1 So this long-awaited day has come. You finally decided to admit your sweetheart in your feelings. Having decided on this important step, you need to think carefully not only the words of recognition, but also the place in which this romantic event will take place. After all, maybe in the future it is this girl who will become a companion of your life and the story of how your love began, you will need to tell your children and grandchildren. A beautiful place for a romantic evening can be the roof of your house. Since ancient times people have been attracted by the magic of the starry sky. There is a mystery in the stars that people can not yet solve to us. The starry sky beckons with beauty and promises fulfillment of cherished desires. Therefore, the roof is great for a declaration of love. On the roof of the house you can arrange a romantic dinner by inviting musicians in advance or simply and arrange an observatory on the roof. And you can quite successfully combine both. The main thing is to treat with due attention even to small things. First of all you need to decide the day for your event. After all, clouds or clouds can not give you the opportunity to look with your beloved on and a comet. Of course, weather forecasters sometimes make mistakes, but it is better to see the weather forecast for this day in advance. So, the day and place for a romantic date decided. Telescopes today are not the same problem. But how, lure her beloved on the roof without telling her about the prepared surprise. This problem is solved simply. Send her an official invitation, but to be sure that she will take it seriously, hire a taxi or a horse-drawn carriage. Of course the coach in this case is preferable. Prepare a light dinner on the roof. Do not need anything unusual enough fruit and champagne. Invite musicians, and if you want to be alone, then simply include pleasant music. That's the whole romantic evening for you and your beloved is ready. Perhaps you are lucky and especially for you this day will fly by . But in any case, know that at the moment when you watch the stars, the girl will sooner believe your words that for her you will get a moon from the sky.