ideal relationship between man and woman What are ideal relationships? Is it a storm of emotions, a volcano of feelings or yet a calm and safe haven?

The candy-bouquet period

Their meeting was absolutely random. From the first day of their acquaintance, they spend each evening together, do not hide their crazy love and in every possible way demonstrate their ideal relations in public. Sweet couple spend almost every weekend on romantic trips, and after that they post their happy photos on social networks, not embarrassed to add a comment about how they celebrated the anniversary from the moment of the first kiss, where and when it happened. After some time, lovers finish off all envious acquaintances with a control shot, who now and then complain about banal "bored" relationships, their statement about the future wedding. She storms all the wedding salons, and he proudly says that he is happy and ready to marry that one. Such relationships resemble pictures from a glossy magazine, which every girl so passionately yearns for. candy bouquet period

Efforts bear fruit

In fact, ideal relationships that havethe hope for a joint future is hard work, and first of all, daily work on oneself. A young man must learn to respect and kindness towards his beloved. When a man takes responsibility and makes decisions, he should not exercise despotism in relation to a woman. To gain wisdom the girl will be helped by modesty and prudence. Therefore, already at the first stages of joint meetings, more attention should be paid not to their appearance (most girls let out inconceivable amounts of money and waste time hoping for the action of the well-known saying "men love with their eyes"), but the development of those qualities, habits and abilities that later will be useful for marriage. When each of you "tunes" the qualities of your character, you need to understand whether you "sound" in unison, that is, do you approach each other? It is important that both partners have common beliefs and principles. To a greater extent, compatibility is determined not by how similar you are, but by how you are able to adapt to each other. Quite often, loving people argue and disagree. What happens at that moment in your pair? you maintain mutual respect and quietly discuss the problem or disagreements develop into heated debates? Establish a pattern of frank communication, when you solve common problems, and apply the following tips:

  • do not start a conversation if one of you is tired;
  • when one speaks, another let him listen (do not interrupt each other, your half should completely share with you his experiences);
  • speak kindly, do not criticize;
  • be flexible and prudent;
  • Take into account the feelings of a partner and be sensitive;
  • express appreciation;
  • when you are wrong, apologize.

secret relationship after the wedding

After the wedding: the secret of family happiness

Based on the finals of numerous films, marriageis a desired goal. The film ends with a wedding, and the characters live happily ever after. But this happens only in the movies, since the wedding is not the final, but the beginning of a joint family life. The most important thing is to treat marriage as an alliance for life. You can not marry the idea that if something goes wrong, you can always file for divorce. Is it possible to make the family life strong and happy? Yes, if both sides know the secret of an ideal relationship. He does not hold a secret at all. And for those who apply it in life, every time it proves useful. This secret is in two keys. Love is the first key. It is important to develop several kinds of love in marriage. One of them is a romantic love between a woman and a man, another kind is a personal warm affection for a man, the third kind is a kindred love. If the spouses develop all these kinds of love, then their marriage will be long and happy. The second key is respect. Do not act selfishly and think only of your own good. It is necessary to take into account the interests of one's partner in life and respect his self-esteem. Respect will help recognize spouses' divergence of views. The wife must recognize the superiority of her husband, support his decisions and express appreciation for the efforts he makes in the implementation of the leadership. In such conditions, any man will feel like the "captain of the ship", take responsibility and act only for the benefit of his wife. Ideal relationships are love and respect for one another. Using these keys, you can easily open the door to common happiness, and family life will be for you a safe and safe haven in the days of storm and bad weather.