scale in the kettle Scum is a coating of salts, minerals, particlesmetals that are dissolved in hard water. Depending on what kind of water you have, the scum accumulates faster or slower on the dishes. And even the most expensive and good filters are not saved here. Over time, each hostess more often notices white flakes in the water, a rusty or whitish coating on an electric kettle, and even a spiral can be covered with a layer of stone plaque. This means that it's time to clean the kettle. Remove the scum of the teapot by means that are manufactured by the chemical industry - there are a lot of them. But there are folk methods based on the use of improvised tools and products.

We use vinegar

How to remove scale in the kettle with vinegar? Remember ways:

  • Pour the vinegar into the kettle, dilute with water -adhere to a proportion of 1: 1. Turn on the kettle and allow this mixture to boil. After it cools, you can drain it. Do not forget to thoroughly wash and rinse the kettle after this procedure;
  • You can clean the kettle of scale and make a mixture, inwhich contains vinegar and soda. These products are in every kitchen. So, you need to pour vinegar into the kettle and pour a tablespoon of soda. Get an effervescent liquid. Once the reaction is over, you can turn on the kettle and boil the liquid. Very well this method acts on a rusty coating;
  • You can use vinegar and in its pure form, but thisIt concerns only steel teapots - plastic will deteriorate from acid. By the way, it is easier to remove scale from metal kettles. It is enough to wipe the inside with a napkin soaked in vinegar.

Knowing how to remove the scale in the kettle with the help ofvinegar, you can not buy any questionable products of the chemical industry. The main thing is not to start this process, but at least once a week to carry out a general cleaning. in the kettle

Additional measures

But vinegar is not the only option for removalscale. For example, citric acid is an excellent product that is able to clean a spiral in an electric kettle. You just need to pour a glass of water, pour a sachet of acid into it and allow this mixture to boil. Lemon acid will help remove the stone plaque. Remove the scum will help and soda - you can just clean the surface with a sponge. Clean the kettle neatly, do not use metal brushes - they can damage the surface. By the way, soda and plaque will remove, and will conduct disinfection of the walls. And soda can be used with potato peelings. This method has been known for a long time and tested by several generations. Clean in this way the kettle is completely safe for health - no chemistry. Starch removes scum from the kettle. You should do the following:

  • Rinse thoroughly;
  • Finely cut them - for example, cubes;
  • Fold in the kettle - they must occupy the full volume;
  • Pour water to cover the cleaning;
  • Add two tablespoons of soda;
  • Turn on the kettle and allow to boil;
  • Then it should be drained, clean the surface of the walls under running water and rinse thoroughly;
  • Now pour clean water and boil again. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times, so that the water does not have a taste of soda and starch;
  • By the way, soda will help to remove and plaque rust, in the event that it is very little.

Of course, it is better to use purifiedwater. But even the most modern filter can not rule out the appearance of scale. After all, the water contains various impurities, the filter simply "does not notice". If the question of how to remove the scum in the teapot has disappeared, and now there is only a choice of folk remedies, then the effectiveness can be distributed as follows:

  • Soda and vinegar - remove even a touch of rust and clean the walls of stone deposits;
  • Citric acid - it is good to clean the spirals on the bottom of the kettle;
  • Clean the inside of the kettle from scale and light rust will help soda with potato peelings.

Stick to regularity. Clean the kettle once a week, then this process will not take much time and effort. After all, it's much easier just to rinse the dishes under running water and clean it with a little soda, than to suffer, removing the old scum. We advise you to read: