how to understand a man Men and women ... From time immemorial we live side by sideside, but never learned to perceive each other in the way that peaceful coexistence demands. Male psychology - how to understand a man a woman with her own, female psychology? Eternal confrontation, the eternal dispute of the sexes, the eternal struggle. Perhaps, it can not be otherwise - there is an opinion that men and women are "from different planets." It seems that this is so, because almost every one of us once realizes that the man can not understand the mind. Why and establish personal or business contact with him is very difficult. Hence - quarrels, conflicts, tensions in the relationship. Hence - unhappy marriages, dissatisfaction, hostility, broken hearts and loneliness. And how to understand a man or a guy, psychology does not tell the general. However, the matter is most likely not that we, women, come from Venus. And they, men, from Mars. The reason for the disagreement between the sexes is the difference in worldviews and differences in perception of reality. If we are aware of these features of male perception, we will certainly be able to choose a key to representatives of the stronger sex key. And let's get round, thanks to this, acute angles in relations, eliminating the lion's share of quarrels and misunderstandings. Women are creatures of wisdom. They are able to feel and understand their loved ones well. But only if they have an idea of ​​what is male psychology. Otherwise, we become resentful, not moderately demanding, unbearable. Yes, the man can not understand the mind, if one does not know how he thinks and what he means when he pronounces this or that phrase. Ignorance in this matter generates a lot of conflicts and leads to complete misunderstandings in communicating with loved ones. So let's at least partially eliminate the gap in their knowledge of male psychology and try to understand a man. Shall we proceed? how to understand men

The language of men

Strangely enough, but even when a man and a woman inlives use the same dialect, they say in different languages. According to researchers, linguists, in ancient times, representatives of both sexes were well aware of this. Due to which they understood each other perfectly. However, over time, both those and others either forgot about language differences, or ceased to be reckoned with. However, this situation is not observed everywhere. For example, in Japan, such a language difference is provided not only by grammatical rules, but also by the requirements of etiquette. However, it's not just about declensions, pronouns, endings, prefixes and suffixes. The point, first of all, is that men and women differently express their opinions and experiences. Making sure of this is easy. It is enough to ask the boy and the girl to retell a fairy tale. And immediately there will be a noticeably large difference between "girly" and "boyish" options. Everything is simple - their psychology is different even in their childhood! Perhaps, it is put in the early childhood, after all we bring up our children according to their gender? But it is also likely that the roots of differences are in the peculiarities of the psyche and genetic memory. It is difficult to say exactly. The fact remains that we speak different languages. And if the male and female language were taught in school in the classroom for sex education, many could be avoided by the conflict between men and women, because it would be much easier to understand a man. But, alas, these lessons now teach everything, even masterly sex, but only not the skill of communicating with the opposite sex. As a result, each person comprehends the science of such communication independently by trial, error and cone stuffing. Yes, even good, if he wants to comprehend, otherwise he does not, does not want to! And comes all his life on the same rake, getting on the forehead again and again. And then, when trampling on the rake bores, either closes, or begins to negatively treat all, without exception, representatives of the opposite sex. Like, they are all so-and-so, so there can be no mutual understanding! If the main thing for men is external action, then for women - the inner world of emotions. So how can we express our thoughts and feelings in the same way? While he is thinking about how to prevent a world revolution, she puzzles over what to cook for dinner. While he is thinking about the consequences of the revolution in some country, she is looking for options to lose weight. He was puzzled by the global crisis, she is a new fur coat, and so on. Women generally think more narrowly and specifically than men. Men can not notice the scattered socks, dirty cups, cobwebs in the corner, the women can see it all at once, without straining their attention. And, without straining their thinking, they already know what to do with such disgrace. Conclusion: if the mind does not understand the man, then it is impossible for men and women to project one's own perception of each other. These are views on reality from different angles, coinciding only at some points. Psychologically, we are not alike, so do not be discouraged by accepting such dissimilarity for not wanting to understand and fruitfully build relationships. It is better to consider that men are not like us, and adjust their behavior accordingly. And as long as the male psychology will remain a mystery to you, you simply can not understand it, at all desire. Let's see how it looks. how to understand a man psychology

Male phrases. How to treat them?

We are all big inventors and inclined to speculatealmost every one of our favorite replies. For example, I returned home from work in a bad mood, ate supper, frowned: "I'm tired!" And fell to the sofa in front of the TV. While he thoughtlessly switches channels, a whole army of disturbing thoughts sweeps through our head. Tired ?! And why tired? He was not promoted to the position, he does not earn any more money, he spends as much time in the service as before. So why was he so tired today? E, neeeet, rascal, or something withheld from the salary and does not say that he load with the salary increased or mistress started ... And we perceive the phrase "I'm tired!" As that he was tired of us. After all, we recovered almost a kilogram for the last six months and have not brewed borsch for a long time. Did not cook soup? Yeah? And the fact that we are also working and the whole house on ourselves is dragged, it does not count ?! All. It is worth thinking up in this way the innocent phrase of his dear half - and gone, went: it's such a woman's psychology. The attack on the spouse begins with the purpose of finding out for what reasons he is lying silently on the couch and that his house does not suit him. The same thing remains to be surprised and wonder what caused such a surge of aggression in the tiny wife. After all, he is really just tired. The day turned out to be heavy! Men tend to be straightforward. They do not know how to hint, and they do not understand the hints. It's us, women, we can circle around and around, come from afar, express ambiguously. And then offended that we were not perceived as it should, did not guess the request and did not satisfy the desire. And find out the relationship with the offensive from an unexpected attack by her husband. After all, he did not even suspect that when we asked: "Have I recovered a little, dear?", They meant that the figure was perfectly preserved! And he foolishly threw: "Yes!" Do not try with all his might to get information out of the man. We always pester them with the question that you have at work, where you were, we expect from them confirmation of feelings and assurances of their own attractiveness. In response, we get indifferent: "It's all right", "I've been on business", "I love you", "You look great". And we begin to be angry from the cold, withdrawn intonation of the answers. But what else could it be, if the thoughts of the dear are busy with the solution of the global problem and are not up to trifles? Well, she loves, loves, how much can you talk about this ?! All fine. There will be problems, tell. And we look quite quite ourselves. This is understandable, otherwise it would have long ago fled! Why with such questions pester again and again? That's it, man's psychology! Most of the women for some reason suspect their faithful of excessive secrecy for some reason. They, they say, never tell the truth, they hide even trifles and generally pretend at every turn. We, of course, try to expose them, bring them to the surface and make them act sincerely. Men begin to get nervous and angry, thereby increasing our suspicion. Still would! After all, if he's insane, it means he's hurt for a living, and he's exactly to blame for something! And now let's imagine this situation. The buyer in the department store approached the seller with a request to sell him sausage. The seller strangely responds that they have no sausages on sale. The visitor does not calm down and continues to insist on his - sell him half a kilo of amateur sausage, and the point! And for anything does not want to believe that it's just not there. How, as a result, will the seller react to his perseverance? Correctly. In the end, he will lose his temper and show the bore, where the way out. This is how our attempts to convict a man of insincerity look like when he has nothing to hide. What kind of reaction can be expected from someone who is offended by mistrust? Well, the representatives of the stronger sex do not know how to negotiate every little thing, because they do not notice trifles! They do not understand why it is necessary hourly to ardently admit to love, if this ardent confession has already sounded. Yet it is so clear, why repeat a hundred times? Women, of course, like to listen to the phrase "I love you", and they are ready to listen to it again and again. However, men say it from the heart only in moments of spiritual recovery. If we demand recognition on several occasions per day, they simply concede, not to provoke the spouse to a scandal. This alone is proof of male love. Unless in the absence of love, would the husband try to save the world in the family? Well, if he loves, it means that the extra pounds do not spoil us, and we will not hear about the troubles at work once again. And about what matters he decided, when he was absent, we will not know. Because a loving man once again to upset his woman will not and will try to cope with all the issues himself - this is the psychology of this knight. From the point of view of representatives of the strong half of humanity, a woman should not know about their problems. Does she interfere in the affairs of her husband? It turns out that he does not believe in his masculine solvency. This will be tolerated only by a suitable infantile lunatic who only waits for the wife to take the decision of all the questions on herself. In a word, if we can not understand the man with the mind, we will act according to worldly wisdom. He stopped saying compliments and confessing his love, the unshaven man collapsed on the couch and honored the growing belly? Spouse should be happy! Because she is the only one to whom the husband completely trusts and with whom he is really well. Otherwise, I would not be lying here, but wandered somewhere in search of adventure. Or a mistress. In general, the psychology of men is quite understandable. He calls yellow yellow, and blue blue. This we can define yellow as the color of young dandelions, and blue to replace the color of the endless sea. Men will not confuse the exact definition with emotions. They save both the internal reserve and time. Do not worry about it, because we all mean the same thing. Let's try to understand your loved one without unnecessary words, paying more attention to his actions. They will tell about feelings better than any, even the most beautiful phrases. We advise you to read: