Balenciaga Clothes from Balenciaga can not be estimated from the firsttimes, it needs to be comprehended, "digested", and only then you can understand if it's your thing. Balenciaga has a complete mixture of styles - metallized futuristic fabrics, unusual texture and flower decorations right away, such contrasts can be destroyed on the spot. But when you recover from the shock, you will understand that this is the most fashionable thing of the season. Cristobal Balenciaga opened his fashion house Balenciaga in 1937 in Paris and created his elegant and elegant masterpieces for over 30 years. Already in the late 30's he received the secret title of "Cristobal the Magnificent". His sense of form, skill and ability to express the possibilities of each fabric delighted the public. Balenciaga believed that casual clothing should be simple and discreet, and the evening dress should be luxurious. He paid particular attention to the texture of the fabric. Thanks to the master, such fabrics as matting, boucle and tweed for jackets and coats, taffeta in combination with velvet came into fashion. Balenciaga It was Criitobal Balenciaga who proposed to wearclosed front dresses with a nude back, blouses without a collar. He introduced the sleeveless jacket and jacket with a volumetric back. And modern girls need to say "thank you" to the great couturier for dresses in the style of "baby-dollar" with an overstated waist. Clients Balenciaga were such celebrities as the Princess of Monaco Grace, Marlene Dietrich, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, Duchess of Windsor, Elizabeth Taylor and many others. In 1968, the Balenciaga Fashion House was closed. The couturier himself explained this by saying that he does not see the future in high fashion. He did not understand the wide spread of street fashion, its vulgarity, its simplicity. In short, Critobal Balenciaga acted as a true artist. Until 1997, the fashion house did not exist, and in the late 90's a new period of Balenciaga's life began. Balenciaga The artistic director Balenciaga becameyoung fashion designer Nicolas Gescière. He forced to talk about the fashion house Balenciaga and about himself thanks to fresh and unexpected solutions, original design ideas, he skillfully played with volume and shape. The glory returned to the brand. Gesquiere creates outfits based on the uniform of baseball players and surfers, he throws the women of fashion calls one after another. He makes patchwork tops in the style of "patchwork" and blows his shoulders playing with volume. And the public takes his ideas to cheer.