what men are afraid of It may seem that the representatives of the stronger sexdo not have to be afraid of something. However, this is nothing more than a myth surrounding this half of humanity. In fact, a man is the same person as a woman, and a person is prone to be afraid. We will tell you about what men are afraid of and how to live with this in our article. what the man is afraid of

From where do men fear?

We are almost from the birth of suggesting that a man -bold and strong, reliable and hardy, a kind of superman in the flesh. In many representatives of the stronger sex, the desire to follow the above stereotypes develops the fear of being oneself. That's why men simply have to play the role they have imposed on society, namely, to meet the imposed standards. Let's think for a minute why in general a person is afraid? Along with other emotions, fear is very necessary to us, because it performs a certain kind of function. First of all, he signals to the person that something is going wrong. Usually this is a message about the actual or possible danger. Next, the person chooses the most suitable way for him to cope with it, thereby increasing the level of his adaptation to public life and the environment. Through fear, a person seeks and finds better conditions for life. Fear of punishment in childhood serves as an educative factor, transforming into adulthood in avoiding failures, motivating a person to achieve. But, unfortunately, fear has ceased to be for us only positive phenomena. People often turn to psychologists to help them get rid of unnecessary anxiety. This is especially true of men, whom, as we wrote above, society in principle does not allow to be afraid. Of course, this is not directly recorded anywhere, but each of us has the idea that a man should be strong and fearless. Therefore, when we encounter a living and fearful subject, we are surrounded by negative emotions. what men are afraid of in bed

How do men's worries appear?

Speaking of what men are afraid of,understand that fears are normal and neurotic. How to distinguish one from another? Let us explain with an example. It's one thing, when walking on a dark park alley, you are afraid of attacking bullies. And quite another, if this fear overtakes you in the office in the middle of a working day. The causes of neurotic fear are indistinct and illusory, whereas normal fear speaks of a very real or possible threat. Most of the male fears stem from the myth of the omnipotence of men. The saddest thing is that they themselves sincerely indulge in this delusion. Well, why, tell me, would a man be afraid of ridicule on the part of others or be weak if there was no image of superman in society? There is no need! And it affects most of the problems in this area. It turns out that the man most of all in the world is afraid of being weak. To prove that this is not so, he literally has to fight constantly. Largely due to this peculiarity of a masculine character, the strong sex managed to achieve unprecedented heights in various fields of activity: to make the greatest discoveries, to achieve political and sports victories. In ordinary life, such fear is often a hindrance. Probably, each of us has been in such a situation, when the partner has long and persistently trying to figure out something or solve the problem himself, although it is much easier and quicker to ask for help. On the other hand, in this case, the influence of natural selection, which says that the strongest survives, is very strong. In modern society, this is manifested, in the fact that this man is chosen by all: coaches, bosses, girls. Therefore, there is no point in doing anything to remove this fear. However, take care that he does not turn into mania, when a man forgets about everything except the desire to be the first. Another man is afraid to be in the eyes of others a pathetic laughingstock. Do not fool around and act out in the circle of friends or on stage, but really be ridiculous. However, the ability and the desire to make fun of others is nothing more than a manifestation of fear of being under fire from others' wits. If you do not want to turn any member of the stronger sex into your sworn enemy, do not let jokes go to him in front of other people or a significant public for him. Sexual opportunities, material solvency and intellect are the three forbidden topics for humor even in private. However, for some men all this does not stop to really look ridiculous in the eyes of not only their compatriots, but the whole world, when they fight in the department or race cars to change their brands. It can be bitter to watch how the fear of being ridiculous does not allow a strong sex to confess love to his woman. In conversation with his friends, a man prefers to vulgarize or deliberately rudely cover up important feelings for him. After all, in a male environment, it is not customary to dissolve "slobber and snot", where it's easier to discuss piquant sexual topics than to confess to friends that you are just driving crazy with love. Now imagine how hard it is for a man to be open? After all, this means, first of all, to be vulnerable and unprotected. Having shown his weakness, a man always runs the risk of suffering pain. After all, despite their masculinity, they are much more vulnerable and shy than women. And their ostentatious bravado, rudeness and swagger is just a way to cover up their indecisiveness. Especially strongly this fear manifests itself at the moment of recognition in love. It is believed that the first is to make a man. But self-recognition means for a man taking on a certain responsibility for a woman and a relationship with her. In general, responsibility is a sick topic for many members of the stronger sex. In the life of each of them it turns out to be a lot: being a good son, friend, husband and father can be very, very difficult. And since some men have certain personal problems that prevent them from behaving maturely and in an adult way, then responsibility is perceived by them as something superfluous. What do men fear in bed? Negative assessment of his sexual abilities in any form. Try to react passively to his intimate caresses. He, most likely, will fall into either complete despondency or in anxiety. So do not make a man feel these feelings, always evaluate him only positively. After all, it is for your sake that he performs all the feats, proves and presents victories, carefully concealing his fears. If you need some correction of behavior in bed, talk about it gently and unobtrusively, always compensating with praise and compliments. Publicly to be recognized as a failure - another clearly manifested male fear. Perhaps he himself does not consider himself to be so, but the opinion of others around him expressed by someone aloud, can plunge a man not only into a state of deep depression, but also for a long time to discourage the desire to do anything. Do not rush to "write down" your man in losers, because the absence of a high position and tightly stuffed wallet - this is not an indicator of his failure. After all, for sure your partner has a lot of other advantages that you can admire. Appreciate them, and accept it as it is. In addition to the above fears, our men are still afraid to be addicted, stupid, incompetent and used. In addition to psychological moments, there are also quite everyday things. A man is afraid to learn about the unwanted pregnancy of his chosen one, venereal diseases, weddings and disapproval from the parents. How difficult his life is! Therefore, be more tolerant and sympathetic to these purely masculine fears. Do you think it's easy for your loved one to play the role of superman in front of you and all of humanity? Agree, constantly carefully hide their fears, afraid of exposure, is very difficult. So let them alone cope with all this. And then they will certainly become as strong as we are!