline, and running around in the morning is an impermissible waste of time and effort. Naturally, if you sleep until eight, then where do you get the extra half an hour for a run? And jogging for a departing minibus on weekdays does not count. We are talking about a full morning run, followed by a contrast shower and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. No, no, we're not going to read you morals or make you buy a juicer. Just wanted to advise a simple and easy way to lose weight. In order to implement it, you do not need to sign up for a gym or drink overseas tablets. And the time will need just nothing - 24 hours. We're talking about a fasting day on buckwheat. Already the very mention of croup suggests that you will not remain absolutely hungry. But you will have to suffer, of course. But the reward will be minus kilograms per day. Impressive? Then listen, remember, write down and count the days until the desired weight loss.

About the benefits of buckwheat

The fact that buckwheat - useful groats (especially forlosing weight), they know everything. But which substances are hidden in it - not everyone will answer. Do not run after dictionaries and encyclopedias. We will open all the useful properties of buckwheat and teach you to appreciate it not just as one of the garnish options, but also as a product for maintaining health. So, buckwheat. It contains magnesium, copper, iodine, phosphorus, potassium, iron. In addition, the croup is rich in vitamins P, PP, B1, B2, B6. But this is quite a traditional set, which almost every grain can boast of. In buckwheat, among other things, there is a routine, which is famous in science for its vitamin activity. And besides this - lysine (an amino acid, which is vital for the assimilation of calcium). By the way, the human body can not produce lysine on its own, so it's more common to eat buckwheat. But that's not all. Buckwheat porridge is rich in dietary fiber, which helps to cleanse the intestines, improve digestion and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. It has a low glycemic index. That is, groats not only satisfy hunger, but also give strength. That's why a fasting day on buckwheat is so effective. fasting days on buckwheat

Buckwheat Unloading Day

After we were convinced of the benefits of buckwheat,it's time to tell about the buckwheat fasting day. Nothing to cook. Gnaw raw rump - too. In the evening, pour 250 grams of buckwheat with two glasses of steep boiling water. Cover, cover in a blanket and leave to steam until the morning. Note: in the text there were no mention of salt, sugar and butter. They should be excluded from the diet. At least in those days when you plan to unload on buckwheat. But absolutely scanty menu for weight loss can not be called, because dieticians advise to wash buckwheat porridge with low-fat kefir. Do you want some water? Drink to your health! It is best to drink mineral water. In total, you can drink up to 2.5 liters of mineral water per day, so you will not be thirsty during the day. Unlike hunger. On the other hand, people are sitting on one kefir during unloading days, and nothing! And here you are waiting for two glasses of steamed buckwheat and a great desire to lose weight. Therefore, divide your simple dish into several meals and tune in on a productive day. By the way, do not forget about yogurt. You will need about a liter. Just choose the most fat-free one you can find in the store.

The secret of a fasting day on buckwheat

Many skeptics doubt the effectiveness of thismethod of weight loss. They believe that the diet on buckwheat and kefir leaves a person full, so about any weight loss (especially in one day) is not worth talking about. And it's not that people are too distrustful or do not believe in the magic properties of buckwheat. Simply, they do not know the key secret, which conceals in themselves a fasting day on buckwheat. Groats in combination with kefir give a slight laxative effect, which leads to the purification of the body. And what more do you need to lose weight? By the way, this very property can do a disservice to those who spend a fasting day on buckwheat and kefir outside their apartment. Therefore, before you achieve weight loss, pick up such days when you can stay at home in order to avoid unpleasant incidents. buckwheat fasting day

Nuances and varieties of buckwheat unloading

Unloading on buckwheat can become a daya severe test for those who do not eat food without salt. Because they will not taste good. And no weight loss is not needed at such a fresh price. Do not worry. For people like you, you have come up with two ways to make the diet more delicious. The first of these is to add to buckwheat when steaming dry kelp. The second is to dress the porridge with natural soy sauce for taste. Dietitians are allowed to use up to four tablespoons of favorite Japanese dressing a day. But here you have to choose: whether to achieve weight loss on appointed days on kefir and buckwheat, or replace sour-milk drink with soy sauce. The choice is yours. In any case, the results of unloading promise to be the same. In addition, you can replace mineral water with green tea with honey and lemon or chamomile broth. It is proved that these drinks also help to remove slags from the body and (as a consequence) losing weight. Just do not sit on days of unloading on one kefir. Nutritionists consider this restriction undesirable. Organism needs water more than food. Or, as witty lovers of diets say, "you can not deceive the soul". Therefore, if you want to be healthy and well-proportioned, drink more liquid and do not abuse unloading days. Lose weight on buckwheat (if this is not a balanced diet) can only be once a week. Will you delay the unloading day for two or three days? Wait for a weakened health and total impotence. Remember: everything is good in moderation. We advise you to read: