Versace Versace fashion house pleases its fansunrivaled outfits for more than thirty years. The founder of the fashion house Gianni Versace created a unique image, struck the connoisseurs of beauty with frankness, glamor and sexuality of their outfits. In his women's collections, mini skirts, deep decollete, open backs and hands prevailed. It was Versace who revived the fashion for narrow trousers, tight suits and corsets. He never stinted on the most expensive and most beautiful models for his advertising companies.

Life and work of the Great Master

Gianni Versace was born in Italy, in the cityReggio di Calabria in 1946. His mother owned a fairly well-known sewing workshop in the city, his father was an electrical merchant. Little Gianni was very fond of his mother, and the only opportunity to be with her side was a constant presence in her atelier. At an early age, he helped her pick up buttons for clothes, fold fabrics, learned to sew. Soon he began to create small dolls of cloth, he himself sewed them dresses. So little Gianni was introduced to the world of fashion. In addition to Gianni, the family grew two more children - the older brother of Santo and the younger sister of Donatella. Mom Francesca always insisted that children diligently engaged in school, but Gianni did not like studying. All that interested him was drawing and music, and not formulas and spelling rules. In order that he did not miss classes, Brother Santo often bribed him with different sweets. Walking through the evening streets of his native city, young Versace often watched the prostitutes and thought: why can not decent women dress as beautifully and sexually? At school, he was often criticized by teachers for frivolous drawings of girls in open clothes. A couple of times on this occasion, his mother was called with a demand to restrain the guy. No one then realized that Versace did not have women at all in his head, but dresses. Gianni loved his brother and sister, although they were always very different. Both boys are used to pampering their little sister since childhood, and for the future fashion designer she has been a muse and inspiration since her childhood. Once, when Donatella was only eleven, the future fashion designer dressed her in a short leather mini-skirt, shiny yellow boots and dyed a few strands of her hair. Mom was horrified, but the boy was really happy that already at such a young age his sister looks like a fashionista. Hardly had time to grow up, Gianni began to travel with his mother to Paris and Milan for new fabrics. The process of choice fascinated him, he was more and more versed in both quality and texture of products. After school, the future fashion designer continued his education in the sewing studio of his mother. In 1971, he received an offer to participate in the project of the Florentine Flowers brand in a small town near Milan. At that time, all the Italian fashion designers offered clothes in militaristic style, in boring gray-beige tones. Talented Versace offered an absolutely different - bright, multi-layered clothing. In a few moments, the new collection of Florentine Flowers became the peak of fashion in Milan. Believing in their strength, in the early seventies Versace moved to live and work in Milan. There he quickly receives an offer from the next fashion house to create a new collection. His clothes make a splash, glory and money quickly come to the already famous designer-fashion designer. However, all this Versace is not enough - he dreams of his own brand. In 1976 he persuaded his older brother Santo to quit his consulting office in Reggio di Calabria and to open a joint business in Milan. If Gianni inherited from the mother a spirit of creativity and a taste for fashion, then Santo borrowed from his father tremendous analytical skills. Two years later, they open their first boutique under the brand name "Gianni Versace" on the most prestigious street in Milan. Soon he sells the first collection, released under his own name. This was not just glory - it was delight, adoration, recognition. For the first year of the brand's existence, Versace earned eleven million dollars. Only he spent them easily and without hesitation: he bought up works of art, at home, showered relatives with valuable gifts. After the death of his mother in 1978, the younger sister Donatella moved to Milan to the brothers. They suffered a great loss, the common grief unified them even more. Donatella strongly supported her brother, helping in everything and inspiring him. She brought to his attention what kind of clothes young girls wear, estimated the collection from a woman's point of view. Specialists praised Versace, speaking of his bright, fashionable, radiant style. He also wanted to conquer new Olympics: it's time to enter the international level. Soon he presented his new collection to the American public, and again he was awaited for incredible success and recognition. Despite the fame and a great name, Gianni did not arrange his personal life so much - all his time was occupied exclusively with work. Until then, in 1982, he did not meet with Antonio D'Amico. Versace did not hide his feelings, and soon they became the official couple. These two were completely unafraid of their way of life and belonging to a sexual minority. Their house has always been open to relatives, friends and many creative people. In 1989, forty-three-year-old Versache swung to a high fashion, and again did not lose. The audience was once again subdued by the radiance, glamor and brilliance of his clothes. The main difference from the collections of other designers was that his dresses and exquisite outfits simply breathed provocative sexuality. However, it was not new for his clothes - this style has long been the main distinctive feature of the Versace house. One of the collections of haute couture collections was sold for thirty thousand dollars - fabulous for those times money for clothes. Versace realized that in order to enter the top of the best designers of the world, he needed the most beautiful and sexy models. He did not type them on the podium shows, but invited from glamorous fashion magazines. It was much more expensive, but the result was worth it: it seemed that all the most beautiful women in the world wear clothes from Versace. Thanks to his shows, such models as Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and many others became famous. He created a truly unique phenomenon in the fashion industry: fashion for supermodels. He was friends with the great stars, dressed Elton John, Demi Moore, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez. But, perhaps, the most famous of his star client was the Princess Diana, who simply adored wearing dresses from a talented fashion designer. It was Versace who first thought up creating a "star series" during the shows on the podium: in the first row were specially invited guests - Bon Jovi, Andy McDowell, Madonna and other celebrities. The day after the show all the media enthusiastically wrote about the chic show, famous guests with their opinion on the collection. jannie versache

Tragic Murder

In 1991, Gianni came to visit hisfavorite sister Donatella in Miami. He was so impressed by this city that he immediately decided to stay in it. He was conquered by architecture, weather, people, and the spirit of carefree and joyful atmosphere that reigned in Miami. Most of all, this city reminded him of his native Reggio di Calabria, which he so much missed. Perhaps this move was a fateful step in his destiny. In 1994, doctors diagnosed Versace with a terrible disease - ear cancer. He was warned that without immediate treatment he could quickly die. The shocked family had a hard time experiencing the illness of his brother and supported him in every possible way. Gianni was so weak that he entrusted to his sister all the subtleties of the work and gave the opportunity to independently hold several shows. In 1997, the disease receded, and Versace returned to work. He was happy and cheerful and constantly insisted that all the best things were ahead of him. In July 1997, he showed a collection that critics called his best work. He was full of hopes and working plans. After the show, Gianni and his friend Antonio D'Amico went to rest home, in Miami. Somehow early in the morning, after talking with his sister on the phone, he went to the morning newspaper. When he returned home, already on the steps of the porch he was struck by a shot in the head. Doctors arrived immediately, but they could not save the designer's life: Versace died from a fatal wound. The police connected all the forces in order to find the killer. But neither the round-up nor the search could help them find a criminal. There were numerous rumors that Versace was killed by order of the mafia, because the designer was actively fighting the sale of clandestine clothing allegedly his brand. A week later, the body of the killer Versace, Andrew Cuenenen, was discovered. He committed suicide, having shot five others before that. The motive for Versace's murder is still unknown.

Life after death

Many predicted a quick death at Versace's houseconnection with the death of his chief creator - Gianni Versace. However, Donatella continued the work of her brother. Collecting her will into a fist, she prepared for the three months since his death a new collection, which his brother did not have time to complete. She won, the show was very successful. Later, Donatella undertakes to create new collections independently. Someone says that her clothes are less sexy, but more wearable, and that this fact makes the collection more consumer than her deceased brother. And someone is sure that there is no second genius like Gianni Versace, and that he can not, and that it is not worth "marinating" his good name with a completely different style. Whatever it was, Donatelle Versace managed to maintain the glitter and glamor of clothing, the house Versace still lives and thrives. Now the collections are coming out under her own name, but the movie and music stars are still trying to buy her outfits. Versace is a synonym for beauty and sexuality.