wedding superstitions and signs Probably, no country in the world canboast such a love for signs and superstitions, like Russia. A black cat running across a road, an unexpectedly broken cup, open scissors, a broken mirror ... It's all over. And very many of us, quietly chuckling over the ancient beliefs, still spit through the left shoulder and whisper a saving "pah-pah, so as not to jinx." So, just in case. And even the most persistent girls and women begin to blindly follow the signs when it comes to the most important event in their life - about the wedding. Indeed, it's better to avoid troubles and tricky situations, armed with knowledge of how to behave in this or that situation. After all, all these signs have existed for many years, and whole generations of our mothers and grandmothers trusted them. Let now, in the era of technology development, most of the admissions seem ridiculous and ridiculous, but the woman's desire to do everything to ensure that the marriage was strong and happy remained unchanged. That is why wedding signs and superstitions have such great power over our hearts and minds. wedding signs and superstitions

Superstition: ignorance or popular wisdom?

It would seem that everything is simple: a black cat is no demon in the skin of an animal, bringing misfortune to people, but an ordinary sweet animal. A broken mirror can not in any way affect the events coming in your life (the mirror is in the bathroom, the troubles are at work ....) What connection?). But, come, you, people continue to believe in signs - in good and not very much. And it would be nice to grandmothers and grandfathers were baptized yes yes, but even after all the youth there also: believe and follow! And who just invented these signs? Honestly, it's hardly possible to say when exactly signs and superstitions appeared. Probably, it happened when the human civilization was born. People were often afraid and did not understand what was happening around: mysterious heavenly bodies falling on the earth, which we now call comets, were considered the harbingers of wars and misfortunes. Infants with birthmarks and moles on their faces - people marked by evil forces. And what to say about travelers, sailors, soldiers - those almost in every event saw a sign capable of destroying or saving their lives. Of course, much of what our ancestors believed was superstition. But if they are all ridiculous and ridiculous, why have they survived to this day, why are we now talking about them? Probably because many signs still came true, and this experience changed from generation to generation, until it reached us and you. It is unlikely that our great-grandmothers, convinced that the sign does not work, would have given them to their daughters and granddaughters. Whatever one may say, a rational grain exists in many so-called superstitions. Long ago people noticed that some actions or events preceding the wedding, indicated how this marriage will be in the future. So maybe this is not a superstition at all, but a centuries-old experience that can help us avoid some mistakes? We do not call you to faithfully believe in all wedding signs and superstitions, many of them, after many centuries, seem senseless and ridiculous. Moreover, if all of them unquestioningly follow, then instead of a joyful celebration you will experience real torment. But there are among the signs and such beliefs, which should always listen. interesting wedding signs and superstitions

Wedding signs and superstitions

A wedding is not just a campaign in a registry office, but a wholethe rite. This is the choice of dress, and the ransom of the bride, and the wedding ceremony itself, and the behavior at the festive table. And if you decide to get married, then you will see old signs and superstitions will meet even more. So, we bring to your attention the most interesting wedding signs: Before the wedding, the Bridegroom should not see the wedding dress of the bride before the celebration It would seem, why? This is in our time, when before going to the registrar, the guy and the girl have already been in intimate relationships for a couple of years. And he knows it, like peeling, but you can not see the dress, you see! Of course, many experienced ladies will say that, observing this custom, still parted with their husbands, or, conversely, that they bought an outfit together with a man and live in a happy marriage for many years. Just think about something else: do not you want to impress the groom with your beauty, appearing in a wonderful white dress directly during the wedding? May he be in the seventh heaven with happiness and will long remember you in this beautiful outfit. In order for the marriage to be happy, the bride needs to cry before the ceremony. Horror, right? Instead of rejoicing in happy moments, poor girls are invited to pour tears before the wedding! But do you know that this tradition is many centuries old? Until now, in many villages and villages, brides are supposed to mourn before their wedding carefree unmarried life, as well as leaving their own parents' home. In some areas, hiring special mourners is still employed to help the bride cope with the task. Sometimes it's just a child's debt to the mother and father, who gave their strength and soul to the upbringing of the girl, and sometimes the desire to make the marriage truly happy. How? Yes, everyone knows that life is a series of black and white stripes, sorrows and joys. Tears before the wedding mean only the last black strip, after which the family life should bring only happy moments. To cry or not - it's up to you, but if you decide to shed a tear, let it be light sadness, not bitterness from untimely collapsed troubles. If one of the relatives sneezes in the morning before the wedding, then the marriage will be successful. It would seem that it can be more stupid? After all, sneezed, then look, even the bride will infect ARD right before the wedding - that will be "happiness"! .. And did you think about where the expression "I wanted to sneeze" came from? Is it not because it is customary to "sneeze" at the problems that the sound itself, escaping from the throat, can frighten minor troubles and "send" them back home? Therefore, the bride rejoices when right before the wedding someone sneezed loudly and protected her from unnecessary problems. If you liked this sign, then do not forget to thank the sneezer and tell him "Be Healthy!". During the wedding If the wedding rings are not smooth, and ornate - with stones and notches, then the married life will be difficult. Of course, the fashion for ordinary smooth rings has long passed, now most young couples try to choose original, unusual rings. And in fact, there is nothing reprehensible about this - amazing, exclusive jewelry gives the feeling that you are the only one of its kind. That no one else so loves each other and will not be happy in marriage, like you and your chosen one. But let's remember: everything in nature tends to harmony, to an ideal form. And an even, round ball - this is the embodiment of the ideal, perfection. Perhaps it is not surprising that our ancestors chose smooth, round rings as a symbol of love and inseparability of two hearts. So think twice before you shell out for ornaments - but what if happiness is in simplicity? On the day of the wedding, the bride should not be allowed to stand with another woman in front of the mirror, otherwise she will take her husband away from the family. Strangely enough, few people know about this sign, although many people have heard about the mythical effect of mirrors. Over the centuries, with the help of mirrors, predicted the future, treated people, defended themselves against evil forces and even caused the souls of the dead! Not without reason, most magicians and psychics advise to keep fewer mirrors in the house: they say, they negatively affect a person's aura. Who knows, maybe your girlfriend, having looked in front of you in the mirror, will envy your happiness a little, and will be saturated with the evil energy of the magic glass. Nonsense? Or maybe you should not check for yourself? The hours presented for the wedding promise an early, painful divorce. Generally, it is not necessary to give a watch for any holiday, and even for a wedding - even more so. It is believed that the hands of the clock count the last hours of life of the person to whom they were bestowed. And if it is a wedding present, they reduce the time that lovers spend together. You can believe in this sign, but you can, and not, but it is well known in many countries of the world. And in China, and in England, and in Norway to give hours for the celebration - an inexcusable oversight. And if you are so unlucky and someone decided to make you such a present - do not worry: just give this person a small coin as a sign that you bought this watch. No gift - no problem, right? After the bride is redeemed, there should not be anybody between her and the groom up to the threshold in the registry office, so they pin their clothes with pins. Well, everything here is logical: the one who will pass between the bride and groom can allegedly separate them in the future. This is a pretty strange sign, because most of the newlyweds want to approach the registry office on different machines, and therefore pin pins and spoil expensive outfits they are completely out of hand. But it is now, and in the old days the future husband and wife were considered inseparable, a single whole already after the bride's ransom, and they walked tied to each other for several hours, like dear ones. So decide for yourself whether to believe this sign or not. Although it is unlikely that any old woman who has slipped between you after the ransom will serve as a serious cause of discord in the relationship. After the wedding If the tablecloth that decorated the wedding table, to put in the house of young spouses for three years in a row, then the marriage will never collapse. Very pleasant omen, do not you think? The only plus: in the kitchen there is always a smart table covered with a beautiful tablecloth, you do not need to spend money on new tablecloths (well, except, bleach and washing powders). And besides, notice: three years! It is this term in any young family that is considered critical, it is important for each pair to overcome this milestone. And since my wife is trying so hard to please the wife with a beautifully decorated table for so long, then in other aspects of family life, I suppose, will not let you down. So it turns out that following this sign is able to help young people live in marriage for a long time and happily. You can not store flowers from the bridal bouquet in the dried form after the wedding, otherwise the marriage will be unhappy It is believed that the dried flowers carry a dead energy that can negatively affect a person. It is not necessary to store any flowers that the beloved has given you, since bad energy can "dry up" and your relationship. As for the wedding bouquet, the point here is this: admiring the dead flowers, remembering the happy eyes of the husband and the most pleasant moments at the wedding, thereby directing negative energy to the objects of your thoughts. And why keep the wilted flowers, if you can get a loving husband alive and fragrant at least every day? Husband and wife should not be wiped with the same towel - it promises misfortunes in the family A very convenient sign for clean, economic girls who strictly observe the principles of personal hygiene. Indeed, how else to teach her husband not to touch your soft pink towel after the shower? Even if you are not superstitious, be sure to tell your fiancé about this sign: maybe he will start using his own bath accessories and leave your things alone. You can add a few more notes about dirty socks, scattered around the house and the habit of drinking beer with friends. Who knows, maybe he immediately "settle down" and cease to irritate you with his shortcomings? Wedding shoes can not be thrown away, they need to be worn out literally "to the holes". In this case, the marriage will be happy and durable. Preparing for the wedding, you probably "rummaged" a lot of shops, looking for "the very same" shoes. After the triumph, the question arises: what, in fact, with them to do next? If you follow this note, you can safely dress smart shoes for parties, holidays and just walks. As you know, to look stylish and fashionable, you must observe two conditions: wear beautiful shoes and build a chic hairstyle. So, the first point you have already completed, there is a case for styling the hair, and you - the queen! Wedding takes so much that all and not to list. And most interesting, they are almost the same for residents of different countries. Does not this prove that in signs and superstitions there is something common, tried and tested by generations of different peoples? Do not be frightened if any sign or belief is missed from your sight, for the most important thing at the wedding is your happy smile and the bridegroom's glowing eyes. And to make a married life happy, you just need to marry for a great love. And this is no longer a sign, but an indisputable fact! We advise you to read: