plan for the wedding Wedding is a wonderful event in everyone's liferights. So, prepare for it should be in advance and very carefully. After all, nothing should be missed, and everything should pass "without a hitch, without a hitch," as they say. Many newlyweds turn to specialized agencies that help with organizing a wedding. Their task is to make this process as easy as possible for the bride and groom, and think through everything down to the smallest detail. But, as a rule, in our life constantly there are any overlays. Therefore, completely trust the agency is still not worth it. You yourself have to control the process of preparing the holiday and at least know how it is progressing. After all, this day is important for both of you like no other, and everything in it must be flawless. It is for this reason that we wrote this plan specifically for you. After all, only a competent plan for preparing for the wedding will insure you against unpleasant surprises. So, the most important rule guaranteeing the success of the event is, of course, the timely preparation for the wedding. Do not put it off at the last minute - be sure to miss something. And so you will have enough time to analyze everything and, if necessary, make appropriate corrections. preparing for a wedding plan

Approximately 5-6 months before your wedding

  • Date of wedding

Schedule an approximate date and date of the wedding -at least approximately. So you do not get confused when you in the registry office will be offered several dates to choose from - as a rule, it happens. Think whether it will be at this time to come far-living relatives and friends, ask at work, whether there will be no absence of catastrophe of universal scale and everything like that.

  • Honeymoon

Honeymoon you plan to spend in the weddingtravel? Then be sure to check the schedule in advance. Remember that the vast majority of flights are available, usually on weekends. Try to plan your trip for a honeymoon at least in general terms. Hotels, excursions - do not forget to calculate all costs and provide surprises. If you plan to spend your honeymoon abroad, apply for a foreign passport.

  • Stock up with information

Study all available information regardingweddings and their organization. This can be done on the Internet and in special journals. Very often this paragraph is simply ignored by the newlyweds, believing that they themselves all know. And very vain - in fact, you can find a lot of information that will be extremely useful.


Be sure to choose the registry office in which you wantregister your marriage. Do not forget to find out in the registry office what you need for this. For example, many registrars register marriages only if one of the newlyweds lives in the area to which this same registry office applies. Go to the registry office and write a statement. In the registry office you will be provided with information on companies that help organize a wedding celebration. Study carefully their services, prices and terms for which they can cope with the tasks.

  • The material side of the question

Be sure to determine the approximate amount thatyou are ready to invest in the organization of your celebration. In most cases, young couples face the same problem - at the most inopportune moment it is found that money is sorely lacking. And the restaurant has already been ordered, limousines "beat the hoof" and pigeons languish in anticipation, when will you release them into the sky. And panic and chaos begin. Debts to friends, loans in banks - as a whole, a happy family life begins with debts. And very serious, it is worth noting. Therefore, insure against such a situation - just calculate all the costs and be sure to put the amount for unforeseen expenses. If your money is not enough - do not rush to take a loan from the bank. Ask for help from your parents if your relationship allows you to do so. Better yet, cut costs: the wedding will last only one or two days, and then everyday life will begin. You do not want to start it with debts? By the way, it's time to better monitor your finances: create a table of expenses and incomes.

  • Make a guest list

Write a list of invited guests. And always consider the fact that the wedding is a place for positive emotions. Therefore, very carefully think over the list of invitees - it is not necessary that sworn enemies faced nose to nose at your wedding. Ask your second half and discuss this issue together. Approve the list of those whom you would like to see at your wedding. Take into account the wishes of both parties. Be sure to book in advance the invitations in the right amount. And do not forget about the rule "plus 10". Invited 50 people? Invitations order 60. You'll see, they will definitely come in handy. Wedding invitations must be booked after the list of all guests is approved.

  • Take care of your appearance

Go to the beauty salon or spa. To date, there are many programs for future brides, whose course is designed for several months or weeks. Refresh and rejuvenate the skin on your face, do your body, hair. In addition, just a day or two before the wedding, they carry out express procedures that help to give the face, hair, hands an inimitable look. And do not forget about the sport! In these six months, you have a great opportunity to bring the muscles into tonus to increase your stamina, strengthen your overall health and feel great on the holiday.

Approximately 2-3 months before your wedding

As the coveted date approaches, the hassle becomes much greater. Approach them responsibly, so that you do not reap the benefits of your carelessness.

  • Wedding

Recently, more and more popularityacquires an old good tradition - a wedding in the church. But this event needs to be prepared in time. In the event that it is important for you to get married in church, it is better to choose a suitable church in advance and discuss all the details with the priest.

  • Wedding dress, wedding rings

Are you going to sew a wedding dress or buyReady? In any case, it's time to start looking for a suitable studio-atelier. The search for his dress can be delayed. After all, finding exactly what you need is quite difficult. You should remember that it is possible to go several times to try on a dress in the salon or in the studio where you sew it. Want to buy a ready-made dress? Decide on the shape, color and length of your dress. Then go to the special salons to find the right model for you. Be prepared for the fact that this will take not one or even two weeks. Be patient, a faithful friend and / or mother and go in search of your only - wedding dress. Get your future wedding rings in a specialized jewelry store. But this is better not to do this yourself - after all, ask your opinion about your near-spouse. Better yet, go to the jewelry salon together. After all, after all, these rings you have to wear all your long happy family life together.

  • Restaurant, accommodation

Next, you should think about where you will bereceive guests. You should find a suitable cafe or restaurant. And it is advisable not to be content with an oral agreement - it is most reasonable to conclude an agreement so that on the eve of the wedding you do not know that you are left without a restaurant. Alas, ah, it happens. Perhaps you need to think about the hotel for your guests. wedding preparation plan

Approximately 1-2 months before your wedding

  • Toastmaster and photographer

Find a toastmaster and check with him an approximatebanquet script. Of course, it is impossible to plan the details to the smallest detail, but you need to know the approximate idea of ​​what awaits you. You will also need a video operator and a wedding photographer.

  • A wedding dance

Hire a choreographer or go to coursesdances. You should not only think over your dance at the wedding, but also perfectly perform it. And for this it is necessary to try. Hire musicians who will play at the celebration and decide on the music for your dance. If you do not plan "live" music, play the composition of the playlist.

  • Honeymoon trip

Are you going on a honeymoon? It's great! But remember that vouchers must be purchased in a timely manner. Exceptions are only "burning" tours - they need to be purchased a few days before departure. But be prepared for the fact that you may be in for a variety of surprises.

  • Image of the bride

Decide with the stylist, make-up artist and hairdresser. Be sure to make a trial make-up and hairstyle. Otherwise, on the day of the wedding, you may be seriously disappointed.

  • Wedding agency

In the event that you still decided to apply to the wedding agency, then now is the best time for this. Do not apply to the first one - better ask about the reviews about it.

  • Wedding procession

Arrange for a limousine in advance. Decide on the number of cars that will be in the cortege. Design an ornament for each car. It can be tapes, balls, rings, flowers or any decorations to your liking.

  • Invitation cards

Invitations to this point you should already haveready - their time has come. Send out invitations to all guests: hand them to someone personally, and for someone - send by mail. Do not postpone this activity at the last minute - people also need to plan their time.

  • Menu for a festive banquet.

Agree with the restaurant, think through and approveholiday menu. Once again, specify the decoration of the room in which you plan to hold a banquet. Already, choose the right company that can make a wedding cake. Decide what kind of cake you would like.

About 3 weeks before your wedding

So, the cherished date is getting closer - worries and worries become even greater. Well, as they say: the last battle - he is the hardest. And you must get out of it as a winner.

  • And again invitations

You sent invitations? And now make sure that all invitations to your wedding arrive to each addressee. Determine the exact number of guests who agreed to come to the wedding.

  • Service staff

Make sure that all the hired personnel, including the attendants and the wedding organizers themselves, are ready to fulfill their duties.

  • Image of the bride

Start systematically sunbathing in the solarium. Decide on how to look like a boutonniere and a bouquet of the bride. Buy all the necessary details of the newlyweds' toilet: shoes, linens, accessories, ornaments.

  • List of gifts

Think about what kind of gifts you would like to receive. Make a list and notify the guests. Guests need enough time to buy a gift.

  • Drinks for a festive banquet.

Purchase drinks, including alcohol, by calculating them for the exact number of prospective guests. Order your wedding cake.

  • Honeymoon and hen party

Think about your last bachelorette party and stag party. Invite your friends. And do not forget to think in advance of the scenario - it's unlikely that a simple booze will be remembered for a long time. But also from strippers and prostitutes it is necessary to refuse. You want to bind yourself by marriage, and not run away on your wedding day?

  • Wedding schedule

Despite the fact that all the details are already in detailsthought out, still write a detailed schedule for the wedding day. Specify the time for each task: hairstyle, make-up, bride's ransom, registration (or wedding), banquet in the restaurant, time of departure for the trip. Be sure to come up with a plan for the second day of the wedding: the necessary activities or entertainment.

  • Other nuances

Take care of the fireworks and fireworks on the holiday. Make all the necessary arrangements for traveling after the wedding. convenient plan for the wedding

A few days before the wedding

Write a list to which everyoneshould help you during the celebration. Get confirmation from them, that they have not forgotten about their duties. The list of those responsible for the wedding celebration should include: a stylist, a make-up artist, a video operator, a driver, a hairdresser, a florist, a photographer, a cook, a restaurant manager, a decorator, wedding cake delivery, a toastmaster and others.

  • Preliminary outline the plan of accommodation of visitors.
  • Celebrate the bachelorette party and the stag party.
  • Be sure to put a couple of glasses and bottles of champagne for a walk.
  • Make special cards, on which are written the names of the invited guests, so that everyone can find their place at the festive table.
  • Find out what the weather will be like on your wedding day.
  • A few days before the wedding, spread the shoes that you are going to wear.
  • Think about what to put in the purse of the bride.
  • Fold out the suitcases that you take with you on the trip.
  • Before the wedding day, call all those responsible for its conduct.

On the day of the wedding

  • So, tell the stress "No!". Do not be nervous and do not worry. You have done a great job and will be able to do everything you need on this day.
  • In the morning before the wedding, you should take communion in the church.
  • Before you leave home, make sure that you have taken the most important thing: rings and a passport.
  • Minor cares on this day should be taken by witnesses of the bride and groom.

Witnesses should:

  • Witnesses of the bride lay her purse. Think it over and do not miss anything.
  • Check that absolutely all the cars in the cortege were decorated appropriately.
  • Take care that food, glasses,The champagne and water necessary for a walk were in place. Do not forget about the wedding props provided for in the script. Prepare in advance the petals of flowers and rice, which sprinkle the groom and the bride. As a rule, for this item is responsible for the toastmaster.
  • Do not forget and do not lose your marriage certificate in the registry office.

Happy and successful wedding to you! We advise you to read: