than to remove a fat stain Very annoying trouble - a fat stain. Such marks from fatty sauces, vegetable, cream or machine oil, mayonnaise, hand cream or face, plasticine and much more are able to spoil any thing. And about the mood, which also deteriorates, and it's not worth talking about. But, it turns out, there are means by which you can not only regain a good mood, but also to resuscitate a seemingly hopelessly corrupted thing with a fatty stain. Than to deduce or remove a fat stain? Let's find out what is advised in this regard not only by chemists, but also by diligent housewives. We will not discount the experience of people's mastery of wisdom.

Household chemicals

Any dishwashing detergent comprisingfat-soluble components will be a good helper in this matter. That's just in this case, obsessive advertising can be trusted. For example, the notorious Fairy, who "launderes fat even in cold water," will perfectly cope with this task. How to remove the stain from fat with the help of such a tool? Apply the liquid to the stain and leave for five minutes. Then boil the water and pour the stain with boiling water. Of course, this method is not suitable for all things. For example, kitchen towels or napkins can be safely showered with boiling water, but with clothes this trick may not go. To use a detergent to remove the stain from the blouse, windbreaker, trouser or dress, it must be applied to the soiled area (also for about five minutes) and then washed in the usual way. If the fat has eaten deeply, then, most likely, this procedure will need to be repeated several times. But the way is said to be effective. There is also such a soap called "Antipyatin". Pre-moistened stain rubbed with this soap and left for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then the thing is simply well rinsed. By the way, most industrial stain removers operate on the same principle as the mentioned products. So just read the instructions carefully and act. And if you do not have a special stain remover at your fingertips, then use folk remedies.

Folk remedies

A completely fresh greasy stain can be removed from theusing common table salt. Sprinkle salt on such a stain and gently rub with a napkin, a dry sponge or, for example, a crumb of white bread. Shake off the salt and repeat this simple action a few more times, until the stain disappears. A spot just planted on a velvet fabric can be removed altogether with bread alone. In both of these cases, bread and salt act on the principle of "blotter", simply absorbing fat. And yet after such a dry stain removal, a thing needs to be washed. By the way, fresh greasy stains are very well washed with ordinary household soap. If you can not wash the fabric, then you can try to remove the stain with potato starch, which also perfectly absorbs fat. To do this, stain the starch and leave it for a few minutes, then just shake it off. In this case (as well as with salt) the procedure is repeated several times. If you remove the stain from clothing, then before you sprinkle it with starch, place the thing on a flat surface, placing a napkin under the clothes. If you remove the stain from upholstered furniture, first heat the starch, and after removing the stain, thoroughly vacuum the treated surface. Sugar is also known as a good stain remover. It is used to remove fat from cotton things. To do this, the stain should be soaked in hot water, soaped with household soap and sprinkled with sugar, and then rubbed intensely for about four minutes. Leave the cloth for fifteen minutes and rinse well. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to remove the fat stain in this way from the first time, and it's not easy to call it. However, to know about this possibility will not hurt. Ammonia alcohol (10%) perfectly dissolves fat and cleans greasy stains from any tissue. However, undiluted ammonia is best to remove grease stains from artificial tissues. For natural tissues it is desirable to use a solution of one teaspoon of ammonia and a glass of water. A mixture of chalk and talc removes greasy stains from silk and linen cloth. Sprinkle this mixture with a stain, cover it with white paper (A4 sheet) and crush it with a load. In a day, the cargo is removed, and the powder is shaken off. Dry mustard removes greasy stains on dark tissues. It is bred to water from standing not very thick slurry, put on a stain and left for half an hour. Dried mustard is washed with warm water. A mixture of glycerin, water (one tablespoon) and ammonia (half a tablespoon) is used to remove fat from silk. This solution is moistened with a stain, left in this form for fifteen minutes, after which it is washed off with warm water. Gasoline is quite suitable for removing greasy stains from woolen cloth. Dampened in gasoline with a napkin or cotton wool tinder polluted place. Naturally, after such an "aromatic" procedure, the thing must necessarily be washed. In general, all things are erased in order to remove greasy stains, according to certain rules. to remove the fat stain

How to wash a fat stain?

Before you send a thing to the washing machine, you need:

  • sprinkle the stain with talc or chalk, cover with a paper napkin or school "blotter" and iron with a hot iron (except velvet and plush);
  • rub the spot with gasoline, turpentine, alcohol or acetone;
  • The old stain must be softened by rubbing the same gasoline or stain remover into it;
  • soak the thing for a while, soaping the stain with laundry soap.

Depending on the characteristics of the tissue with which you areremove the stain, apply a suitable remedy and wash the item in warm or hot water. And also use special powders and stain removers, without forgetting to carefully read the instructions to them.

Helpful Tips

  • Ши Cши д C Cши C C C C Cшиши C C C C Cшиши C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C д C C C C C C Cши C C C C C C CPrepare a thing by cleaning the cloth from dirt. Brush the stain first dry and then with a damp brush. Handle the stain from the wrong side, placing a plate wrapped in paper napkins or cotton cloth under it.
  • Clean the tissue from the grease stain only with a white cloth or cotton swab (swab).
  • Start the treatment from the spot around the spot, gradually moving to its edges and then to the middle.
  • Any remedy (industrial or folk) first try on a spare piece of fabric, on a hem or stock at the seams.
  • Do not use a concentrated solution immediately. Start with a weak concentration (perhaps this will be enough), gradually increasing it.
  • Do not try to remove fatty spots on the down jacket in a radical way (acetone, turpentine, gasoline). Entrust it to specialists, giving the down jacket to dry cleaning. Otherwise, you risk completely ruin the thing.
  • According to the laws of chemistry, oily stains are derivedany organic solvents. They are part of all industrial stain remover. What of them can be available in everyday life? Alcohol, acetone, gasoline, ether, turpentine. Salt, starch, mustard are already adsorbents, which absorb fat well. Therefore, knowing the principle of the action of these funds, use them for their intended purpose: dissolve or absorb. And then you will succeed! We advise you to read: