love triangle In our so unpredictable and impetuoustime, many of us without a respite and without looking back rushing forward, trying to make a career, and at the same time quite often forget about their personal happiness. And meanwhile, he really wants ... Very. And we continue to search for our prince in a feverish hurry, and finally we find! And we learn that he is married. But we love him, we love him, and it's not at all to blame for being late! And he reciprocates. And we sweep aside all doubts, convincing ourselves that everyone has the right to happiness and decide to become the mistress of a married man. Temporarily, of course. Because he promises to divorce his wife. And then happiness will necessarily become complete and indestructible, because this is true love. And the current marriage, he said, is just a mistake. Therefore, we are ready to rush into the arms of the beloved, as in the whirlpool of the head ... As a result, there is a love triangle - what to do, what to expect next? Stop. Before forgetting everything and drowning in these embraces, let's try to take ourselves in hand and imagine what is ahead of us and we do not take a rash decision. The love triangle - a thing not so simple and tempting, as it seems at first glance. How to be? Let's see what the mistresses of married men advise those who have experienced the whole "charm" of such relations on themselves. love triangle what to do mistress

Love Triangle: its features and perspectives

Husband, wife, mistress - a classic lovetriangle. Such love "figures", alas, are not uncommon now. Waning from loneliness and waiting for her only, many women and even young girls agree to be mistresses of a married man without much hesitation. At the same time, most of them really fall in love with this man and sincerely believe that he will divorce his wife. And certainly at the same time he marries his mistress. After all, the attitude of a man to his mistress is so sincere, so sublime! I must admit that this happens. But quite rare. Most of the representatives of the weaker sex, "tea" or accidentally fall into the ranks of lovers, so they remain, not having received the long-awaited status of the wife. "Well, what ?!" - we object, - "After all, there are mutual feelings, and what can be more beautiful than this?" In all probability, it can not. However, such happiness is a fragile thing. Here it is, it was just in his hands, but already flied after the darling, who had just left home. And we, gradually getting used to the status of a mistress, once again remain alone, and we recite the minutes of the last meeting, and look forward to the next, and it's all the more sad to be alone ... Is it hard? Certainly. "So what?" - someone will say again, - "After all, this is love! For her, you can wait as long as you want! "Yes, of course. And then, a woman who for years has been called a mistress - she's almost a wife! Only now how long will it take to be in such a position? After all, waiting is only a small part of what you have to endure, deciding to be the mistress of a married man. We will have to endure much - and the fact that in our presence he will answer his wife's calls, calling her a cat, and what the beloved will spend with his family and that meetings with him alone will be short and infrequent. There is nothing to be done - he is not free. And we knew what we were on. Therefore, we will have to remain silent and pretend that we understand everything, hiding confusion and longing. What to do - a love triangle ... If we agreed to such a relationship, then our behavior must match the behavior of the mistress of the unfree person. A woman who became a mistress should be ready for the fact that a loved one, meeting with her, will look nervously at her watch. And to the fact that on unplanned calls to him and leisurely walks through the streets, two are taboo. And to the fact that he suddenly disappears without warning, having gone on vacation together with his wife. From all this can not escape, because in this are, in fact, the characteristics of the relationship, which dictates a love triangle. Another negative aspect of this status is the condemnation of others. No matter how we try to hide our relations, sooner or later this secret connection will become obvious. And we will be condemned by all who can only - neighbors, colleagues, men, women and even relatives and friends. After all, the mistress of a married man is always perceived as razluchnitsa, regardless of whether it requires him to divorce, or even dream about it not dare. Strangely enough, but the condemnation is the more severe, the stronger the love between a single woman and a man who is not free. To such relationships, based on the benefits or one sexual attraction, the society for some reason is more favorable. Maybe because if the relationship between a married man and a mistress is built on the calculation, they are more accessible to the understanding of others than some phantom love ... But in fact, if we are looking only for gain or want only sex, then we are unlikely to overly concerned about the opinion of others. But when it's love - how to break the love triangle, no one knows ... A loving person is vulnerable and defenseless, because he is in the sky and does not think about the mortal world. But the perishable world is closely watching him, studying and evaluating. And then, when he finds that the love of two is forbidden, this world will not slow to substitute the bandwagon for them. There are also those in it who will do everything for the wife to find out about the rival and notify the husband of the man, and those who will mockingly smile after his mistress, whispering behind her back. However, a truly loving woman can endure the fact that a wife who has learned about a rival will try to get rid of her by all means, and the nasty whispers crawling after them. On what we just do not go for the sake of your loved ones! And we'll wait as long as we need, and we'll endure vicious rumors, and the threats of his wife and scandals with her will survive. If only to see him at least occasionally, touch his lips, inhale his scent! And freeze with happiness in his arms ... Until this happiness will not cloud the thought of the prospects of such relations. And the likelihood that these thoughts will arise is extremely large. Because men usually treat this kind of relationship differently than women, and often say: "I love my wife and mistress." love triangle what to do

Exit from the love triangle. Where is he?

Usually not free man, if in conversation withmistress it comes to his family and the reasons for betraying his wife, refers to the fact that feelings for his wife have long gone out, the fact that the marriage has long since outlived itself and the fact that he does not want to go home at all, but the sense of duty obliges. It sounds pretty plausible, and we believe, and wait, when he finally gets rid of the hateful wife and permanently settles near us. However, weeks, months and even years pass, and the beloved still spends all weekend and holidays with his family and can not in any way eliminate the "long-obsolete" marriage. And we begin to slowly realize that an unfaithful husband loves his wife and mistress at the same time. How to be? Where is the way out of a love triangle of this kind? If it's been a long time, and there have not been any positive shifts in the relationship, there's no way to think about how to destroy the love triangle. Because romance is great only in the beginning and only when we are still quite young. Years are flying, and we are getting fatter and notice on our face more and more wrinkles. Youth, alas, fleeting ... And it's time to decide on your personal life and get a real family, and do not be sad in the evenings in an empty house, looking hopefully at the phone. No matter how we tried to convince ourselves in this case that the beloved is a very responsible person and can not leave the family because of the children, the sick wife, the elderly parents, and so on, it will not be possible to believe in this as before. Because the truth is severe and merciless, and the answer to all questions is one: he does not divorce. And all his stories about an obsolete marriage and a sense of duty are nothing more than empty words. Because he really loves his wife, and his mistress, and the current state of things, seems to be quite comfortable with him. Situations when husbands love two women at the same time, meet quite often. Such is the psychology of the stronger sex! Men often turn out mistresses in order to somehow diversify the daily routine, again to experience a tremendous feeling of love and feel the surge of adrenaline, secretly going on dates. This supports them in their tone and allows them to recognize themselves as meaningful and in demand. The novel on the side for such a man is like doping, without which it withers and falls into despair. He does not even want to divorce his wife, but he does not think about leaving the love triangle either. Why unnecessary problems? Because they love him and so. Should I think about how to get out of this situation? And what to do in this case, a woman who is waiting for the divorce of her beloved, like the manna of heaven? How to get out of a love triangle with the least loss for yourself? The choice is for her. If you do not have enough strength to part with your lover, and life without it seems meaningless, then you will have to wait and continue. It is possible that one day he will really come to her house forever. Only when it happens - no one knows. Well, if the hope for such an outcome has already died and thoughts about it have ceased to worry, the answer to the question of how to break the love triangle is one: from the feeling of love and the person calling it, one must be freed. Otherwise, even when the darling appears on the threshold with a suitcase in his hand, this fact will not cause any more joy. This means that his further life with him is unlikely to be as happy as he imagined at the beginning - the relations have exhausted themselves and their development is hardly possible. Such is he, a love triangle. It is not difficult to become one of its sides, but do we really need this? Did we dream of such an alliance with the beloved? Did they want to spend whole years in an empty house, tormented by a futile expectation? No, of course not! But, if it happened to become the mistress of a married man, it is advisable to follow some advice to mistresses. Namely:

  • Do not bury yourself in anticipation of meetings, and tryto attend parties, clubs, some meetings. First, in the society, melancholy is muffled, and time flies faster. And secondly, who knows, maybe somewhere, and meet our real destiny, and he, - oh miracle! - will be idle.
  • Do not harass yourself with thoughts about how to destroya love triangle, but to try to let go of the situation - let it all come to its own. It is likely that after a while we will understand that no destruction is required, because the relationship has lost its former attractiveness;
  • If the relationship is too long, andthe prospect of divorce as there was no, and no, it's good to think about whether it is worth continuing. Perhaps our happiness is not far away, but we do not notice it, shielding the whole world's light with an unfree man?
  • In a word, becomes a mistress or not -the choice is ours. It is possible that an extreme of this kind to someone very much like. But after all, own family - it is much more attractive than a stranger, in which we will always be mentally present! So why spend it on spiritual strength and years of life? They are priceless, as our personal happiness is priceless! We advise you to read: