kakaya-figura-nravitsya-muzhchinam-5 Very often, guys from the skin are climbing tolike this or that charming girl. And even more often for them remains a complete mystery, what still needs to be done to win our attention and admiration. We really hope that this article will fall on the eye as much as possible of the male part of Internet users. We will be able to tell on behalf of all women what we like about the guys. In general, it is quite obvious that different girls like different men. This applies to the appearance and psychological aspects of behavior. At our choice affects a million factors and another small after. Often, we ourselves can not give a clear and concrete answer, what influenced us when we singled out one gentleman from a dozen or two others. However, there are moments because of which a certain guy likes girls more than other members of the stronger sex. What attracts a lot of women to the man - both by age and by education, not to mention the difference in religion, education and food habits. It is important only to understand that this is not one specific feature. Usually this is a whole set of qualities, a real cocktail, appreciating which, the young lady understands that you liked her. what do not like girls in guys

What masculine qualities girls like

The intrigue is that sometimes the qualities neededin order to like the girls, are directly opposite to each other. Yes, it's a fact. Do not be scared and make a surprised face. They should be, and the point. Just know how to maneuver and demonstrate them in different situations. Or hide. That is, do not think that this list is a panacea. No one will give you a ready-made instruction. Only a list and recommendations for use, and instructions for its use you have to write with your own hands. To do this, you will need the first quality, the presence of which all ladies consider simply mandatory. So, let us proceed to the list:

  • Brain

Or, more specifically, the mind. Because the brain is a physical organ, every human organism is endowed with nature. And the mind is already a more delicate shell. Not all men who have brains are equally endowed with intelligence. The opinion of women about men with high intellectual abilities is this: they seem to them sexually attractive. Here and so! Do not confuse the ability to solve a hundred or two crossword puzzles in a couple of hours with the ability to think, think, and this is true to use. Knowledge of many things is wonderful. One does not interfere and does not contradict the other. But the mind is more than just a lot of information.

  • Sense of humor

It is important here not to make it the object of the samea charmer whom you would like to charm. That is, it is perfectly permissible to play tricks on her - this is a pleasant addition to flirting. Exceeding the same stick - is fraught. It should also be remembered that a joke, voiced repeatedly and more than five times, can not be ridiculous anymore. The image of a clown and an eternal joker is also not attractive for all ladies. The trick is that the ability to find humor in difficult life situations and make fun of everything you see is a polar thing. The ability to play a trick on yourself is an excellent trait that everyone likes in general and in others.

  • Be first

Lead. What sets the leader apart from everyone else? If you look from the point of view of such a science as biology, then we will meet the concept of "alpha male". Who is it? What does he do? He chooses himself. Being in a group, he acts so that he takes what he needs. He knows exactly what he needs. He is completely confident in himself and is able to answer for his words and actions and be responsible for them. It does not depend on physical attractiveness. Or on the level of well-being. This is entirely the internal state that girls like in guys.

  • Taste

Ability to dress stylishly, understand the technology,machines, wine, music, art, sports, science and further on the list will unambiguously allocate you from the crowd. Do not get pale. It is not necessary to think that girls like a computer in a stylish casing, and not a nice young man, beautifully dressed and knowledgeable in cars. To look fashionably dressed is a fairly simple skill. And as for everything else, so in a couple of things to understand perfectly, while in others it's good - it's quite real. Well, then - the love of good and quality things more than a normal phenomenon. Demonstrating in his presence is also not the most difficult task.

  • Education

In continuation of the previous qualities. Together with the rest of the signs, it will tell the girl about you that you are a person who wants to develop. For this it is not necessary to have two or three higher educations and a thesis from above. That is, it's not bad, but the main thing is not to get hung up on your achievements. The same guys who do not have different crusts given out by educational institutions should develop themselves with the help of books. Education and education can differ, not be one. Although this should be sought.

  • Attention and solicitude

In this the girls need always and constantly. Not because they are helpless invalids, and not because they need eyes and eyes. A woman accepts signs of attention and welcomes manifestations of caring for her person simply because she needs it. You can give her a car, or you can send a dozen romantic messages. You can tell her a compliment, pour the tea when it's cold. Go for her to work, ask what film she wants to see. There are hundreds of ways to make it pleasant, not always costly financially. Be so without holidays and holidays, and you will remain among those guys that are attractive to the female.

  • Energizers

Amoebic guys, bezynitsiativnye and timid todisgraceful, unable to step without a kick from the back, are not able to attract a lady. You should have energy, boil internal forces and keep the notorious core. This will make you irresistible in affectionate female eyes. You do not need to play twenty-four hours a day to create the right opinion of a woman about yourself. But you must simply radiate a stream of vital energy. About the guys who emit such fluids, young ladies say - he charges me and gets. Well, you understand what this leads to in the future, right?

  • Pirates and adventurers

Yes, the "bad" in some way the boys are stillhave fascinating effect on girls. True, "bad" - in the context of sometimes able to take risks and discover new and unexpected for others. To sing under the window serenade to the lady of his heart, to jump with it with a parachute, to descend the mountain river, to drag an armful of flowers from another's kitchen garden. Devote her life. Such an adventure in the soul of any lady, however, her heroine will have to choose one and only of all. From here "the legs" of one more truth grow - girls are not attractive to those who run after them, indulging submissively to all their whims. But at the same time, they love the impudent and persevering. Choose the right dosage - and you will always be welcome to the girls.

  • Romanticism

Here it is, a contradiction. Brutality girls should be served simultaneously with romance. Yes, you understand everything correctly. Who said that this does not happen and you can not combine masculinity and tenderness together? Anyone who has achieved this result will be able to conquer every fair sex. She likes it when he confesses that he does not think his life without her and wants her to bear him children. Is not it romantic? And is this not manly? And is it so hard to do if she has lived in your heart for a long time?

  • Sexuality

Oh yeah! And you did not suspect? If you are in a girl's bed, then do not think that it's done. No. The technique of sex matters. For many ladies, it is even more important than "size". Although he is far from the last place, but the skills in sexual mastery do not end only with the presence of a penis of impressive size. Believe me, the success of women in this aspect is not always related to physical parameters. We read the Kama Sutra and study what and how women like in bed.

  • Fidelity

This is where the girl must be absolutely surepercent - always and in all situations! You should not give cause for not only physical treason. Moral devotion is as important. Do not betray her even in small things, do not deceive even in trifling matters. This you yourself will do a good service. The fame of the deceiver and Lovelace has not brought any good to anyone yet. Ladies prefer to bypass the side of such gentlemen. Here, perhaps, that's all. The main qualities we called. Perhaps, many of them you already have; even a few of them will be enough for the girl to look at you with interest. But there is no limit to perfection, do you agree? Therefore, it is worthwhile to work on yourself and develop even more remarkable features of your personality. We gave you the landmarks, you just have to follow them - it can change your life forever!