how to manipulate a man Have you ever thought about howmanipulate a man? Relationships between the sexes are very complicated. Of course, many of us want everything to be real, without any deceptions and strange hassles. However, most of them do not. The harsh realities of life are such that cunning is sometimes very useful. Well, we will tell you how to learn how to apply it correctly.

Manipulation useful and harmful

Quite often you can hear the following words fromwomen: "What manipulations? I will never descend to such a thing! "The lady who speaks them does not want to adjust to anyone and wants everything to be straightforward and simple. Unfortunately, in relationships it does not happen, and very often she remains alone with her problems in communicating with the opposite sex. For example, a man "dissolves" and begins to drink a lot, get fat, lazy and rude to her, and she does not know what to do. Usually this happens to women who have read too many romantic tales or which parents brought up in a real life torn away from real life. Any novel is a little game, in which you need to be able to show both honesty and cunning. Manipulate a man can be good and in a bad way. The second option can be seen when a woman absolutely does not care what will happen to her partner. She uses it solely to meet her own needs: in order not to remain alone, to solve her problems, to take revenge on the whole male race - an excuse can be any. But she absolutely does not care about him and his desires, although this can be carefully hidden behind the mask of female seductiveness. Such a woman manipulates a man very cleverly. Often she pretends to be an unhappy martyr who will perish if the "prince" does not appear. Of course, any man wants to assert himself and feel strong and courageous hero. He willingly swallows the bait and finds himself on the hook of a manipulator who knows what to do with it. It is because of this image of the villain that many women do not dare to use cunning in their relationships with men. But everything can be different. Remember the beginning of any of your relationships. You do not go to the man you like and do not tell him directly: "You like me. Let's go on a date now. Then, if we look at each other, we start to meet, we will have sex and, if everything goes well, in the future we will get married and have children. " Everything happens differently: you smile, shoot it with your eyes like in a famous film, take seductive poses and use other diverse female tricks to inspire him to a feat to approach you first. So why should we abandon such things at more serious stages of the relationship? Thus, the distinction between good cunning and poor manipulation becomes apparent. In the first case, you use it to lead a man to the right decision and behavior. In the second, you impudently swing energy and resources out of it. Which of these options to choose and whether to do it at all - it's up to you. how to manipulate men

Simple algorithm

If you still prefer to usemanipulation in one form or another, then you need to learn how to do it correctly. Simply put, to comprehend the foundations of male psychology and to realize an effective way of interacting with a strong gender. After all, they are a very special people who are in great need of women's energy. Receiving it, the man gives the partner exactly what is needed. Therefore, we offer your attention a simple instruction on how to manipulate men and achieve everything you want.

  • Understand what your partner wants. It is very important - to carefully learn its needs and contribute to their satisfaction, especially when it comes to exclusively women's functions - support, acceptance, forgiveness, care. In doing so, you should gently emphasize your own role in his little happiness. And let him sometimes be just a boy who wants to frolic and have fun.
  • Respect his worldview and values. There is nothing worse than a woman who despises her man and his inner world. Chances are great that your points of view are not alike in everything. And in this case, you should not always make bloody wars because of this. Gently, but persistently explain that you have the right to your point of view, and if you can not completely separate it, you certainly respect it.
  • Do not make serious mistakes. In what way is this expressed? For example, a woman absolutely knows exactly what behavior is infuriating her partner, and still continues to do so. No, of course, there are relations built on mutual anger, but do you really want this kind of development? Irritation tends to accumulate, and a man less and less wants to do something for a woman. So understand your partner, and do not once again provoke him to anger.
  • Support it. A little bit earlier we wrote about the role of a man to protect a woman, and her role is to support him and give him energy for protection. That is why our partners need our care and attention to them. They are manifested in goodwill and psychological mood for a loved one. A simple example of such support will be the words "I believe in you" or "you will succeed". And if suddenly there is a failure, the encouragement and warmth will be very handy.
  • Watch for emotional glow. As we know, we, women, are much more and more often experiencing, and for any reason. And this is absolutely normal for us. If a woman is deprived of deep and intense feelings, she will not feel good. And just as bad it becomes a man when he feels a bust with emotions. He does not understand anything, quickly gets tired and starts to feel irritation. Do you think it will be easy for him to achieve anything in this state? Therefore, when talking with a partner, lower the emotional intensity a little - unless you are talking about your positive feelings for him (but in this case, you should also use caution and reasonable measure).
  • Dress the way he likes. Men like eyes - this is a fact. And even loving the heart, they still pay great attention to our appearance. Surely you know his tastes about female beauty, so try to be attractive, but just for him. This does not mean that you now have to change your appearance in accordance with his ideals. But to abuse flared jeans, if he likes narrower, probably not worth it. Or, choosing a new hair color, remember what kind of love he likes. It is important to remember that many things that seem nice to us, in men cause surprise and even disgust (for example, uggs). But there are those who can drive him crazy. The choice is yours, to cause him pleasure or disgust.
  • Remain independent. It is very important to understand this recommendation correctly. The emancipation of our society has reached such a global scale that many women have appeared who do not take seriously male courtship. They are fully proving themselves and others that they do not need support and concern from the stronger sex, because they all can themselves. But this is not true because of the characteristics of female nature. The reverse side of this process is manifested in the emergence of that category of women who are trapped in men and do not give them passage. It is very important to maintain self-sufficiency and be able to live, even if there is no one around or there are problems in the relationship. But this does not mean a total rejection of everything male in life.
  • What do men want?

    In order to learn correctlymanipulate, you need to know what the men are barking at. All their "subtle" places stem from the characteristics of male psychology, and it is on them that one must rely, using cunning. What does it concern? The most important male (and not only!) Weakness is sex. Of course, we all love this thing, but because of the physiology of the guys, it is a "vulnerable" place. When there is at least the slightest hint of sex, the blood drains from the man's head and flows to the appropriate place. The ability to think is sharply reduced, but the desire to have fun, on the contrary, is growing. It is this mechanism that takes place to be, albeit in a less pronounced version, when a man feels female sexuality. Similar techniques were used by each of us, wearing a short skirt, a blouse with a deep neckline or a supporting bra for an important date. Women's weakness at some points works even steeper than sex. So the world is arranged that a woman is a vessel for the accumulation of resources and energy. Its main function is to store a home, creating comfort and warmth in the family. A man should protect her and give support, providing everything necessary. That's why husbands often leave strong and successful wives to less attractive, but softer and weaker women. Particularly vulnerable to female weakness are sensitive and sympathetic men, who in life show a desire to care and support. Tell the man compliments. As they say, a kind word and a cat nice. Just like us, men like to listen to compliments to their address, especially those that relate to their masculinity, strength, perseverance, dedication, success and other. At this moment, there really is a rise in self-esteem, which causes positive emotions. But it's very important not to overdo it, otherwise the praise will be like either mockery or flattery. In both cases, the probability of obtaining a positive result tends to zero. People almost always feel falseness on a subconscious level, so praise really positive traits. Gratitude is not the easiest aspect for manipulating, especially for women. Some ladies prefer to surround the man with care and love in the hope that he will remain with them at least out of gratitude. But they make a mistake: in trying to "tie" a man they lose a sense of respect for themselves, and he just does not want to be with such a woman. In addition, they often do for the partner those things that he does not really need or that he takes for granted. Accordingly, there is no gratitude here. The most correct strategy is to support and help a man in difficult moments of his life, and also to give in when it is not expected and worth the effort. Guilt is the favorite string for playing many women. But, to their misfortune, men often do not like to take the blame once again. On the contrary, they prefer to "blame" all responsibility for the problems on the woman and proudly retire. And then she "stays with a nose". Or they perceive any reproaches as "cutting out brains" and stop responding to them. Therefore, on a sense of guilt, you have to play wisely and occasionally - only when a man really turns a corner. But on the man's desire to be the first number you can "ride" almost endlessly. This effect we owe to the hormone testosterone and the notorious principles of male education, which say that a real male is always a winner. That is why a man always tries to be the most intelligent, strong, caring, confident, kind, wealthy - you can enumerate endlessly. And all this is an excellent ground for manipulation! You can at any time hint (only subtly) that if it is so strong, then let it help you to transport a heavy sideboard to your mother. And all the rest in the same spirit. And necessarily praise him for such actions, showing the legitimacy of belonging to the group of "most-most" men. Finally, we must not forget the basics of training! Yes, yes, you did not misinterpret - classical reflex training can work miracles, and not only with men. Here is a simple example: every time a husband is going to go for a walk with friends, his wife is sweetly stretched, promising sex with all his appearance, if he stays. It is easy to assume that a man chooses. Gradually, an associative connection between the desired type of behavior and reward is fixed in his brain, and he gets used to acting like this on the machine. But even if you need a situational effect, you can always promise him something nice or draw bright prospects for the future, if he does the right thing. manipulate a man


    Let's talk about some simple tricks,knowledge of which will help you learn how to properly manipulate men. There are a lot of them, and we want to tell you about the most effective. But you can think up your own within the general direction of thought given above.

    • Request for help. For a woman, the habit of doing everything herself is very harmful. That's why we recommend that you ask a man for help, even when you can deal with the problem without him. But this is so great if the partner is given the opportunity to show his strength! The most harmless is the situation when you ask him to open cans or help you carry a heavy package with things. This technique can be extended to setting up a computer, replacing a light bulb, assembling furniture, communicating with officials, and much else.
    • Thirty-three pleasures at once. Imagine a picture of a man returning home from work, and there he is waiting for a delicious dinner prepared by you and a woman wearing the most beautiful home clothes or a new set of silk underwear. You can add more amenities, for example, watching an interesting movie or even a duel in his favorite computer game. Or buy him a magazine about new technologies, which so rarely manages to read. Naturally, a man will grow fat after this, and you can ask him about something.
    • Promise something special. Do you want your partner to finally do all the accumulated homework or take you to the theater? Promise him a night of enchanting sex for it! Or suggest him then go on a fishing trip with friends on the weekend, which he had long wanted. A man must very much desire a reward in order to fulfill your request.
    • A mystery woman. Be quiet when you really want to say something to a man - a small distance provokes him to conquer. Sometimes be busy with your own affairs for him so that he does not think that you are completely immersed in your relationship. Find yourself an occupation that will only be for you, and where it will be "not allowed to enter." Use this technique should be done with care and do not overdo it so that the man does not think that he is not interested in you at all.

    In order to manipulate a man correctly,one should always remember the subtle side that separates good from evil. In other words, manage a man, but only for the good of your relationship, not just for your own gain. Many women manipulate only because they do not know how. Let the cunning serve only as a seasoning to the delicate dish of your relationship, and happiness in love will be guaranteed to you!