how to choose a coffee maker In our time the morning of almost any personbegins with a cup of fragrant coffee, capable of giving cheerfulness and a great mood for the whole day. And, means that the coffee maker in the kitchen is no longer an exclusive rarity, but a vital necessity. For all connoisseurs of coffee, the choice of a coffee maker for a home is one of the most pressing, vital tasks, figuratively speaking. The modern market offers a huge variety of different products. These are horn devices, and drop models, automatic and mechanical. Thus, the problem of how to choose a coffee maker is easily solved, the main thing is to determine the most suitable option for yourself. As you know, even the same sort of coffee, but cooked in different types of coffee makers, will have quite different taste tones. In any case, when choosing a coffee maker, first of all, your "coffee" preferences are taken into account. What kind of coffee do you want to start each new day, treat your guests? Will it be ordinary or espresso? A grinding - the usual or using a pre-prepared mixture? After all, each coffee maker has its own principle of making a drink. So, what is the difference between one model and another, and how to choose a coffee maker for a home among the many existing options?

Which coffee maker to choose?

Before moving to the actualrecommendations, which coffee maker is best to choose, it should be noted, what is the similarity of the work of all models. During the preparation of the beverage, the layer of coffee beans is contacted with necessarily hot water. This is necessary in order to fully reveal the taste and aroma of coffee. The standard value for modern espresso models is a pressure of not less than 15 atmospheres. This criterion deserves special attention, otherwise, cooked at a lower pressure, coffee is unlikely to be real. At first glance it may seem that there are a lot of different brands and variants, but if you touch on the question of how to choose a coffee maker for household use in more detail, we can distinguish two main types of products: espresso and drip. Models of these groups will differ not only in the way of creating pressure, but also with additional functional equipment aimed at the most comfortable operation by the user. So, there are products partially or completely automatic, with different capacities of capacity for coffee beans, water. Drip coffee makers are considered to be the easiest to use and lower in price. However, if you buy an espresso coffee grinder, you can also prepare a wonderful cappuccino. Thinking about what to choose a coffee maker, you should pay attention to the combined models. They are convenient because they consist of a carob and coffee grinder. Thus, the process of preparing the beverage becomes even simpler. Combined coffee makers can boil about a liter of coffee in a so-called drip fashion or prepare a cup of delicious espresso. With the help of a separate device, cream for cappuccino is whipped. Acquire these models, mostly those people who can not decide what kind of coffee they prefer. coffee maker how to choose

How to choose a drip coffee machine

As already mentioned, the simplest and mostinexpensive is a drip coffee maker. The method of preparing the beverage is often called a filtration. During the operation of the coffee machine, hot water drips onto the coffee, which is in a special bag or filtration net. As a result, the fragrant drink drains into the coffee pot. In this case, it is believed that the slower the water passes through the coffee in the bag, the more it absorbs the taste, and the drink will turn out to be quite strong. At the same time, too slow process of draining into the coffee pot, as a rule, causes cooling of water, thus, tightening the process of brewing coffee. With the help of drip coffee makers, you can prepare from 1 to 15 cups of drink, while one or two cups are filled at once. Thinking about how to choose the right type of coffee machine, it is worth paying special attention to the power of a particular model. It should be noted that the saturation of the drink depends on the time spent on its brewing. If you prefer strong coffee, it is best to buy a coffee maker with a capacity of about 800 watts. When deciding which coffee maker to buy for the house, often guided by the type of filter in the product. The filter is of three types. This paper (for single use), nylon (at least fifty brews), "gold" (the filter is covered with a special layer of titanium nitride). In addition, the solution to the problem of choosing a coffee maker depends on the availability of a convenient external indicator. Its level scale serves to determine the amount of water poured into the apparatus. Some models are equipped with a compliance scale. It shows the number of spoons of coffee that will be needed to make coffee, based on the volume of water.

How to choose an espresso machine

In the translation of the Italian language the word "espresso"means "fast". The main difference between espresso coffee and drip coffee is in the processing of coffee powder. Instead of boiling water, steam is used. It should be noted that espresso coffee machines are often called carobs. This is due to the fact that the coffee powder for brewing is poured into a special horn. In this case, the material from which the horn is made, affects the taste and quality of the finished coffee. It is believed that a better quality drink will be obtained from a metal horn. In any case, the choice of an espresso coffee machine involves the use of coarse coffee grinding. The grains were fried in a special technology. The espresso machine is also used for making cappuccino. The steam regime helps to get milky foam. A tube with a nozzle is lowered into a container with milk, so that high-pressure steam is expelled through it, forming a foam. In order to decide how to choose an espresso coffee machine, you should first determine the type of product: it will be Steam-Espresso or Pump-Espresso. The work of the first type of coffee machine is that the water in the unit is brought to a boil, and then go to steam. As soon as the pressure has become sufficiently high, the valve opens and the water flows into the container with coffee. The models of the first group are designed for cooking from two to four cups of coffee. In addition, this happens at low pressure, and, therefore, the process of making coffee is rather slow. More suitable and perfect products are the Pump-Espresso machines. It is commonly believed that choosing espresso coffee machines of this type, you can get more economical models. And, because the whole procedure takes place under great pressure, the drink turns out to be fragrant and saturated. The principle of operation is that a powerful electromagnetic pump quickly creates a high pressure in the boiler. Cold water flows from a separate container into it, which, after heating, passes through a layer of coffee powder. When deciding which to choose an espresso machine, take into account the fact that Pump-Espresso cooks better coffee than Steam-Espresso, because the cooking temperature is strictly maintained. If you are a fan of cappuccino, then, before choosing a carob coffee maker, you should ask how the function of brewing this drink is implemented in the vending model. In order to quickly and easily create the necessary foam from milk, these coffee makers are often equipped with additional nozzles and functional devices. Thus, the choice of the horn coffee maker can be determined by the milk whipping system, which is of two kinds: mechanical and automatic. If you stop at the mechanical, you need to understand that it is not so easy to prepare a "real" milk foam, such as in coffee shops. The very process of the "cappuccinator" includes the lowering of the tube with a special nozzle in the container with milk. After this, high-pressure steam is expelled and a foam is formed. In any case, when choosing a carob maker of this type, practical skills and sufficient fatty milk will be required. It is recommended to use milk with a fat content of at least 3.5% or cream. Automatic "kapuchinator" will prepare a milk foam much faster. To do this, pour the milk into the provided capacity, turn on the "cappuccino" mode and the foam will drain into the cup. There are models in which you can set the preferred density of foam. In any case, thinking about how to choose a carob coffee maker, you should pay attention to a number of features of a particular model. how to choose a coffee maker

How to choose a good coffee maker

After you have already decided whatto the coffee maker to give preference (drip, espresso or combined), familiarize with the technical characteristics of the product. At the same time, it should be noted that, the lower the power indicators are indicated by the manufacturer, the more strong, saturated drink can be obtained. It is especially important to take this into account when buying a device that does not have a coffee strength adjustment. Thinking about how to choose a good coffee maker, pay attention to the most important parts of the product. First of all, on the filter. As already mentioned, it can be of three kinds. Usually the kit includes nylon. However, if you prefer a longer operation, without frequent filter changes, then it's better to buy the "golden" one. The decision on how to choose a good coffee maker depends also on the hot plate. In the simplest models, coffee will be heated until you unplug the coffee machine yourself. Why is this necessary? First of all, such a plate is provided for heating the coffee pot. As you know, coffee will be more delicious, if it is poured into not cold, but slightly heated dishes. Secondly, the auto warm-up function ensures that the coffee itself is hot enough. In addition, when answering the question of how to choose the right coffee maker, experts recommend purchasing models with an external water level indicator or a compliance scale. Modern models are also often equipped with a special coffee pot, which, if necessary, can also be used for a microwave oven. As for the bulb, its handle must be made of heat-insulating material. You can also choose a coffee maker with a fragrance protection system. To this end, manufacturers develop special covers for the coffee pot or change the design of the spout. Also, coffee pots are often protected from careless transfusion. This technology provides for automatic shutdown if you are planning to weld more coffee than the maximum capacity of the flask is provided. It should be noted that when choosing a coffee maker for a home, attention is also paid to the anti-drip mechanism. The function of this shutter is to, if necessary, pour a cup of coffee, even if the remaining portions are not yet ready. When the flask is removed, the coffee from the coffee machine stops feeding. After the flask has been put in place, it automatically presses the bolt and the coffee begins to pour into the coffee pot again. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that if the flask is more than five minutes outside the working coffee machine, then the coffee can break through the filter and spill out of the container. When deciding which coffee maker to choose for the house, it is important not to forget to check the presence of the cord compartment. If the cord is wound in an arbitrary order, there is a risk of breakage at bending points. With a normally functioning device for winding the cord, breakage can be avoided. Thus, as we see, the answer to the question of how to choose a coffee maker largely depends on a detailed study of the functionality and technical characteristics of each product. We advise you to read: