how to brew green tea properly We will not repeat and talk about the benefits of greentea. What really there! How much about this is said: and the excess weight with it is driven, and the youth is prolonged, and the diseases are treated differently. Yes it is. Only now everyone knows about the benefits, but there is not much information on how to brew green tea correctly. But to make tea really good, this benefit from it must be skillfully extracted. And if you think that a daily tea with boiling water from a tap and a bag of green (even the most expensive) tea will curb your free radicals and metabolism will return to normal, then you are deeply mistaken. Green tea needs a special approach, and it's a whole science to brew it. Of course, we will not learn the art of a traditional tea ceremony (as in Japan or in China). This should be studied long and hard. But let's talk about the rules of brewing green tea. Moreover, these rules are easy to assimilate. So, let's begin.

What is green tea?

First, let's look at the featuresgreen tea. Many believe that green tea is a special sort of tea bush. However, this is not so. Both black and green (and even white and yellow) can grow (about a miracle!) On the same tea bush. And all the matter is only in the stages of growth of this bush and the ways of processing tea leaves. Like all plants, without exception, the tea bush grows, and in the process of growth throws out more and more new kidneys. Young kidneys with three or four leaves are called flushes and it is from them that they prepare the most expensive and elite tea. From the tea bush more impressive sizes (middle age), the leaves are collected for the production of cheaper, but not the most low-grade tea. But the old leaves of the tea bush serve as raw materials for the cheapest and most common tea, which is proudly called large-leaf. And then everything depends on the processing technology. If the tea leaf or tea buds are dried quickly, the result is green or white tea. And if the leaves are fermented, they get black, yellow, red and blue tea. In the process of fermentation occurs the oxidation of biologically active substances, which lose their useful properties (biological activity). But the concentration of tannins, which throughout the world are recognized as carcinogens, is increasing. Now do you understand why green tea has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and antioxidant activity? In it, simply biologically active substances are maximally stored (for example, in green tea, vitamin C is ten times larger than in black tea). But black tea is easier to extract all the remaining useful substances in it - filled with boiling water, and it's ready! Green tea gives them with difficulty, and therefore brew it must be in a cunning way. This is what we will try to learn. green tea how to brew

Proper water

For good and "right" green tea is neededsoft water. Therefore, tap water (with various impurities) is not suitable for brewing tea. How to solve this problem? First, soft natural water can be bought. In stores it is easy to find bottled spring or artesian water. Secondly, it is possible to soften and that water that flows from the water tap. It can be filtered using a household filter, but you can do otherwise. Pour the water into a plastic bottle and put it in the freezer. The water will freeze over the walls of the bottle, and as soon as the ice on the walls becomes two centimeters, drain all the unfrozen water from the bottle. Allow the remaining ice to melt and use melt water to brew tea.

The correct kettle

The correct brewer for green tea isheated brewer. You can heat it by simply pouring boiling water. A cold kettle will take some of the heat from the water for brewing, and this will spoil the first brew: useful trace elements and essential oils just do not have time to stand out from the tea leaf. The ideal brewer for green tea should be clay. Clay will give the brewed sheet "breathe", and in addition it is chemically neutral and keeps heat well. In addition to the clay pot for green tea, porcelain, earthenware and glassware, although it can not breathe in it can not. And in no case do not take for brewing green tea metal or plastic kettles. how to make green tea

Correct boiling water

Actually, there is no talk of boiling water. If you want to make a truly healing drink, then water can not be allowed to boil (boiling occurs at one hundred degrees Celsius). So how much should water be heated? Enough to heat it to ninety-five degrees. It is clear that you will not stand with a thermometer over the brewer, so learn how to determine the optimum temperature by external signs. The temperature is ninety-five degrees (almost one hundred and almost boiling water), this is when bubbles begin to rise from the bottom of the kettle, that is, oxygen leaves. At this point, take the dishes off the fire and let the water cool down a little. The ideal temperature of water for brewing green tea is from sixty to ninety degrees. Too hot water will not only ruin the flavor and taste of tea, as it will destroy useful substances.

Correct process

So, the water and the brewer are ready, now it's left to make tea according to all the rules:

  • Pour a clean, dry spoon into the tea pot with green tea. Pour tea leaves with water and immediately drain this water.
  • Then pour the required amount of water into the kettle. How much water should I pour? An approximate ratio is a teaspoon of leaves per incomplete glass of water, but the exact proportions are usually indicated on the tea bag.
  • Cover the kettle with a lid and let it brewyou need the amount of time: how long it takes to brew is also indicated on the package. But if there are no such instructions, then you can take tea for about three minutes. If you brew green tea too long, it will start to get bitter, and it will be impossible to weld it again.
  • Now pour the tea into the cup. If you are preparing several servings of tea (for several people), fill the cups gradually, evenly, in a circle. So you will achieve that in all cups tea will have the same taste and equal concentration. And enjoy a pleasant and useful tea party.

how to brew green tea properly

Helpful Tips

  • Know that green tea can be brewedrepeatedly. Each tea "extracts" from tea more and more useful substances. How many times can I make green tea? The optimal amount of brewing green tea is three to four times.
  • When brewing, do not rely on the color of the tea. Teas of different varieties can have different colors - from transparent to honey-amber.
  • Never drink cold green tea (in any case, for the sake of recovery). Cooled tea loses useful properties.
  • Store dry green tea in opaque sealed containers (tin cans, wooden boxes). Do not use paper bags and boxes for storage: in them, tea loses its fragrance.
  • To increase the benefits of tea, add a little sugar to it - it increases the amount of water-soluble glycosides that help to resist colds and strengthen immunity.
  • Now you know the rules of brewing green tea. And how to drink green tea? Brew as much tea as you can drink. Drink tea hot or warm. Drink tea with milk or with sugar (this is not forbidden). And drink it for your own pleasure! Enjoy your tea and good health! We advise you to read: