juicer how to choose For people who want to lead a healthy lifestyleand take only high-quality food, juicer - the best assistant in the kitchen, especially in the hot summer period. Freshly squeezed juices not only perfectly quench thirst, but also have a beneficial effect on the entire body, since it is in such products that a fairly large number of useful substances - vitamins and microelements - are contained.

What is the use of freshly squeezed juices?

Saying that the juicer is one of the bestassistants in the kitchen, this statement should be justified. Do you want to know how it will help you and your family to strengthen your health? Here is a short list of the effects of freshly squeezed juices on the human body:

  • Juices from celery, parsley, spinach and asparagus are rich in vitamins and various useful trace elements. In addition, celery juice, like cucumber juice, helps to cleanse the skin.
  • Freshly squeezed carrot juice will improve appetite, willa positive effect on the process of digestion and on the structure of the teeth. In addition, this juice increases immunity. Everyone knows also such properties of carrot juice, as improvement of vision and reduction of various skin rashes.
  • Juice from cabbage helps to activate the work of the gastrointestinal tract and helps in curing stomach ulcers.
  • Ginger juice removes inflammatory processes in the body (for example, fights well with arthritis) and helps fight nausea.
  • Lemon juice is great for counteringhigh content of fat in food, especially if you stick to a diet rich in proteins of animal origin. Helps the liver in the daily detoxification process.
  • Apple juice helps with constipation, heals the intestines and softens stones in the gallbladder.
  • Radish juice is very useful for the thyroid gland (only use it in small amounts and in combination with other juices).
  • Grape juice helps to purify blood, suppresses viruses of herpes simplex and influenza and can even be used as one of the means for treating hepatitis.
  • Pomegranate juice strengthens the gums, soothes inflamed gums and sores in the mouth, and can also be used to kill worms.
  • Parsley juice normalizes the pH of the blood, helps relieve allergies, reduces cellulite and removes many skin problems. The use of parsley juice effectively improves the state of mercury poisoning.
  • Plum juice helps to fight constipation and can be used for liver diseases.
  • Tomato juice helps restore liver health and can be used to treat diarrhea and chronic stomach disorders.
  • Watermelon juice improves blood, and yet it can beeffectively used to treat problems with urination, edema and ulcers. Its properties are diuretic useful for improving the condition of the kidneys and bladder. And, among other things, the watermelon juice perfectly quenches thirst!

The juice diet helps to cleanse the body ofharmful substances and wastes, and importantly, fresh juices strengthen the immune system and slow the aging process. Juicers are the best helpers and for those who strive to achieve a natural weight loss, as fresh juices contribute to this process. To increase vitality and improve well-being - all this is possible only with a glass of fresh, tasty and healthy juice. how to choose a juicer

Determine: what kind of juicer do you need?

To determine which juicer to choose,should be designated for themselves, where will the juices be squeezed out: will it be exclusively fruit, or does an aggregate with universal capabilities be required. The best juicer is the one that will make it possible to get the maximum quality juice from squeezed vegetables or fruits. How to choose a juicer in such a wide range, which is presented on the market, and not get confused - the question is not easy. Let's understand it in more detail. Citrus juicers In this section, we will show you how to choose a citrus juicer. Here's what you need to pay attention to choose exactly what will bring you real benefits:

  • To process such an aggregate you can only lemons, oranges, grapefruits and tangerines.
  • In such a juicer, the best is the simplicity of itsdevices and affordable enough. Construction of the device: a container for juice, a cone-shaped nozzle, on which fruits are planted, and a motor. Power in various models can vary from 20W to 80W. The higher the power, the less time it takes to get a glass of juice.
  • Capacity for juice. Which juicer is better, with a small container for juice or with a large one? Naturally, if you live alone, it will be enough and small capacity, because all its usefulness freshly squeezed juice from citrus fruits retains only for 5-10 minutes after pressing. There are a lot of reviews about the best juicer, but all of them testify that it is necessary to select the optimal for frequent use model with the appropriate capacity. The volume varies from 0.4 liters to 1.2 liters.
  • Spout design. When choosing a citrus juicer, look at how the spout for juice is arranged, otherwise you risk shedding a valuable product past the glass.

How to choose the right juicer for citrus fruits: additional features of the device:

  • Reverse mode (alternating rotation) - alternate rotation then to the right, then to the left, allows you to squeeze out of the fruit a maximum of useful juice.
  • A system that monitors the availability and quantitypulp. Allows you to adjust the density of the drink. On the nozzle there are slits, changing their size, you will affect the density of freshly squeezed juice. The less they are, the more juice will be produced.
  • Different attachments. They will allow you to use fruits of different sizes. Only the exact diameter of the nozzle, corresponding to this or that fruit, allows you to squeeze out the maximum amount of juice.
  • Presence of the lever. Thinking about how to pick up a juicer for your home, remember that your kitchen should remain clean. Choose models that have a lever to hold fruit during the spin process.
  • Presence of a direct feed system. The best juicer for citrus will necessarily be equipped with a system that allows you to drain the juice directly into the glass, without using additional containers.
  • Scale. Allows you to determine the level of fluid; this is useful for making cocktails. Even an inexpensive good juicer should be equipped with such a scale.

How to Choose a Universal Juicera juicer, if you use not only citrus fruits? And how to choose the best juicer for vegetables? The answer to these two questions is universal - the universal juicer. Such an aggregate will perfectly cope with the squeezing of juices from almost any vegetable. In order to choose the right juicer, it should be taken into account that the specific models can have their own peculiarities:

  • For example, such models of juicers, for whichvegetables and fruits are first cleaned, then crushed, and only then they enter the separator, where the juice is squeezed out. Determined with what kind of juicer to choose, you can pick up models in which there is the possibility of diverting the pulp from the separator. If there is no such function, then you need to remove the flesh manually.
  • The shape of the separator. When choosing a juicer for a home, be aware that there are two different forms of separator that have their own characteristics. So, the conical separator gives a lower percentage of juice yield - 60% -75%. A cylindrical gives about 95% yield of juice.

The peculiarity of a cylindrical separator is thatit requires constant removal of pulp, the squeezed volume is from 0.3 to 1 liter. The conical separator is present in juice extractors of both domestic and foreign production. Choosing a domestic juicer, you doomed yourself in advance to the absence of any stylish design and to noisy operation of the device. But such devices are designed for longer operation and a greater volume of processed juice. When you come to the store and ask which juicer to choose, so that it is universal, decide for yourself what you need: to make juice blanks for the winter, or you are going to squeeze the juice daily and in small quantities. Which juicer is better to buy for winter workpieces? Here, too, you need to take into account some of the nuances:

  • Choosing a juicer versatile, you can choose a model in which there is a built-in container.
  • The power of juicers varies from 200 W to500 watts. Choosing which juicer is best to buy, know that little-known firms, often increase the power indicator in order to attract customers. Choosing a juicer for vegetables, treat with a common mistrust of little-known manufacturers. For less money, you risk buying a much smaller quality, for example, such a device will have metal parts made of poor material.
  • Number of revolutions.If, you are interested in the quality of juice and you are wondering which is better to buy a juicer, then the work of the juicer centrifuge should be performed in the range of 4500 revolutions to 8000 rpm. It all depends on the products that "give" the juice. The optimum speed is 6300. It is well suited for both solid products and soft ones.
  • Container. Naturally, when wondering which is better to choose a juicer, it is worth remembering the "freshness" of the juice and therefore choosing a model with a stainless steel container of high quality that will not allow our juice to oxidize.

In general, the question of how to choose a goodjuicer, you can answer so-choose a well-known manufacturer and price range is not below average. The body and various parts in such devices are made of shockproof plastic, and the service life will be much more. When choosing a good juicer, be guided by the price from 30 to 100 dollars. Your attention should attract the engine, its quality, the quality of the plastic and, of course, the strength of the strainer, which serves to separate the pulp from the juice. If the model does not have a container for collecting juice, it will be more compact. For cramped cuisines such a model is very convenient. juicers how to choose

Basic parameters of the juicer

So, what should I focus on when choosing a juicer that best meets its objectives with its technical parameters? It is necessary to clarify for yourself the following:

  • Purpose of use. To get what juices you need this technique? Will you use citrus, vegetables, greens?
  • Regularity of use. Are you going to squeeze one glass of juice daily, or do you want to use the appliance to make juice for a large number of people?
  • Volumes of use. Are you going to harvest juices for the winter almost on an "industrial" scale, or do you need one or two liters per day?

In addition, the instructions for each juicercontains a list of fruits and vegetables that are subject to spin and from which the juice can not be made on this equipment. Adhering to the rules of exploitation, you will extend the life of your household appliances. A short list of important details

  • The shape of the separator is cylindrical or conical.
  • Container for pulp (cake).
  • Power (200-1200 watts).
  • The optimal speed of the centrifuge is 8-10 thousand rpm.
  • Speed ​​regulator (if there is a change in speed).
  • Foam sealer (depending on the model).
  • Duration of work and its cyclicity - 10 min. spin -1 minute break -10 min. otzhim.

TOP -5 juicers

Answering the question how to choose a juicer, we simply can not fail to bring the TOP 5 most popular models to date:

  • Bosch MES 3000. The power of the model is 700 W, the dimensions are 31x18x31 cm. There is a protection against accidental activation, 2 speeds, the tank capacity is -1.25. Cleaning brush included. The price for such a model, depending on the seller, varies from 4,100 rubles. up to 4900 rubles.
  • Philips HR 1861. The power of the unit is 700 W, 2 speeds, the chamber for fruit delivery is 75 mm, the capacity is 1.5 liters. The body is made of anodized aluminum. The pulp is squeezed out automatically, the juice squeezes to the last drop. The price ranges from 4100 rubles. up to 5200 rubles.
  • Moulinex JU 599 D 3 E. Power model 800 W, 2 liters - capacity of the tank. Universal juicer. The price ranges from 4100 rubles. up to 4500 rubles.
  • Kenwood JE 810. Power 850 watts, a reservoir -1 liter, there is a system of direct feeding of squeezed juice, automatic ejection of pulp. Capacity for flesh -3L, 2 speeds. The price is from 5900 rubles. up to 7400 rubles.
  • Zelmer 377. Power 250 W, 1 speed, cake reservoir 0.8 liters, continuous flow. The price is from 1600 rubles to 2200 rubles.
  • What kind of juicer you will get is your business, the main thing is that you and your children can only drink natural and healthy juice. Be healthy! We advise you to read: